Friday, July 21, 2017

Budget Lies About Citizen Input

Barker's budget is full of downright lies.  Here is the biggest lie of all.

Page 376

The final deadline for all City departments to submit their budget packages for the Fiscal Year 2018 Budget to the Budget staff was February 27, 2017. During this time the Mayor reached out to Council Members and requested their priorities for the upcoming budget. The deadline for these priorities was February 13, 2017. Additionally during this time, public input meetings were held to allow the public to participate in the development of the budget.

Public input?  Pants on Fire!!!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Barker's Bo-Bo Budget...His Attention to Detail Is Impressive...NOT

In round one of my 2018 Budget review for the Citizens, I would like to point out the complete lack of attention to the cookie cutter process the City of Pensacola Budget staff and Tricky Dick Barker really put into this important document.

Barker likes to tout his budget awards, but those awards are for form over substance.

Case in point.

On pages 445-450 Barker and the Bo-Bo brigade, detail the City of Pensacola's official Investment Policy to the worlds financial community.

That policy states in 4 places:

Repurchase agreements shall only be entered into with the City’s primary depository, Wachovia Bank National Association (N.A.), which is also identified as a qualified public depository.

The City has entered into only one Master Repurchase Agreement. Wachovia Bank National Association (N.A.), the City’s primary depository, holds the contract.

At this time the Sweep agreement is dormant. On August 1, 2001, the Financial Service Department changed its venue for daily investment of surplus funds. Surplus funds are being invested in a First Union product entitled “Public Funds Now”.

NOTE: Due to the September 4, 2001 merger of First Union Corporation and Wachovia Corporation, the name “First Union National Bank” has been replaced with “Wachovia Bank National Association (N.A.)” in this policy to be consistent with the November 18, 2002 name change. 

News Flash Dick....

In 2008, Wells Fargo & Company acquired Wachovia Corporation to create North America’s most extensive distribution system for financial services

2008 Dick!  10 Years Dick!  Way to go Dick!

Barker has not made any effort to update or correct the City's Investment Policy since 2010.

First Union and Wachovia are no longer in existence, but Captain Detail continues to burp out the same ridiculous garbage to the capital markets about how the City invests its funds.

Lot's more to come!!


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Since the Mayor Won't Let His Staff Present the Budget...I Will Point Out Some Interesting Items

Rick Outzen posted that the City staff will not be presenting anything regarding the budget in person for the first time in....ever.

The City has historically held budget workshops where department heads detail their budgets and give Council and the Public a chance to ask questions and understand the current operations of the departments.

"Transparent" Hayward has killed this important report to Council and the Citizens.  Once again, he proves that he is all words, smiles and photos and has no substance.

I will take this opportunity to share my own budget high lights over the coming weeks...with no opportunity for Tricky Dick to do anything but take it!

Check back regularly and see the budget items the Mayor and his CFO don't want you to know!

Game on!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Pensacola Whitewash...Lots of Questions but No One is Asking

Late Friday the news broke that Pensacola Police Chief Tommi Lyter's wife had been arrested for keying the car of a "victim" at the Fish House.

Read the PNJ article again.

The victim?

Read the WEAR piece.

The victim?

But WKRG, who evidently didn't get the memo to cover up the issue, ran the arrest report which identifies the "Victim"

So who is the victim...Angela Rockstad.  Angela Rockstad of the PFD.

Victim by definition is a person who suffers from a destructive or injurious action.

Is Mrs. Lyter also the victim in this ongoing matter?

Questions the Press will never ask:
  • Why would Mrs. Lyter key her car?
  • Rockstad stated "that Brenda Lyter has a history of animosity towards her".  Why?
  • What did Rockstad do to Mrs. Lyter to earn her animosity?
  • Why did the press not publish the victim's name and dig into why this happened?
  • What is the nature of the relationship between Rockstad and both the Chief and Mrs. Lyter?
  • Where was a quote of support for his wife from the Chief?
  • Where was the Chief when this occurred?
Palafox Two Step...move along nothing to see here.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Ever Want to Know How Sausage is Made?

Below is a link to the Budget Manual used by the City staff to "develop" the annual city budget.  When you break it all down, the system pre-populates with what was the budget last year.

