Friday, January 13, 2017

Next Special Favor The Mayor Needs to Do for Fred

The next action item for the Mayor regarding Hallmark Elementary is to push through changes in zoning for his wife's former property.

You see the property Fred, Fred V, An (Wink Wink) and Matt originally purchased is now under contract with DR Horton Construction to build residential homes.

But the soon to be demolished Hallmark Elementary is zoned C-3 (Wholesale and light Industry)

From the City Code

"The C-3 wholesale and light industry zoning district's regulations are intended to provide for general commercial services, wholesale distribution, storage and light fabrication."


Quick Brian write up a Zoning Ordinance so they can flip you the bird and skip that one too.

Ashton...jump boy, jump!  Time is money! Better get Sherrie Morris on it now!


Anonymous said...

Of course! This makes so much sense! DR Horton buys 5 acres of land at $1,750,000 which might yield 20 lots. That's only $87,500 per lot for the raw land. Such a deal...! But wait. Horton will have to pay demolition costs + street paving + utilities, running the cost per lot to almost $100,000. Who knew that West Cervantes Street was such a che-che area of town!

This ain't real, folks. WTF is going on?

George Hawthorne said...

DR Horton will never pay asking price (they never do) and there will be 40 to 60 houses built to make the numbers work. Want to bet?

Anonymous said...

Oh, George, you are s-o-o-o-o much smarter than the rest of us. But Maren's article stated that the property is "under contract with DR Horton Construction to build residential homes." Maren is perhaps repeating the "line" that has been given to her by the city's PR team.

In actuality, the PRESENT zoning would allow for 179 units. No zoning variance would be required. But they would not be "residential homes." Instead, they would be some sort of multifamily complex. As there is virtually no market in that area for normal "market value" condominiums or apartments, anything "multifamily" that is built would need to be highly subsidized. WATCH OUT, here it comes! Has a backroom deal been struck with Horton to subsidize the project on the backs of city taxpayers? How much will Freddie donate to the Hayward Retirement Fund? Is Brian Spencer already working up drawings for the new mega-apartment complex?

And, of course, a fine piece of historical architecture bites the dust.