Wednesday, January 25, 2017

County Commission NOT HAPPY with City of Pensacola GAS Operation

In a January 12 letter to Mayor Ashton Hayward, County Commission Chair Doug Underhill challenges the favoritism shown to certain plumbers by Energy Services of Pensacola which has the gas franchise for much of Escambia County.

The letter informs the City that in 2013 the BOCC voted to give the City the gas franchise through 2045 with a 50 year extension.

The letter continues to state that the City's usage of only City approved plumbers "It likely creates a situation where the plumbers not on the selected vendor list simply can not compete."

The Chairman states "The County Commission is gravely concerned"

The Chairman demands two questions be answered by January 27th:

  1. Can you explain how either hiring in-house plumbers or using selected vendors to perform appliance installations or other services downstream of the gas meter does not result in unfair competition with the private sector?
  2. Is it appropriate for government owned Pensacola Energy to compete with the private sector by providing services that are downstream from the gas meter?
Once again the Mayor talks about "economic development" and sticks it to the Citizens that make up the ECONOMY.

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Anonymous said...

That's what we like to see, Commissioner Underhill. All of the Trump rhetoric had me worried.