Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Why Is The Port of Pensacola Failing So Badly?

Amy Miller!  Period.

Amy Miller, in all likelihood, will be the last port director in the 450 years of ports in Pensacola. Let's recap her successes.

  • She came in with much fanfare about being one of the few female Port Directors.  Whoo hoo what does that get you in the Global Port Marketplace...Nothing!
  • She is a big proponent of..."If you have it, they will come."
  • She essentially quit marketing for cargo to come through the port thinking the offshore industry would be her meal ticket. 
  • She doubled down on the offshore industry jumping in blindly to the Deepflex fiasco.
  • She made the Deepflex debacle worse due to her lack of experience in project management.
  • She kept betting on the come by letting her only customer stack up accounts receivable due to a lack of other customers
  • According to the Port Quarterly financials presented by Dick Barker, she is the reason the Port Grant with OIM is screwed up, encouraging them to pay for items out of their own money in violation of the grant requirements.  Now the grant is all jacked up, FDOT is not happy and she is begging Tricky Dick for help.
  • She has let the Port's traffic diminish so much that the Port has to pay a Port Pilot to do nothing because every port must have a pilot IN CASE a ship was coming to the dock.  A Pensacola rarity unless it gives tours to tourists.
  • She sits idly by waiting to retire and pass the torch of port closure to Clark Merritt whose only experience prior to Port Development was real estate and Navy aircraft maintenance.
Just to show you the lack of confidence Ashton Hayward has in the Port as a current operation, just look at the current year budget.

Council was presented with an initial budget for 2016-2017 of $82,500 to market the port.

The Ports budget for marketing was cut in the final budget to $32,310.

Lets put this in context, the Mayor of the City of Pensacola pays more monthly and annually for his official photographer, Laura Bogan, than he does to market 50 acres of the most prime industrial property in Northwest Florida.

Amy Miller, the first port director in 450 years to make others start thinking Dr. Elebash may be right after all.


Anonymous said...

Excellent write up. Miller needs to go, but frankly so do many other in management/ admin at the City.

Eric Olson - 7th floor
Ed Sisson - HR
Lysia Bowling - Attorney
Beth Barr - 7th floor
Derrick Owens - public "Doesn't" works
Dick Barker - CFO
The City could literally cut the workforce down in half and manage quite well.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. Except add Sherry Morris and Helen Gibson to the cut list. There would literally be no change in what gets done if everyone on that list was fired...except the Mayor wouldn't have his buddies there to help him break the laws anymore.

Praying for a recall still and that his replacement will clean house as is needed.

Anonymous said...

Remember -- Hayward fires good employees without due process, just cause or prior notice -- and he does it in the most demeaning & demoralizing manner. Then he fills those vacancies with "yes" people who will do his bidding.

Anonymous said...

Amy Miller might really suck at her job but she ALWAYS tells the Mayor "YES". Everyone knew that she was unqualified just like practically every selection the idiot Mayor makes. He brags about hiring women even when they are clearly incompetent just like at several other departments. Miller is just another in a long line of "yes" men/women who are non-performers but have their heads all the way up Ashton's tailpipe. Anyone with ethics, integrity and competence won't last very long in the clown administration.

Anonymous said...

Please don't forget the hapless council which sits idly by as the clowns run the circus in the ground.
Are all worthless and need to go too.
Seem to be the only two who will object to the clown show.