Monday, February 27, 2017

The Difference is Day and Night

Every day Pensacola Airport Director Dan Flynn has to manage an enterprise of the City of Pensacola that:

  • has thousands of users arriving and departing daily
  • manages the bags of those users while insuring they contain nothing dangerous
  • has tenants operating huge jets, rental cars, small aircraft and helicopters
  • has military training operations passing through constantly 
  • keeps the traffic moving and the users safe providing both police and fire protection
  • makes sure the vendors in the building have what their contracts require the City to do
  • makes sure his Government oversight organizations can operate effectively
  • makes sure the runways, lighting and equipment are operating effectively
  • oversees a major construction project occurring inside his fence line
  • adjusts on the fly (pun intended) to weather delays around the country and their impact to his operation
  • makes sure someone waters the Potted Plant
All while trying to market the City's airport that competes in a regional daily price competition that he doesn't control.

Every day Pensacola Port Director Amy Miller has to manage an enterprise of the City of Pensacola that:
  • may go literally weeks or months without a ship ever coming to a dock
  • if one is here might have a total crew of 20 most of which never leave the port facility
  • if one is here more often than not is either NOT LOADING ANY CARGO or is loading cargo obscure to the rest of the Port industry
  • if one is here more often than not is NOT USING the expensive shore power she lobbied for
  • operates a rail spur that rarely is used because rail freight other than aggregate rarely comes through the port
  • has tried for a decade to get rid of the one tenant that uses that rail line
  • has so many empty warehouses and buildings that it appears Mardi Gras float storage is actually a revenue producer
  • spends tens of thousands of dollars annually maintaining security to protect those empty buildings
  • has a marque tenant that has been placed on COD status by the City CFO
All while "trying" to market the City's port that spends less on marketing than it does the Mayor's Facebook page in a pricing market that the City unilaterally controls.

And that is IF a ship is here.   How does she kill 8 hours a day the majority of the time when the only activities going on are maintenance of the empty facility and taking sunset Facebook photos.

What does she do all day everyday?

Everyone involved in the history of Pensacola from De Luna to Hayward recognizes the value of our harbor and port but the ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT MAYOR and his crack Port Director can't figure out how to utilize this resource.

One word...Failure!

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Anonymous said...

Since Amy Miller has so much spare time perhaps she should also be given the task of managing the multiuse intergalactic 1910 fishing village (aka baseball stadium). The promoter(s) of this fiasco told the taxpayers that the stadium would be in constant use for everything from lacrosse tournaments to Ping-Pong matches, yet our huge investment sits idle for 97% of any given year. Here are some ideas to get Amy started.

1. Why are there acres of pasture land sitting totally vacant? Can't we make money raising cattle on that land? No one has yet to show up wanting to build six-story office buildings. Ah, but the renderings were SO pretty.....

2. What should we do with a baseball stadium that usually has no baseball games? Let's try to rent the stadium to Space-X for it's launches. Plenty of seating for everyone to watch!

3. There is a marina but no boats. Can't we rent those slips to overflow ships from the port?

4. And an amphitheater with no theater? Let's see if we can get the Academy Awards to come to Pensacola next year. Never mind that the amphitheater has no parking. No one will mind parking on the street and walking miles to the park.

One word...Failure!