Tuesday, February 7, 2017

City Confirmed Another EEOC Complaint Has Been Filed

A response to my records request:


Maren DeWeese
2435 Semoran Drive
Pensacola FL 32503

RE: PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST of 2/1/2017 Reference # W001722-020117 for the following information: 

Any and ALL EEOC complaints filed by any city employee against the City of Pensacola for the following time frame:November 1, 2016 to December 13, 2016.

Dear Maren DeWeese:

Pursuant to F.S. Section 119.071(2)(g)1, the records you requested above are exempt from F.S. Ch. 119 and the Florida Constitution, and thus no public right of access to these records exists at this time.

Thank you for using the Sunshine Center.

Matt Shaud

Public Records Coordinator
City of Pensacola
222 W. Main Street
Pensacola, FL 32502
(850) 435-1629

By claiming exemption they acknowledge the existence.  Once again the complaint is with the practices at the Fire Department.


Anonymous said...

Well, well what do you know. I wonder what this is about?! I guess Transparency only applies when it suits City Hall.

Anonymous said...

Glad someone else had the courage to stand up against the incompetent bullies. Will this lead to yet another scandal and eventual lawsuit? Time will only tell but seriously, how much more of this before the City is investigated? You would think that EEOC complaints coming out the wazoo would get the Feds attention.

Anonymous said...

Can hardly wait to hear what this is all about. But unfortunately it will probably get swept under the rug just like everything else. It is really shameful how poorly City employees are treated by staff.

Anonymous said...

The GOB moronic idiots just don't know when to quit. But since nothing ever happens they don't have to. Smh

Anonymous said...

I'm so over the fire department and the racist trash there. I left Mississippi with my black husband many years ago to seperate from those racist hillbillies. Little did I know this place was so full of the same hatred.

Anonymous said...

Between Hayward, the minions in his administration and a totally inept council, the City has NEVER been in less capable hands. Watching these clowns drive the bus straight off the cliff is comical until we remeber that we are all passengers!