Friday, January 27, 2017

A Citizen Tells BOCC REAP Still Violating the Law

From a Citizen

Letter to Escambia-County-Commissioners-Jan-23-2017

Just like the Tanyards

Wouldn't happen in North Hill
Wouldn't happen in Cordova Park
Wouldn't happen in East Hill

House full of sex offenders...

No elected officials care?


Anonymous said...

Rick Dyess is alive and apparently unhampered in his non-profit self directed work. He recently asked for assistance in locating office and storage for his new entity! Con jobs continue on all fronts. Check the full board listing of REAP- more felons onboard!

Anonymous said...

Maybe East Hill is protected for now since Mayor Skinny Pants lives there, but North Hill has the legal bills for countless times the City failed to enforce zoning, ordinances, comprehensive plan etc. Bravo to this hero for demanding the County enforce the ordinances for his single family zoning district. Shame on Judge Rogers, Vinnie Webb and Buzz Ritchie's bank for allowing this scheme. Thank you Maren for all your coverage. As for Impact 100, use your collective power and influence in the community to put a stop to these reaper houses in neighborhoods. I for one will no longer donate until you fix a problem you enabled by failing to research this sham operation.

Anonymous said...

Yet another fine mess connected to the Mayor of Pensacola...I suppose this another example of the "wins" he's always spouting off about.