Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Inside deals in Pensacola? Say it isn't so Mr. Mayor!

Remember this last week?
From: Maren DeWeese <jklmn246@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Jan 10, 2017 at 2:19 PM
Subject: Public Records Request W001690-010917
To: Vernon Stewart <vstewart@cityofpensacola.com>, publicrecords@cityofpensacola.com, "wweeks@cityofpensacola.com" <wweeks@cityofpensacola.com>, "bspencer@cityofpensacola.com" <bspencer@cityofpensacola.com>
Cc: "Isern, William" <wisern@gannett.com>, Andrew McKay <andrew@newsradio1620.com>, Rick Outzen <Rick@inweekly.net>


I have made a public records request for demolition permit applications since Jan 1. Has there been a flood of demolition activity since the New Year?  Here is what I understand from sources.  Vernon, I would love a statement from the City or the Mayor on the accuracy of the below facts as I understand them from sources.

In September last year, City Council issued a demolition moratorium for 180 days on properties over 100 years old (1916)

Councilman Spencer this year sponsored a ridiculously vague demolition ordinance for the Council to consider this week but moved the date for a property to be considered historic to buildings built before 1940.

Once the agenda came out last week, which included a date of 1940 for historic properties, the owners of Hallmark Elementary, which was built in 1936, and the Mayor's wife and current business partner were formerly partners in, filed on Friday for a demolition permit.

The parties which I understand includes the Mayor's former employer, staunch friend and supporter Fred Levin, are about to do a deal with DR Horton for the property that would require demolition of the architecturally significant building in order for DR Horton to build houses on the site.

I understand from sources close to City Hall that the demolition permit may have already been issued. Is this true?

If true, would it not be convenient that a demolition permit be issued within 1 complete business day for a project that would be stopped in its tracks once council approved the proposed ordinance for a project that the Mayor's wife was formerly a partner in along with the Mayor's current business partner in Redfish Harbor Matt Pair and the Mayor's former employer and outspoken supporter?

Who filed for the permit?

Did the Mayor have any interaction with any city employee about this permit?

I await a comment from the Public Information Officer about this public information.

Andrew, feel free to ask the Mayor about this tomorrow morning.



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