Tuesday, March 28, 2017

DIB in Context

Mini Mayor Peacock stated that our Mayor's statements at the Saturday DIB meeting must be considered in CONTEXT.  To be fair, I would like to put the Mayor's dysfunction with the DIB into CONTEXT. 

Upon taking office in 2010, Mayor Hayward had hopes of outright dissolving the DIB all together or bringing the DIB into City Hall for better control of it's function.  I was there and worked on this issue while President. 

Finally, someone advised Mayor Hayward that  he would be crazy to eliminate an income stream and that he needed to simply control the DIB...not do away with it.  And this process began... why have to listen to his supporters needs and demands within his small kingdom of the Downtown core?  Simply install them on the DIB to do their own work. If you gave the Mayor any trouble while serving on the DIB you were shown the door.  Go along to get along folks.

Mayor Hayward has shown himself to believe the space within the DIB boundaries are his single most important endeavor as Mayor.  Some citizens even feel that he knows no other districts around our City even exist. 

Here are just a few DIB missteps by our Mayor over the past 6 years:

Theissen Building & Jefferson Street Parking Garage...apparently taking care of a client.  His Chief of Staff was sent walking documents around the DIB to accomplish the debt forgiveness plan.  My meeting and records request of the then DIB Director produced only 18 emails for the entire scheme.   There's more emails than that when coordinating snacks & drinks for one little league game.  Our Mayor obviously had something to hide...i.e. his direct benefit from the proposed transaction. 



In the end the Citizens of Pensacola lost $77,000 when the debt on the parking garage was forgiven by the City and Pen Air opted to not relocate to the building.  Where is David Toyo anyway?

Puppetry at it's best.  Clear evidence that the DIB is the Mayors playpen for cronies.  He and his team make the decisions.




More puppetry.  Every decision made by City Hall.  Not the appointed body.


And finally, we all remember this mess:


This is only a snapshot of the issues.  Feel free to search DIB in my blog for more posts.

The Mayor's response the these issues has been laughable.  He has brushed off the issues that he isn't forced to deal with and has never been held accountable for his bad decisions. 

I wonder how the parade discussion goes from here?  With all of Peacock's "walking it back" on the radio last week, looks like the Mayor's neighbor he convinced to move downtown is going to have to get over the fact that the Mayor may say one thing to your face but will do what is most beneficial to his political future in the long run.

Most of us learned that lesson years and years ago!

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CJ Lewis said...

With respect to the DIB, I mostly blame the City Council. Since 2010, it has failed to ask the Florida Legislature to amend the DIB Act to reflect that the power of the Mayor described in the DIB Act should now be vested in the Council President. After voters approved a new City Charter, the City Council failed to review the entire "Related Special Acts" part of the city's Municipal Code that still includes references to the old City Manager replaced by the Mayor.) City Manager Al Coby and City Attorney Rusty Wells were tasked to put together the review but the failure to review an entire part of the Municipal Code is the faule of Mayor Mike Wiggins. The DIB Act requires that the executive or administrative branch of the city government make its own appointment to the DIB Board. That has not been done for many years both when the city had a City Manager and now with a Mayor who is no longer a member of the City Council. The intent of the Florida Legislature when it created the DIB in 1972 at the request of the City Council - that can at any time ask the Florida Legislature to abolish the DIB - was that the presiding officer of the governing body of the city - the City Council - would make six of the eight appointments to the DIB, five voting and one non-voting appointment, appointments that once done can only be undone by the City Council because the Mayor has no power to remove a DIB member. The end result of the City Council's neglect of duty, as Mayor Ashton Hayward has rightly pointed out, is that the City Council has effectively given up its control over the DIB to him and all future Mayors. The City Council knows all the above and has been and is unwilling to act more concerned with spending time on food trucks, doggie dining and transgender rights. Until the City Council has the Florida Legislature update the DIB Act to confirm it to the City Charter, the DIB problem will persist.