So what's wrong with that?

Anyone remember the "20 Solutions for 2011" hoohaa that the Mayor said were the foundations of his Administration?

Under "Taking Action" one of his promises was:

Prioritize the City's Spending of Revenues, moving from the current budgetary approach, to a "near-zero-based" budgetary approach, requiring all budget allocations to undergo a justification process.

If your own budget guideline manual says on page 6:

FY 2017 Operating Expense - Each department/division will be provided with the same operating budget as Fiscal Year 2016, less the Technology Resources Cost Allocation, Liability costs and one-time expenses, in an Eden Budget Document. No forms will be required for the base operating.

No forms will be required for base operating?
Does that sound Zero Based to you?
Does that sound like "all budget allocations to undergo a justification process"?

Hayward is just a bunch of words, pictures, smiles and empty promises.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

CMPA to Waste $125,000 on a Sign!!

Only in Pensacola!
  • Build a gorgeous park for the Citizens!
  • Let Judy Bense and UWF skip out on their promised investment!
  • Whine about how it doesn't make money.
  • Chase your major tenant for every penny.
  • Mismanage the facility and attract no paying events to the park.
  • Deny leases for parcels unrented in years.
  • Wait over 5 years and then what....
Decide to Pay over $125,000 for a sign that will:
  • sit on the road where it can be seen...No!
  • have a message board to sell advertisements...Not in Julius Spencer's town 
No...Sit in the grass on the far side of a pond in the shadow of the only major building!


Thursday, June 29, 2017

Peeling Back the "Independent" Fire Investigation

Remember the Fire Chief investigation?

Well often times as the smoke settles, what really happened becomes clearer to all.

Remember how Beggs & Lane was an "independent firm"?
How Russell Van Sickle was "independent" in his work?

Well lets peel back the onion on the independence of the investigation.

I have already shown that billing records indicate that Russell Van Sickle worked on other maters for the City, including:

  • Reviewing Eric Olson's employment agreement
  • Reviewing Tamara Fountain's employment issues

But billing records also indicate another attorney worked on the fire investigation:


Who is TLD?  A very nice lady named Terrie L. Didier.

Billing records indicate that Ms. Didier worked at least 4.8 hours on the fire chief investigation:

  • Review and make suggestions regarding investigative report.  

1st District Court of Appeals records reflect the following cases where she has directly represented the City of Pensacola:

16-412109/14/2016Merrill Land, LLC, a Florida Limited Liability Company, v. The City of Pensacola, a Florida Municipal Corporation, and

16-248105/31/2016The City of Pensacola v. Seville Harbour, Inc.,

13-67102/12/2013Stephen Rhodes v. City of Pensacola and

11-669712/15/2011City of Pensacola Fire v. Christopher Eadler

She may be nice, but she is NOT INDEPENDENT.  She is the City's attorney.  In fact two of the above cases, she represented the City AGAINST FIREMEN.

Finally, in the Beggs & Lane contract with the City she is directly listed as an attorney for the City.

See page 3

Potential Deposition questions for TLD and RFV:
  • What changes did she "recommend"?
  • Who asked her to get involved?
  • Does she consider herself independent from the City? In fact?  In appearance?

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I Bet United (City Customer) Will Think This is Funny...What Do You Think?

Email from Amy Miller to Airport Director and Assistant Airport Director. I'll let you know United's official response regarding the City of Pensacola's Airport Director and Port Director's humor when I receive it.

From: Amy Miller 
Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2017 1:51 PM
To: Dan Flynn
Cc: Danita Andrews ; Andrea Kvech ; Clark Merritt
Subject: RE: New Southwest Airlines Slogan

Hey Dan – I somehow neglected to include you in the original transmission. Sometimes my fingers work faster than my brain. Anywho…

From: Amy Miller
Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2017 1:48 PM
To: Danita Andrews ; Andrea Kvech ; Clark Merritt
Subject: New Southwest Airlines Slogan


Monday, June 26, 2017

Clark Merritt Spam Folder Contents

April 9 - 23 Spam

  • 16 for ED medication
  • 5 for depression medication
  • 1 for retirement tips
  • 1 for personal appearance

