Friday, January 27, 2017

A Citizen Tells BOCC REAP Still Violating the Law

From a Citizen

Letter to Escambia-County-Commissioners-Jan-23-2017

Just like the Tanyards

Wouldn't happen in North Hill
Wouldn't happen in Cordova Park
Wouldn't happen in East Hill

House full of sex offenders...

No elected officials care?

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

County Commission NOT HAPPY with City of Pensacola GAS Operation

In a January 12 letter to Mayor Ashton Hayward, County Commission Chair Doug Underhill challenges the favoritism shown to certain plumbers by Energy Services of Pensacola which has the gas franchise for much of Escambia County.

The letter informs the City that in 2013 the BOCC voted to give the City the gas franchise through 2045 with a 50 year extension.

The letter continues to state that the City's usage of only City approved plumbers "It likely creates a situation where the plumbers not on the selected vendor list simply can not compete."

The Chairman states "The County Commission is gravely concerned"

The Chairman demands two questions be answered by January 27th:

  1. Can you explain how either hiring in-house plumbers or using selected vendors to perform appliance installations or other services downstream of the gas meter does not result in unfair competition with the private sector?
  2. Is it appropriate for government owned Pensacola Energy to compete with the private sector by providing services that are downstream from the gas meter?
Once again the Mayor talks about "economic development" and sticks it to the Citizens that make up the ECONOMY.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mayor Sponsors Drug Trafficker Event...Gives Him Pensacola Airport

Below is a photo of Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward announcing HIS partnership with convicted drug trafficker Benjamin Galecki, founder of Pensacon, to use the Pensacola International Airport as Galecki's personal marketing tool for his event.

PNJ Conviction Story

PNJ Photo Below

Rumor has it that Hayward is now negotiating with El Chapo Guzman for an import-export opportunity at the Port of Pensacola.

Monday, January 23, 2017

UPDATED: A Little Birdie Told Me...a Story

I hear Tricky Dick Barker is retiring from, retiring from the City in June. County Budget Director Amy Lovoy has already been picked to succeed him contacted me and let me know she has had ABSOLUTELY NO ZERO conversations with the City regarding the position.

No talent searches required started.
No looking for the best and brightest.
No seeing if we can upgrade the expertise.

I would love to see the treasure map of all the Mason Jars buried in the City Hall lawn Dick has.

I know some fire fighters that will be dancing in the streets.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Date Night DC Style on US!!! How much did this boondoggle cost us?

Pensacola First Lady An Hayward is documenting her travels with the Mayor to DC this week for the Inauguration.  Her instagram shows:

  • Hanging with the Family in DC at DBGB Kitchen and Bar...Family meal not City expense Mr. Mayor!
  • A tourist visit to the Washington monument and 
  • a City of Pensacola Citizen sponsored date night at the Governor Scott's Florida Sunshine Ball (I find it ironic that no press was allowed at the "sunshine" ball)

Hope the Taxpayers are keeping the Hayward's up to their standards.  Can't wait to get the bills when they get back.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

349 Demolition Permit

I made the following public records request last week.

"Copy of Demolition application , permit and all documentation for Hallmark School."

Below is a link to the documents I received.

What is going on inside City Hall?  Let me ask the following questions regarding the issuance of the demolition permit for the Mayor's wife's (wink wink) former real estate development.
  • How does a demolition permit get issued in the name of a FORMER owner?
  • Notice how the screen shot of the permit I have in the initial post states the owner is Escambia County School Board...but it changes in the new online permit?  Did another permit get issued? Covering up this error comedy?
  • Why doesn't a demolition contractor have to have any document evidencing that they are authorized by the owner to pull a demolition permit?
  • Could I go pull a demo permit for Cordova Mall?
  • Does anyone call the owner to confirm?  Where is that evidenced?  Or in this case did they just ask the owner (wink wink)?
  • Why didn't 349 LLC have to pay the notary fee that other filers have to pay? Rush? Favoritism?
  • Why is the handwriting of the person that witnessed the signature different than Bill Weeks?
  • Did Weeks witness the execution or just sign it?  Might be why the fee wasn't charged?
  • Maverick gave his phone number on the application as 469-8880 who is at 478-5887? How does that change from the application to the permit?  Autofilling?
  • The permit says its valid for 6 months but the online permit says expires 3/11/2017?  Which is it?  How can these be different?
  • They better only be cutting down the old historic building because that's the only square footage applied for.
  • The original building says 27,625 square feet and built in 1936
  • Another building is 8,109 square feet and built in 1949
  • Another building is 8,357 square feet and built in 1999
They are not permitted to demolish the gym or the new building in the rear!!

