Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Incompetence or Fraud...Which is it Mr. Mayor?

I have confirmed that a demolition permit number 17-01-0135 was issued for 115 S E Street Pensacola, FL 32501 to Maverick Demolition of NWFL.  The City record states that the application was submitted 1/10/2017, approved 1/10/2017 and issued 1/10/2017.

Our incompetent or fraudulent City lists the Owner as School Board of Escambia County.

Inspections KNEW it is owned by 349 LLC.

How many code violations have I detailed on this blog that they sent to the true owners?

See Item 4

Code Violations in the name of 349 LLC

The permit was approved by ACates.

The owners paid $327.82 to demolish a "historic" building after Thursday.

Pensacola home cookin' by the Mayor and his homeys.


George Hawthorne said...


Incompetence or Fraud?

Both, clearly. But we already know this as you have been pointing out the evidence for years.

Anonymous said...

so wouldn't the owner name error make the permit invalid? Not that they couldn't get it corrected before the council can take action and have an ordinance go into effect.