April 10 - 28 Spam

  • 14 for ED medication
  • 1 for marijuana zoning and land use
  • 1 for finding local milfs
  • 1 for local savings
  • 1 on Palm Sunday Massacres
  • 1 for Certified Port Executives
  • 1 from the career bookstore
  • 1 from paypal..His account will be closed soon
  • 1 for Soft Skill solutions for the workplace
  • 1 for Effective communication for Government employees
  • 1 for living safely
  • 1 for Current issues in Public Dog Park Development
  • 1 One for Wood arts and crafts
  • 1 One for Lorman Government training
  • 1 for depression medication
April 11 - 24 Spam
  • 4 for ED medication
  • 1 from NAIOP
  • 1 on drafting a green ordinance
  • 4 for depression medication
  • 4 for biotech stocks
  • 2 for infections
  • 1 for a port study
  • 2 about a career kit
  • 1 about Drones
  • 1 about easily finding a girlfriend for sex
  • 2 about effective government communications
  • 1 about form based zoning
April 12 - 28 spam
  • 4 for ED medication
  • 6 phishing
  • 1 from the game bricklayer
  • 3 about depression medication
  • 5 about tech stock investing
  • 1 about government email...public or private record?
  • 1 about HUD housing
  • 1 about industrial marine terminals
  • 1 about identity technology
  • 1 about social media mistakes
  • 4 about career building
April 13 - 28 spam
  • 6 for ED medication
  • 4 about tech stock investing
  • 1 about drafting effective easements
  • 1 about Electronic billboards
  • 1 about lasix
  • 3 about infections
  • 1 about fighting ISIS
  • 1 about government email
  • 1 about dry dock training conference
  • 1 about Portcon 2017
  • 1 about Marijuana zoning
  • 1 from sustainable Florida
  • 3 phishing
  • 3 about career development
April 14 - 32 spam
  • 7 about ED medication
  • 1 about finding local milfs
  • 1 about depression medication
  • 1 about Infections
  • 13 phishing
  • 1 about fulfillment centers
  • 1 about easement valuation
  • 1 April edition of American Security Today
  • 3 career oriented
  • 1 from Forbes
  • 1 from HLPFI
  • 1 about fighting ISIS

Thursday, June 22, 2017

City Can't Find Bidders...So Screw Bellingham that Stepped Up by Extending the Deadline


From: Clark Merritt
Sent: Friday, April 14, 2017 2:15 PM
To: 'Castells, Dustin (' ; 'Johns, Casey'
Subject: FW: Bid information: Bid No. 17-020, Port of Pensacola Ferry Landing Waterside Features - ADDENDUM ONE

Dustin – Casey

We had to release an addendum to answer questions. Also, due to the minimal response we have extended the bid due date from 21 April to 9 May. It is projected that this will gain us at least two additional bidders (thought we only were going to have one bidder again!!).

Thanks – have a great Easter



From: Clark Merritt
Sent: Thursday, April 13, 2017 11:12 AM
To: George Maiberger ; Rebecca Donahue
Cc: JR McGuire ; Keith Wilkins
Subject: Ferry Bid - 2 week extension


In the best interest of the project and competitive bids, please issue an addendum to extended the ferry waterside bid due date to 5 May (2 weeks).


M. Clark Merritt
Business Development
Port Pensacola | an enterprise of the City of Pensacola
PO Box 889 Pensacola, FL 32591
850-436-5074 (office) | 850-619-6299 (cell) |

Florida has a very broad public records law. As a result, any written communication created or received by City of Pensacola officials and employees will be made available to the public and media, upon request, unless otherwise exempt. Under Florida law, email addresses are public records. If you do not want your email address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this office. Instead, contact our office by phone or in writing.

From: Clark Merritt
Sent: Monday, April 10, 2017 10:25 AM
To: JR McGuire ; 'Pophal, Steven E'
Subject: RE: Pensacola Ferry Questions

I am too … who can we call to maybe bid this? If we only get one bid, FDOT is first going to ask us to extend the bid period for two weeks and that we have reached out to vendors.

