Tuesday, January 17, 2017

349 Demolition Permit

I made the following public records request last week.

"Copy of Demolition application , permit and all documentation for Hallmark School."

Below is a link to the documents I received.



What is going on inside City Hall?  Let me ask the following questions regarding the issuance of the demolition permit for the Mayor's wife's (wink wink) former real estate development.
  • How does a demolition permit get issued in the name of a FORMER owner?
  • Notice how the screen shot of the permit I have in the initial post states the owner is Escambia County School Board...but it changes in the new online permit?  Did another permit get issued? Covering up this error comedy?
  • Why doesn't a demolition contractor have to have any document evidencing that they are authorized by the owner to pull a demolition permit?
  • Could I go pull a demo permit for Cordova Mall?
  • Does anyone call the owner to confirm?  Where is that evidenced?  Or in this case did they just ask the owner (wink wink)?
  • Why didn't 349 LLC have to pay the notary fee that other filers have to pay? Rush? Favoritism?
  • Why is the handwriting of the person that witnessed the signature different than Bill Weeks?
  • Did Weeks witness the execution or just sign it?  Might be why the fee wasn't charged?
  • Maverick gave his phone number on the application as 469-8880 who is at 478-5887? How does that change from the application to the permit?  Autofilling?
  • The permit says its valid for 6 months but the online permit says expires 3/11/2017?  Which is it?  How can these be different?
  • They better only be cutting down the old historic building because that's the only square footage applied for.
  • The original building says 27,625 square feet and built in 1936
  • Another building is 8,109 square feet and built in 1949
  • Another building is 8,357 square feet and built in 1999
They are not permitted to demolish the gym or the new building in the rear!!

Our City permitting operations are such a circus!

What do we pay you for?  To print receipts?

No wonder we can't figure out Longhollow, or Corrine Jones, or 417 E Government, or a simple curb cut.


Anonymous said...

Bill Weeks did the same thing with the demolition permit for the historic Taxi Stand in Belmont-Devilliers neighborhood. They issued the permit in the name of a fake corporation not licensed to do business in Florida or Escambia county. They weren't even listed as the property owners. Idiots at City Hall being paid a fortune in salaries.

Anonymous said...

Dont people we pay in public jobs have a fudicary responsibility to the citizens? Ifnot then at some point this stuff becomes criminal...

Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about demolition permits, but last fall, when the roofing company got a permit to reroof my house that I have owned for the last 11 years, it was listed as the owner, two owners ago! Same with a house that my husband and I updated last year. The permits reflect the last owner, not us. I think the City permitting office is just lazy.