Friday, January 6, 2017

Rodgers - Conflict or No Conflict?

A review of the Federal Court dockets reflects that Judge Casey Rodgers issued recusals in the following matters concerning the City of Pensacola on January 3, 2017.

  • Glover v. City of Pensacola
  • Slade v. City of Pensacola
  • Godowski v. City of Pensacola

She issued orders in favor of the City and Ashton Hayward in the following matters:
  • 9/16/2016 - Brewer v. City of Pensacola
  • 04/28/2015 - Holliday v. City of Pensacola
  • 05/08/2014 - Gooden v. City of Pensacola
  • 08/20/2013 - Nettles v. City of Pensacola
  • 07/26/2012 - Moore v City of Pensacola
  • 10/11/2011 - Indian Harbor Insurance v. City of Pensacola
  • 08/08/2011 - Streeter v City of Pensacola
  • 05/26/2011 - McCann v. City of Pensacola

She recused herself in the following City of Pensacola matters
  • 6/02/2016 - City of Pensacola v. ECUA
  • 5/6/2016 - Suhor v. City of Pensacola
  • 05/31/2013 - Campbell v. City of Pensacola
  • 12/6/2012 - Adams v. City of Pensacola
  • 11/30/2011 - Occupy v City of Pensacola

There was some sort of shooby-do in the matter of Parker v. City of Pensacola.  On 5/29/2015, the case was reassigned to Judge Rodgers but mysteriously is reassigned to Judge Vinson on 6/5/2015.  No reason given.

And a doosy...

Judge Rodgers was the judge in the matter of CMPA, an instrumentality of the City of Pensacola, v. MPDP.  No recusal here.

What the heck?  Do we have a mess at the Federal Courthouse folks?


Anonymous said...

MPDP...? Now that brings up a blast from the past! MPDP was the city's fair-haired boy who promised to deliver everything shown on the Fantasy Rendering. Our city leaders gave him millions of dollars before realizing that he was conning a con-job. Only when MPDP pointed out that Quint Studer was the original con-artist did the city leaders turn on MPDP. Telling the truth was the undoing of MPDP. And pointing out that Judge Rogers had a conflict of interested didn't help MPDP's legal case. The judges circled their wagons to protect their own. MPDP, not being a local GOB, didn't have a chance!

Here's how Law360 saw it -

"MPDP had argued that Judge Rodgers had a conflict of interest because she presides in the same courthouse as U.S. District Judge Lacey Collier, who served as chairman for CMPA when it negotiated the agreement with MPDP and was a witness in the case. The company also pointed out that Judge Rodgers clerked for Judge Collier, was a magistrate judge under Collier’s supervision, and filled Collier’s seat when he took senior status."

Read all about it here -

Now, what happened to that $1.6 million that the city paid to MPDP, and that Judge Rogers order MPDP to repay? No one at the city wants to talk about it! Another $1.6 million of taxpayer money lost forever so that Quint Studer could have his baseball stadium.

Anonymous said...

I find it ironic that in the 240 year history of the United States there have only been 15 Federal Court justices impeached, and of those 15 two were from the Northern District of Florida.

Anonymous said...

I understand the cases in 2011 when Hayward had just taken office. For instance, the firefighter case had already been going on for years. All the arguments had been heard. Starting over would have resulted in a delay of many additional years. Beyond that? I don't know. Each case has to be addressed on its own merit & conflicts weighed accordingly.