Monday, March 20, 2017

FURTHER UPDATE: DIB...Where's the Agenda?

I was beginning to get to the evidence surrounding the Mayor's desires to change the Downtown parade route off of South Palafox.

So...I went to the DIB website to review the agenda for this Saturday morning meeting that His Royal Highness found it important to attend.

City Council...No!   DIB...Yes!

I went to this link and looked at past meetings.

I saw the meeting.  Saturday March 4 8am at SoGourmet.

Board of Directors Breakfast Meeting!  Fancy!

So...ever interested in transparency and information I clicked on the agenda.


The agenda has been removed and replaced by an agenda to the March 14 PARKING AND TRAFFIC COMMITTEE MEETING.

UPDATE Now there is no link at all.  I guess we don't get either an agenda or the minutes.

Further Update:  Now the Agenda is up.  No mention of parade routes on the agenda.


8am or 8pm?  I love breakfast for dinner!!!!

Now the public record agenda that was in error for a meeting that occurred 16 days ago has been manipulated to reflect that the meeting was at 8am.  Can you legally change an agenda after the fact and after it has been approved by the Board as presented.

Someone once told me that changing a public record after the fact was illegal?

I'm sure Chairman Peacock will have an explanation.

Its always the cover up that gets ya!  teehehe


John Peacock said...

Thanks for pointing out the error. Believe it or not, there's no conspiracy here, just an honest mistake. All corrected now

George Hawthorne said...


Was this a "special call meeting"?

If so, how do you not advertise this and specifically list the parade discussion in a special meeting?

How do you "change" a public record and be in compliance with "public records" law?

Also, how do you post an "advertised" meeting agenda and not have the correct time nor a "primary discussion" issue that was a specific point of discussion?

Love to hear your explanations of how there aren't a "series of mistakes" that are conflict with Maren's facts and reporting of the events!

Too many times, the Mayor uses the DIB as a "failed-policy scapegoat" or his "alter-ego facilitator" or the "originator of some city-created problem" - depending upon his agenda and/or which one of his supporters/GOBs is asking for some "special consideration" granted by the DIB.

Anonymous said...

Remember to always "Cover Your Ascot"