Our City permitting operations are such a circus!

What do we pay you for?  To print receipts?

No wonder we can't figure out Longhollow, or Corrine Jones, or 417 E Government, or a simple curb cut.

Monday, January 16, 2017

MLK on Truth

I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Next Special Favor The Mayor Needs to Do for Fred

The next action item for the Mayor regarding Hallmark Elementary is to push through changes in zoning for his wife's former property.

You see the property Fred, Fred V, An (Wink Wink) and Matt originally purchased is now under contract with DR Horton Construction to build residential homes.

But the soon to be demolished Hallmark Elementary is zoned C-3 (Wholesale and light Industry)

From the City Code

"The C-3 wholesale and light industry zoning district's regulations are intended to provide for general commercial services, wholesale distribution, storage and light fabrication."


Quick Brian write up a Zoning Ordinance so they can flip you the bird and skip that one too.

Ashton...jump boy, jump!  Time is money! Better get Sherrie Morris on it now!

Taunter? I'm no Taunter... THIS is a Taunter

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Marlette Nails It...Makes Spencer Look Like a Stooge

Andy Marlette's editorial today analyzes Brian Spencer's ridiculous demolition ordinance before the Council tonight.

Here is my highlight:

"Basically, it sounds like a “historic” property qualifies as one where the president slept. Whereas a “significant” building could potentially be one where the president’s cousin said she once heard that a milkman hooked up with a senator’s aunt who was also having an affair with a landscaper who told a dude he knew from high school that he once high-fived Bill Murray in the backyard at a house party. In other words, “significant” is in the eye of the beholder. It would be up to the Planning Board to make the final call."

The most important factor is taking away the Council's authority and granting it to an unelected body, the Planning Board.

This ordinance could be revised easily.  Set a classification system for every building in Pensacola.

  1.  Historic - Hands off; no demolition; should not be too many
  2. Old (some significance) - internal demo ok; remodel inside & keep facade; (Penko Building, Jacksons)  Demo only upon review
  3. Other - Up to the property owner
UWF can do the survey of the City to classify buildings, subject to Citizen review and appeal to City Council.

Problem with this method:  Doesn't give Spencer the power to pressure and intimidate Planning Board members.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Should Brian Spencer be Voting on His Client's E-Date?

FS 112.3143 (3)(a) No county, municipal, or other local public officer shall vote in an official capacity upon any measure which would inure to his or her special private gain or loss; which he or she knows would inure to the special private gain or loss of any principal by whom he or she is retained or to the parent organization or subsidiary of a corporate principal by which he or she is retained, other than an agency as defined in s. 112.312(2)

Brian Spencer's architectural firm SMP (He's the S), is the retained architect on Mr. Studer's coffee shop presently under construction at Baylen and Main Street.

Brian's firm was previously architect for the One Maritime building and other Studer projects.

This isn't the six degrees of Kevin Bacon he played with DAG Architects and the Community Centers.  Its his Firm.  

Might be best to abstain. 

I do, however, believe that if the Mayor's promise to Studer when the EDATE was issued was to give ten years of tax abatement, then the Mayor should ask Council to approve the EDATE revision under the new state laws to allow for the promised 10 year EDATE.

The promise of a Mayor is the word of a City.  Do we really want to be known as a City that goes back on promises?

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Incompetence or Fraud...Which is it Mr. Mayor?

I have confirmed that a demolition permit number 17-01-0135 was issued for 115 S E Street Pensacola, FL 32501 to Maverick Demolition of NWFL.  The City record states that the application was submitted 1/10/2017, approved 1/10/2017 and issued 1/10/2017.

Our incompetent or fraudulent City lists the Owner as School Board of Escambia County.

Inspections KNEW it is owned by 349 LLC.

How many code violations have I detailed on this blog that they sent to the true owners?

See Item 4

Code Violations in the name of 349 LLC

The permit was approved by ACates.

The owners paid $327.82 to demolish a "historic" building after Thursday.

Pensacola home cookin' by the Mayor and his homeys.

Inside deals in Pensacola? Say it isn't so Mr. Mayor!

