Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Little Thursday Fraud Waste and Abuse...Courtesy of the City

On February 13, 2017 most of us were looking for a little something for our Valentine.

Mayor Hayward likes to send out a few little Valentines himself.  But his Valentine's cost US, the Citizens, money.

Have you ever been to the Aviation Discovery Park?  It's between Pensacola Aviation and the Air Ambulance buildings on the back side of the airport.

It was a project of some great Citizens that was almost totally privately funded and then turned over to the City to be neglected like many of the 92 other parks in Pensacola.

At the park are plaques of the donors and of significant aviation figures in Pensacola.

Well evidently there is a problem with the plaques and they need to be removed and relocated.


The Hayward Administration has asked the City's outside engineer to:

"Provide the City of Pensacola (CP) with plaque layout planning services for Aviation Discovery Park.  The plans shall identify existing plaques to be removed and relocated on site,  Two alternative layouts will be prepared, and a method for installing the plaques in their new locations will be detailed."

For engineering the plaques, the City external engineer will receive a HAYWARD VALENTINE of $2,650.

Folks we are at a point where our City staff spends thousands of dollars of our money on Plaque Layout.



Anonymous said...

Dude, that's where everyone used to get drunk and stoned in high school. Thanks, Catholic

Anonymous said...

Who is the city's "outside engineer?" I know that we have "inside engineers" who are perfectly capable of this task. Heck, we even have secretaries at city hall who are capable of this task. The park is about the size of a normal back yard, so do we really need 3 different "alternative locations." Who gets to make this monumental decision? If the decision is going to be made by our city council I'll bet that they chose "Option 4", which is to postpone the decision and hire that Urban Design firm from Pittsburg to tell them what to do. The biggest question is, of course, what exactly is wrong with the existing location?

Anonymous said...

Hayward is the definition of Fraud, Waste, and Abuse. He's a Fraud, he's a Waste, and he Abuses his power every chance he gets. Many City employees have witnessed his juvenile delinquent behavior. Skinny pants has been known to walk around City Hall openly talking about "firing m*****f******s" so everyone can hear it.

Anonymous said...

We call him Mayor VIpoo. Because his $hit don't stink.

Anonymous said...

^That's good because he is certainly full of it!

Anonymous said...

I think the city council needs to order a study of where the plaques should be placed, how high, etc....i guess a friend needed a payday....hence the plaqu job...

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice all the asphalt millings and concrete being stacked up out front...where is tht money going once that stuff is resold...doesnt the bank who loaned the city the 15 million plus for repaving, the same bank that has a mortage on the mayors house?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like just another one of the many "Hayward Hook Ups" we should all be use to by now - paid for with our tax dollars of course.