I need to warn George that this might happen.

From: JR McGuire
Sent: Monday, April 10, 2017 8:44 AM
To: 'Pophal, Steven E' ; Clark Merritt
Subject: RE: Pensacola Ferry Questions

Thanks, I’m afraid they are going to be our only bidder again.

J Robert (Robbie) McGuire
Construction and Facilities Manager
City of Pensacola
Public Works & Facilities Department
2757 N. Palafox St
Pensacola FL 32501
850-436-5509 Office
982-9681 Cell
850-595-1012 Fax

From: Pophal, Steven E []
Sent: Monday, April 10, 2017 8:42 AM
To: JR McGuire <>; Clark Merritt <>
Subject: RE: Pensacola Ferry Questions

Yes, all question responses will be provided as addendum so that all prospective bidders get the same information. To date, I have no other bidder’s questions besides Bellingham’s.

I am trying to set up a call with Bellingham to go over their question concerning pile design criteria for Tuesday morning. Afterwards, I can draft Addendum #1 and send to you all.

Steven E. Pophal
Senior Project Manager, Intermodal Ports


From: JR McGuire []
Sent: Monday, April 10, 2017 7:46 AM
To: Pophal, Steven E <>; Clark Merritt <>
Subject: Fwd: Pensacola Ferry Questions

Steve, I'm sure you are aware that you need to send the answers to these questions to us not directly to the bidder. An official addendum will have to be sent out. Thanks

Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:
From: Bryce Fisher <>
Date: April 10, 2017 at 6:41:04 AM CDT
To: "Pophal, Steven E" <>
Cc: "" <>, "" <>
Subject: Pensacola Ferry Questions

Here is a list of questions for the ferry project. I understand we will be discussing Item number 1 sometime today. I am traveling, but could make either time between flights. Can we look at tomorrow for a call?

1.       Will you accept our structural engineers piling design, or will the engineer of record stamp and seal the project as specified?
2.       Will the fender pile alternative with HDPE Pipe Sleeve be accepted in lieu of the D Fendering specified for the concrete pile?
3.       Are the restrictions still in place on vibratory hammer for pile driving? If so will they be lifted?
4.       The Cleat pictures in the specifications is an 18” SS Cleat boat cleat. Will you accept an 18” Galvanized Thru Bolted Mooring Cleat?
5.       Clarify. The gangway will connect directly to the existing seawall cap. The detail drawings in the specifications still show a transition platform?

Bryce Fisher | Manager of Project Development
C: (409)935-3499 / E:

Home Office
307 Westerly Drive
Tiki Island, TX 77554

Bellingham Marine – Main Office
1813 Dennis Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Public Records Reveal

I have received my public records requests regarding the port collusion between the Port Director and her subordinate involving the termination of a long term employee:

Some interesting items I will share over the next week.

  • It appears the latest port RFP for someone to operate the soon-to-fail ferry system was held up past the RFP deadline to allow others to propose.
  • Amy Miller directly implicates both Olson and Hayward in the termination of the employee
  • Olson appears to sign off on the termination on April 28, over a month before the termination
  • Port and Airport management used their city email accounts to send inappropriate emails that some of their airline customers may not find humorous
  • The spam folders of both Miller and Merritt have many "interesting" items
  • Both Miller and Merritt use their City accounts to receive numerous personal emails
  • Miller and Merritt appear to spend more time being tour guides than port management
  • Merritt gets immediate emails with anything put up on THE PULSE.
  • City Staff (over 6 people) are spending huge amounts of time on the soon-to-fail ferry
  • Instead of running a Port that is failing, Amy Miller is spending her time trying to bring "tiny houses" to Pensacola's public land
  • The Molly Ringwald's played Seville Quarter on April 14
  • Seville Quarter had champagne and oysters on April 13
  • All directors get the Mayor's AM 1620 podcast emailed to them by Vernon Stewart

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Public Record: The Collusion Goes Forward

After the email back and forth between Port Director Amy Miller and subordinate Clark Merritt over false promotions to funnel more money to Merritt and Shep Coggin, in-law to a 7th floor insider, by firing a long term City employee, the following memo was sent by Miller to Eric Olson regarding the proposed changes.