Remember this last week?
From: Maren DeWeese <>
Date: Tue, Jan 10, 2017 at 2:19 PM
Subject: Public Records Request W001690-010917
To: Vernon Stewart <>,, "" <>, "" <>
Cc: "Isern, William" <>, Andrew McKay <>, Rick Outzen <>


I have made a public records request for demolition permit applications since Jan 1. Has there been a flood of demolition activity since the New Year?  Here is what I understand from sources.  Vernon, I would love a statement from the City or the Mayor on the accuracy of the below facts as I understand them from sources.

In September last year, City Council issued a demolition moratorium for 180 days on properties over 100 years old (1916)

Councilman Spencer this year sponsored a ridiculously vague demolition ordinance for the Council to consider this week but moved the date for a property to be considered historic to buildings built before 1940.

Once the agenda came out last week, which included a date of 1940 for historic properties, the owners of Hallmark Elementary, which was built in 1936, and the Mayor's wife and current business partner were formerly partners in, filed on Friday for a demolition permit.

The parties which I understand includes the Mayor's former employer, staunch friend and supporter Fred Levin, are about to do a deal with DR Horton for the property that would require demolition of the architecturally significant building in order for DR Horton to build houses on the site.

I understand from sources close to City Hall that the demolition permit may have already been issued. Is this true?

If true, would it not be convenient that a demolition permit be issued within 1 complete business day for a project that would be stopped in its tracks once council approved the proposed ordinance for a project that the Mayor's wife was formerly a partner in along with the Mayor's current business partner in Redfish Harbor Matt Pair and the Mayor's former employer and outspoken supporter?

Who filed for the permit?

Did the Mayor have any interaction with any city employee about this permit?

I await a comment from the Public Information Officer about this public information.

Andrew, feel free to ask the Mayor about this tomorrow morning.



Friday, January 6, 2017

Rodgers - Conflict or No Conflict?

A review of the Federal Court dockets reflects that Judge Casey Rodgers issued recusals in the following matters concerning the City of Pensacola on January 3, 2017.

  • Glover v. City of Pensacola
  • Slade v. City of Pensacola
  • Godowski v. City of Pensacola

She issued orders in favor of the City and Ashton Hayward in the following matters:
  • 9/16/2016 - Brewer v. City of Pensacola
  • 04/28/2015 - Holliday v. City of Pensacola
  • 05/08/2014 - Gooden v. City of Pensacola
  • 08/20/2013 - Nettles v. City of Pensacola
  • 07/26/2012 - Moore v City of Pensacola
  • 10/11/2011 - Indian Harbor Insurance v. City of Pensacola
  • 08/08/2011 - Streeter v City of Pensacola
  • 05/26/2011 - McCann v. City of Pensacola

She recused herself in the following City of Pensacola matters
  • 6/02/2016 - City of Pensacola v. ECUA
  • 5/6/2016 - Suhor v. City of Pensacola
  • 05/31/2013 - Campbell v. City of Pensacola
  • 12/6/2012 - Adams v. City of Pensacola
  • 11/30/2011 - Occupy v City of Pensacola

There was some sort of shooby-do in the matter of Parker v. City of Pensacola.  On 5/29/2015, the case was reassigned to Judge Rodgers but mysteriously is reassigned to Judge Vinson on 6/5/2015.  No reason given.

And a doosy...

Judge Rodgers was the judge in the matter of CMPA, an instrumentality of the City of Pensacola, v. MPDP.  No recusal here.

What the heck?  Do we have a mess at the Federal Courthouse folks?

Thursday, January 5, 2017

First Here: Judge Rodgers Sees Fit To Recuse Herself in Glover v. City of Pensacola

Judge Casey Rodgers has recused herself in the case of Glover v. City of Pensacola.  In a one sentence statement, the Judge stated:

"I hereby recuse myself from presiding over this matter.",

Recusal Order

For YEARS, I have highlighted the Judge's relationship with Ashton Hayward, including her daughters interning with the Mayor and the City.

and most recently,

While she has seen fit to recuse herself now, why has she not recused herself before?

Will Fred Levin Object to the Demolition Ordinance? Its a Million Dollar Issue For Him.

A few years ago, Fred Levin listened to Ashton Hayward and his partner Matt Pair that Hallmark Elementary School would be a great site for an assisted living facility.

Hallmark Information Package

Mr. Levin, along with "An" Hayward, a very experienced local real estate developer, and Pair founded 349 LLC to purchase the Hallmark property.

They purchased it with money loaned to 349 LLC from Fred Levin.  Mr. Levin repossessed the property after it was determined the assisted living facility would not be feasible buying out Mrs. Hayward and Mr. Pair.

