Thursday, January 5, 2017

Will Fred Levin Object to the Demolition Ordinance? Its a Million Dollar Issue For Him.

A few years ago, Fred Levin listened to Ashton Hayward and his partner Matt Pair that Hallmark Elementary School would be a great site for an assisted living facility.

Hallmark Information Package

Mr. Levin, along with "An" Hayward, a very experienced local real estate developer, and Pair founded 349 LLC to purchase the Hallmark property.

They purchased it with money loaned to 349 LLC from Fred Levin.  Mr. Levin repossessed the property after it was determined the assisted living facility would not be feasible buying out Mrs. Hayward and Mr. Pair.

Since that time the Mayor's cousin has been marketing the property for sale for $1,750,000.

Mayor's Cousin's Listing Package

Here's the issue.

IF Brian Spencer gets his way and passes the sweeping demolition restrictions he is proposing, the Hallmark facility will clearly be barred from ever falling to demolition.

  • It was built in 1936!  Before 1940.
  • Its architecture is clearly historically significant to the period as seen in the packages.
  • It is still practical as a contributing structure based on an appraisal done
  • Its documented uses as it stands include: offices, apartments, or a private school
Will Fred Levin as an interested property owner holding a $1,000,000 interest in the building object to the demolition restrictions that will now enshrine his building as a significant or historic property?

We will see.


Anonymous said...

I find it ironic the mayors wife is doing land deals while he is in gives the impression its the mayor not his wife? Hello? SAO?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, with zero experience in real estate investing and doing so within the City limits. Just more blatant corruption that goes unchecked because of "social status". Like the proposed buildings that would be preserved, Special Snowflakes are exempt from the law or following standards of ethics meant for the peasants.

Liz said...

Looks like Fred beat the new ruling. The building is going down.