Miller Memo to Olson

Recall, this is two months before the action occurred.

Is this legal?  HR folks and attorneys please weigh in

So now Eric Olson should expect to be deposed about inconsistent treatment once he was aware of this collusion.

Why no admin leave for Miller and Merritt?  Because Admin leave is just for EEOC complaints?

Why no "independent investigation"?

In for a penny, in for a pound...Mr. Olson, !

Monday, June 12, 2017

Port Collusion: Undeniable Proof

Below is one of the documents that I have regarding the collusion between Port Director Amy Miller and her direct report Clark Merritt regarding terminating a long time City employee for Merritt's personal gain.

Nothing about this "plan" saves the taxpayers $1.

At the time of this email, the employee was out on personal leave.

On April 11, 2017, the unqualified Merritt who had absolutely ZERO port experience when he was reassigned from City Hall to the port, is forwarded an email from the Port Director sharing that the Port employee will be out one more week on personal leave.

Question 1:  Is it proper HR procedure for a Department head to forward a direct reports email concerning PTO to another subordinate?

The two subordinates merely work in the same office.  Neither has cross job responsibilities.  The Port employee informs every person she liaises with of her absence.

Question 2:  Obviously from the response Miller gets from Merritt, the two have discussed the collusive plan previously.  How long has the Port employee been subjected to this HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT with her boss and another peer plotting her demise?

Also on April 11, 2017, Merritt responds to Miller begging for a promotion to Assistant or Deputy Port Director, a job he is totally unqualified for and does not exist in the City's job classification system.

Question 3:  Is it proper HR procedure for direct reports to lobby their supervisor to terminate another employee not in their chain of command in order to promote them?

Question 4:  Who is managing the Port anyway?  Merritt or Miller?  Are the inmates running the asylum?

Question 5:  How does running a Navy department repairing aircraft (actually run by Chiefs) qualify this yip yo to be Assistant Port Director?

Question 6:  Has Merritt ever brought $1 of revenue to the Port in his marketing position?

Finally, Miller responds she is already working on the job changes to eliminate the long term City employee and who she is going to reassign the work to and give raises to.

Question 7:  Is it proper HR procedure for a Department head to discuss the termination of another employee to that employee's peer?

Question 8:  Was HR ever informed of this plot?

Question 9:  Did Miller tell HR or Olson she was conspiring with Merritt to effect this change?

Remember this is April!!  Merritt knows two months ago that Miller is trying to FIRE his peer and the proposed plot!!

Ed Sisson, you can either take action on Miller and Merritt or:

  • expect to see these documents again when you are deposed.
  • be able to explain how this collusion between a Department head and her subordinate to fire another City employee for the professional and financial gain of one of her peers is acceptable.
  • be able to explain how this plot that has been in the works for over two months DID NOT CREATE A HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT for the employee.
Chiefs take note.  For the Port employee, time to get Counsel.

More docs are on the way!!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Late Breaking

The Port restructuring has occurred exactly as described recently in my blog.

The collusion between Amy Miller and Clark Merritt has occurred as depicted.

Heartbroken for another Hayward victim.

Friday Funny: From the City Archives

I was reviewing port studies in the City archives when I came across this jewel.

Wonder if Grandpa Ashton Hayward ever imagined it would be his grandson and namesake that would finally ruin the Port of Pensacola and turn it into farmers markets, marine research, condos and service jobs.

Hayward was recently in the paper admitting he has failed to make the Port successful as a Port and is now looking at gimmicks.

"...he said that because the port is only about 50 acres and also competes with other ports in Mobile, Alabama, and Panama City, officials must consider new uses for the site."

Grandpa must be so proud!  His namesake ended up being the Mayor whose failure ended the 458 years of Port operations in Pensacola.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

A History of Port Studies

I reviewed the City files for all Port studies paid for and put on record in the City Archives.Below is a summary:

June 1, 1962  - City of Pensacola Waterfront Study Report and Recommendations

June 1, 1972 - Shoreline Management Plan for the Escambia Santa Rosa Region

August 9, 1973 - Proposal to move the entire current port to the current site of the Maritime Park and Bruce Beach....with a lot of fill in of current Pensacola Bay

November 10, 1988 - Port Advisory Board Report

January 26, 1989 - Port Advisory Committee Recommendation

August 6, 1993 - Evaluation of Privatization of Port of Pensacola

Pensacola Area Chamber of Commerce Port Task Force  1993-1994 - The Executive Committee of the Pensacola Chamber of Commerce resolved that in order to optimize the potential of the Port, it supports the creation of a Regional Port Authority.

