Thursday, January 12, 2017

Marlette Nails It...Makes Spencer Look Like a Stooge

Andy Marlette's editorial today analyzes Brian Spencer's ridiculous demolition ordinance before the Council tonight.

Here is my highlight:

"Basically, it sounds like a “historic” property qualifies as one where the president slept. Whereas a “significant” building could potentially be one where the president’s cousin said she once heard that a milkman hooked up with a senator’s aunt who was also having an affair with a landscaper who told a dude he knew from high school that he once high-fived Bill Murray in the backyard at a house party. In other words, “significant” is in the eye of the beholder. It would be up to the Planning Board to make the final call."

The most important factor is taking away the Council's authority and granting it to an unelected body, the Planning Board.

This ordinance could be revised easily.  Set a classification system for every building in Pensacola.

  1.  Historic - Hands off; no demolition; should not be too many
  2. Old (some significance) - internal demo ok; remodel inside & keep facade; (Penko Building, Jacksons)  Demo only upon review
  3. Other - Up to the property owner
UWF can do the survey of the City to classify buildings, subject to Citizen review and appeal to City Council.

Problem with this method:  Doesn't give Spencer the power to pressure and intimidate Planning Board members.


Gregory Rettig said...

Leaving decisions to the Planning Board is also like having the foxes guard the henhouse. Lots of potential for self-dealing, back-slapping and shenanigans.

Anonymous said...

Agree Spencer's ordinance over reaches and does not add any clarity to ordinance issues concerning Last year losses of historically significant properties. Looks like all he wanted was to pretend to support local historical enthusiasts. In fact he hastened the demolition of at least two structures whose owners could have been more sensitively approached. Your taunting of Fred Levin must also be construed as hastening, as your lobbying against preservation was obvious in editorial. Please recognize all impacts of your taunts against Spencer. We would be better served if you educated to options.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. This is all just more smoke and mirrors on behalf of Spencer who is pretending to serve our district. First clue, was that he wants the Planning Board to be the entity to decide what deserves historical protection, INSTEAD of the Architectural Review Board who has a mandate to advise the City Council on historic preservation issues, who works to preserve and protect historical structures, and who has members with actual EXPERIENCE with National historical preservation guidelines, requirements for inclusion on the National Register, and oversight on the UWF Historic Trust's vast collection of our city's historic properties, etc. The Planning Board Chairman is on meeting audiotape transcripts saying that there "isn't one single building in Pensacola that is historical or worthy of protection in his opinion, and that they are just OLD buildings." He went on to expound on the great amount of animosity he has for the City telling him that he couldn't tear down a century old building. His opinions were shared by a majority of existing Planning Board members. Second, agreed on the fact that Spencer could have easily spoken with his 'friends' and colleagues on the benefits of saving and re-purposing the John Sunday House and now the Hallmark Elementary School, but instead is sitting by idly hoping no one notices the wrecking ball.