Friday, February 10, 2017

Opinion: Hayward a Gentleman in Public...Julius...Not so Much!

I have been a tad bit critical of Ashton Hayward. No...its true!

Yet no matter how much I am probably not his favorite Citizen and am not on his Christmas card list, every time I see him in public he is polite, cordial and, frankly, a gentleman.

I respect that about him. Although we don't agree on much, when we are in the same space we can act like adults.

Julius...not so much!  The new banty rooster is an elitist, self centered jerk.  It's all about him 24-7 365.

Last weekend I went grocery shopping and was somewhere between the fruits and the vegetables. Who did I come across?  Julius!  Face to face!  As he stared me down, I did what any normal adult would do in a grocery store with someone they had known for 10 years.

I said...wait for it..."Hello"

Julius immediately cuts into me about he's not in the mood, family issues, blah blah blah.

All I said was HELLO!

Now I recognize that I times pointed out the many shortcomings of Julius.  The insider deals, the power plays, the votes for friends, the control of any process he can control.

But, man, I must be in his melon big time when Hello leads to the reaction I got in the grocery store.

Poor form Julius!

Ashton...Thank you!  I appreciate it.


George Hawthorne said...

He has a terrible "Napoleon-Complex" that is scared of direct confrontation. He doesn't like you to expose his ethical conflicts and self-serving "policy decisions." You are the "person" that he fears most ... you know the system, you know the law, you know the employees, you have ethics/integrity, you are not afraid to talk and most of all "you know HIM."

Anonymous said...

In one word, TRUTH!

Anonymous said...

Well this gave a good laugh for the day! Was this at the new Publix? Will not be shopping there because I wouldn't want to see the Mayor or any of his GOBs. Can hardly stand to be in the same city with them. Support the real neighborhood store the Applemarket!!! Heard a story from some people who were at the tennis courts at Bayview Park some time ago. Seems they were witness to the Mayor having a temper tantrum because he was the Mayor and couldn't even get the court lights to work. He is a spoiled brat! Thanks so much Maren for making my day!