Thursday, January 19, 2017

Date Night DC Style on US!!! How much did this boondoggle cost us?

Pensacola First Lady An Hayward is documenting her travels with the Mayor to DC this week for the Inauguration.  Her instagram shows:

  • Hanging with the Family in DC at DBGB Kitchen and Bar...Family meal not City expense Mr. Mayor!
  • A tourist visit to the Washington monument and 
  • a City of Pensacola Citizen sponsored date night at the Governor Scott's Florida Sunshine Ball (I find it ironic that no press was allowed at the "sunshine" ball)

Hope the Taxpayers are keeping the Hayward's up to their standards.  Can't wait to get the bills when they get back.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's fancy to be in DC for the inauguration, but why be so quick to assume it's all on our dime? Despite the embarrassment that's tomorrow's new administration, there are opportunities for people to network and attend a historically wonderful event. Plus, we shouldn't assume that they aren't capable of having $ and taking care of things on their own. Let's choose our battles- this is actually kinda cool.

Anonymous said...

So did best friend and photographer Bogan go with? Did her press credentials get approved or omitted to allow her entry? How does a gig as Ambassador to Belgium sound for our mayor? I'd support it. An ought to be used to dealing with Trump with her regular gig, and she is used to the faux strong type who take credit for what others have accomplished. Hayward and Trump should also get along well, I hear they have more than their minimal literary interests in common; both are adept at playing hugely with the casino wizards and all their accompanying photo ops fir future control by their puppet masters. Wonder how much snow they had in the Sunshine Ball?