Since that time the Mayor's cousin has been marketing the property for sale for $1,750,000.

Mayor's Cousin's Listing Package

Here's the issue.

IF Brian Spencer gets his way and passes the sweeping demolition restrictions he is proposing, the Hallmark facility will clearly be barred from ever falling to demolition.

  • It was built in 1936!  Before 1940.
  • Its architecture is clearly historically significant to the period as seen in the packages.
  • It is still practical as a contributing structure based on an appraisal done
  • Its documented uses as it stands include: offices, apartments, or a private school
Will Fred Levin as an interested property owner holding a $1,000,000 interest in the building object to the demolition restrictions that will now enshrine his building as a significant or historic property?

We will see.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Reign of Brian Spencer Begins

On the agenda for tomorrow night is a revision to the demolition ordinance.

Are you ready for this?  Nothing in Pensacola will be able to be demolished.

The following buildings are subject to review by the Planning Board for the purpose of determining whether such buildings are significant:

Any building located in the Neighborhoods of the city of Pensacola if:

(b) Such building, or the portion thereof to which the application relates, was built prior to 1940, or

(c) Such building is listed on the City of Pensacola’s “Local Registry of Historic or Significant Buildings”, or

(d) Such building or the portion thereof to which is determined to be a significant building pursuant to subsection (4) 3, herein.

Yes I know that it does not have a letter (a).  What was A? It is an error and should result in the ordinance being pulled for this meeting but watch Spencer drive it through.

Now read the following definition of Significant Buildings:

Criteria for Determining Significance. The Planning Board shall determine that the building to which the application relates is a significant building if:

a. The building is historically or architecturally significant in terms of its period, style, method of building construction or use of indigenous materials; or
b. The building is a significant reminder of the cultural, or architectural history of the city, state or nation; or
c. The building is associated with a significant local, state or national event; or
d. The building is associated with one or more significant historic persons or events, or with the broad architectural, cultural, political, economic, or social history of the city, state or nation; or
e. The building is a representative example of its period, style, or method of construction; or
f. The building is identified with a person who significantly contributed to the development of the city, state or nation; or
g. The building is identified as the work of a master builder, designer or architect whose individual work has influenced the development of the city, state or nation; or
h. The building value is recognized for the quality of its architecture, and it retains sufficient elements showing its architectural significance; or
i. The building character is in a geographically definable area possessing a significant concentration or continuity of buildings united in past events or aesthetically by plan or physical development; or
j. The building character is in an established and geographically definable neighborhood united in culture, architectural style or physical plan and development.


Lets play with this subjective criteria that the UNELECTED BODY of the PLANNING BOARD gets to hold citizens hostage.
  • A 2 bedroom 1936 cottage worth $75,000 built with indigenous heart pine in EPH would be a historic property that would be held up by the Planning Board indefinitely from a $250,000 redevelopment in East Pensacola Heights.
  • The Mayor's wife's former Hallmark Elementary development BUILT IN 1936 would be historically significant and part of the architectural history of the City.  OOPS!
  • Does the house that they found Willie Junior under become a historical property?
  • Ashton Hayward's parents could not rebuild their Cordova Park home as it was the childhood home of Pensacola' first strong mayor.  WOHOO!!
  • Every single house in Pensacola could be considered an example of its period, style, or method of construction (Pilcher ranch, brick, wood)  This is the open door to unending delays, hearings, meetings, appeals.
  • Define development of the city (economic, construction, form of government)
  • Who is a master builder? Designer? Architect?  If Spencer designed it, it stands FOREVER!
  • Sufficient elements showing its architectural significance?  Hope you don't have an arch!
  • Geograpically definable area=in the city?  United by past events=survived Ivan?
  • United in physical plan.  ANY SUBDIVISION!
Julius Spencer wants to run your life folks!

UPDATED: Local Landmark Having Some Problems...Should They Move to Palafox for Some Free Govt Support?


Seville Says "Open Tonight!"

Facility Temporarily Closed
Operations ordered stopped until violations are corrected.

Pensacola landmark Seville Quarter appears to be having some problems. Come on Pensacola.  The Good Time Gang needs our support after these things get fixed.  They have been a constant in our community for over 50 years. They have been the hub of Pensacola's nightlife for generations. They employ dozens of people.  They give back to our community in so many ways most recently reviving the Pelican Drop ON PALAFOX.  I wonder if all the effort of the DIB to prop up Palafox with unpaid advertising is taking its toll on businesses not on the "Mayor's Street".