Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Lets Unpack This Comment

Since Amy Miller has so much spare time perhaps she should also be given the task of managing the multiuse intergalactic 1910 fishing village (aka baseball stadium). 

Response:  Actually not a bad idea.  Right now we are paying for someone else to Not Manage the property. Since Amy is not doing anything at the port, "event management" at the CMP would only save money on the outside service.

With regards to the baseball stadium, you must have been in hibernation not to notice that UWF played their football home games there and it was a huge success.  True multi-use!!

The promoter(s) of this fiasco told the taxpayers that the stadium would be in constant use for everything from lacrosse tournaments to Ping-Pong matches, yet our huge investment sits idle for 97% of any given year. Here are some ideas to get Amy started.

Response:  Your facts are so wrong that it defeats your intended impact.  97% idle...lets unpack your false comment.

  • 70 Wahoos games
  • 5 UWF games
  • 2 day Eggfest
  • 1 day Soul Bowl
  • 3 days PSA College Tournament
  • 2 daysEaster Service
  • 1 day High School games
  • 1 day Subway All Star Game
That's 85 days just there.  85/365 = 23% usage...seven times your claimed usage amount.  But I'm missing bunches of other events.  So you see how not stating facts hurts your case?

1. Why are there acres of pasture land sitting totally vacant? 

Response:  Because Ashton Hayward denied the YMCA space, denied Studer 2 leases for two more buildings. Thats three additional building leases that lay at Hayward's feet.

Can't we make money raising cattle on that land? No one has yet to show up wanting to build six-story office buildings. 

Besides the 2 office buildings that have already been built?  And the three buildings Hayward nixed?

Ah, but the renderings were SO pretty.....

Response:  The renderings are pretty...I have the work ups in my garage on the wall.  

2. What should we do with a baseball stadium that usually has no baseball games? 

Response:  See above.  You are baseball obsessed evidently.  Have a hot dog!  Enjoy a beverage. Watch a game.  Throw with your grand kids in the outfield after a game.  Embrace the success!

Let's try to rent the stadium to Space-X for it's launches. Plenty of seating for everyone to watch!

Response:  Actually, you may be on to something.  Pensacon should look at expansion since the Civic Center and the Grand aren't big enough.

3. There is a marina but no boats. Can't we rent those slips to overflow ships from the port?

Response:  The port has few ships as it is.  A day marina (no overnights) is in the plan I believe.

4. And an amphitheater with no theater? Let's see if we can get the Academy Awards to come to Pensacola next year. Never mind that the amphitheater has no parking. No one will mind parking on the street and walking miles to the park.

Response:  I agree with you completely. The amphitheater is a disaster.  Remember all the organizations that came and begged for the back of the house so they could have events there. Remember all of the organizations that said they would move their events to CMP.  Crickets!

BUT Hayward could change it immediately anytime he wants to by charging  $10,000 to a organization for Seville Square and only $1,500 for the Amphitheater and green.

Remember, Hayward took full credit for the completion of the Park when he came into office. He has been in office over 6 years.  WHAT HAS HE DONE???

One word...Failure!

Response:  I agree.  Hayward is a failure!

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Mark Clabaugh said...

I could not have been more accurate in my overall predictions for the Maritime Baseball Stadium. I can remember when the "supporters", yourself and husband absolutely thought I was crazy and now look. We have a baseball stadium and Studer's offices... OH, let's not forget Beck's property which was undersized for the lot costing the citizens additional tax dollars.

Then to top it off, let's also not forget when I mentioned taxes and was informed it was city property and could not be taxed.... NOW we find a section in the MLA that states the City is responsible for ALL Taxes and from the 175K in Rent, we pay out 150K in taxes!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THE ACCURACY.

But, then it gets better... the same individual then builds an APARTMENT and somehow qualifies for an EDATE! Complete abuse and fraud of that tax abatement ... but this is Pensacola RIGHT. Here it comes now... the VERY SAME tax dollars we forgave in the EDATE are the VERY SAME CRA DOLLARS that would help pay for the STADIUM! WHOA! You cannot make this up... well according to many I did back when this was debated. With exception of the apartments, who could have ever guessed we would allow the beneficiary of the park build an apartment complex, then not pay the very same taxes that should go toward his stadium.

The truth is, you were hip deep in supporting this stadium. Your husband was a HUGE advocate and absolutely supported the WILD financing of this stadium... OF which, the CRA is nearly broke. They have shifted 100's of thousands of dollars from their budget to the General Fund. Not to mention the cancellation of things they paid for. Just so we can have a baseball park for a millionaire.

To this day, people should have been indicted over this fraud on the Citizens.