Thursday, March 9, 2017

Asst Chief Admits Lost Accreditation...Time to Pull the Stickers Off??

As I posted a week ago, today on AM 1620 now on FM at 92.3 Future Chief Tommi Lyter admitted in detail EXACTLY what I posted last week.  Namely, that the City lost its accreditation as a police department due to officers dealing with the evaluators being unprofessional.

Mayor Ashton Hayward likes to say he is the CEO.  Well Mr. CEO, you have failed once again.


How is it that you lost faith in your Fire Chief and Assistant Chief being able to run the  Fire Department over some internal hiring process and authority disputes while that department was rated by the Citizens as being the highest regarded City department

But when your Police Department loses its state Accreditation over the failures within that Department to act professionally to outsiders sent to evaluate the department, the Police Chief is allowed to retire with honor and the Assistant Chief, that by his own admission in the interview above was overseeing the accreditation process is now being promoted to Chief.

May I remind you Mr. Mayor that you are under oath and being sued individually!! Quite a contradiction compared to your previous actions with the PFD.

We have a strong and well respected Police Department, yet our Mayor remains silent.  Crickets from our "Strong Mayor" on such an important issue as Police accreditation...He has proven once again to be a coward and unable to carryout the most basic of duties as our Mayor. 


Anonymous said...

Call Eric Olson at 529-2889 and let him know that these stickers need to be removed.

Also call Olson and ask him to resign and pack his boxes. Ashy, if you are reading this, you are done in politics, if you don't see it, maybe Vernon can report it to you after he is mentoring on city time or submitting an award application for himself.

Pensacola is an embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

I hear circus music off in the distance. The clowns must be putting on another show.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the Police Department losing its accreditation is a microcosm of a Hayward administration marred by one failure after another. Ironically, on one hand he will take credit for appointing the first African American Police Chief, On the other hand, he will never take the credit/responsibility for being the first to lose the accreditation. The Mayor is officially less than a political hack. Hopefully, he will find something that he's actually qualified to do because he really sucks at his current job.

Anonymous said...

Why should we call Eric Olson? Call the agency in charge of accreditation and tell them that Pensacola PD is illegally displaying accreditation stickers on police cars. Let's see how pissed off they are.

Anonymous said...

Chief Simmons knew who to put in charge of the initial accreditation process to ensure succes and it most certainly was not Alexamder or Lyter. Then again, Simmons always knew which Captains would get the job done and make him look good. The problem with Simmons was that he never stood up for these people when it came time for promotions. He cared more about himself and making sure the mayor liked him than doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should get all the facts before discrediting the Mayor, Deputy Chief Simmons, and Assistant Chief Lyter. If you did have all the facts then you would know who to blame. Sad that you have to point fingers and believe me you are pointing at the wrong individuals

Anonymous said...

Well please give us the facts then.

Anonymous said...

The fact is the Mayor loves to call himself the CEO and claims to be the ultimate authority. So the buck stops with him. Whether you like it or not the unprecedented failures of the city rest squarely on his shoulders. In case you haven't noticed, those failures are multiplying and many citizens are no longer enamored by his veneers or his skinny suits.