February 11, 1994 - Pensacolasizing Port Review

April 4, 1994 - Appointments - Citizens Committee for the Study of a Regional Port Authority

June 9, 1994 - Port of Pensacola General Cargo Market Demand Analysis and Capital Infrastructure Requirements Study

August 22, 1996 - Acceptance of and Concurrence with the Report of the City Manager's Port Advisory Committee

January 2, 1997 - Proposed Interlocal Agreement and Special Legislative Act Regarding the Formation of a Regional Port Authority.

February 11,1997 - Port Aviation and Related Facilities Element Evaluation and Appraisal

October 14, 1999 - Urban Design Associates - Waterfront Development Plan

November 18, 1999 - "A group of private sector developers represented by Mr. Brian Spencer has advised the City Manager of their intent and interest to conduct a privately funded study on alternative uses for the Port of Pensacola."

February 28, 2000 - Analysis of the Economic and Fiscal Impact of Florida Seaports

July 22, 2004 - Main Street and Port Access Study Final Report

December 6, 2004 - Port of Pensacola Business Strategic Analysis Final Report to Pensacola City Council Volumes 1 and 2

August 25, 2008 - TPO Inland Port Intermodal Terminal Feasibility Study

January 5, 2012 - Mayor Haywards Port Advisory Committee recommends Offshore Industry

September 27, 2013 - CBRE Real Property Market Analysis & Recommendations for Port

November 14, 2016 - Discussion of the Port Economic Feasibility Study Committee

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Beginning of the End of 458 Years of The Port of Pensacola

City Council Agenda for this Week


That City Council accept and approve the following names of four (4) individuals for service on this Committee and add an additional member at a later date and that an initial meeting date be established for this committee to meet.

  • John Myslak 
  • Bill Greenhut 
  • Donnie McMahon 
  • Joe Meeks 
"Currently Occupied By" is code for "Not Futurely Occupied By"

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Port Collusion: The public records request

This is the public records request I made of the City a week ago.

  • All City emails to and from Amy Miller from April 10 to April 15, 2017
  • All City emails to and from Clark Merritt from April 10 to April 15, 2017
  • All memos or emails to or from Eric Olson or Edward Sisson regarding, port staffing, Glenda White, Port restructuring, Clark Merritt or any port HR matters January 2017 to May 31, 2017
Now we wait.  Tick Tick Tick.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Accreditation Stickers are coming off the Police Cars

As first noted on this blog, the City's Police Department lost its state accreditation in March.

As more has come out, it really came down to the examiners treatment by a few PPD officers and the then Chiefs lack of engagement in the process.

Despite hoping to be able to correct the debacle, PPD has begun removing the Accreditation shields from their vehicles.

Then Assistant Chief Lyter stated they hoped to have accreditation back by summer.  My sources tell me its two years before the accreditation can be restored.

Its OK PPD, you have our accreditation!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Collusion At The Port: Next Steps

I know that by now you have figured out that I have documentation already concerning the "alleged" collusion at the Port between Amy Miller and Clark Merritt to deprive Glenda White, a long term employee, of her job in order to funnel an additional $10,000 each to 2 employees, Merritt and another employee, Shep Coggin.

My sources tell me the second employee planned to be given a $10,000 share of Glenda White's salary upon her release, Shep Coggin, is a relative of the City Attorney's Assistant Janet Matteson.
This is unconfirmed.

Yesterday I made a public records request that, if fulfilled, would capture all the documents I have in my possession already and others I know about.  I can't disclose the documents I already have officially until the records request is complied with.  That way the City has to provide all documents or gets to explain to the State Attorney why I have documents that the City didn't turn over as part of my request.

Other items of note:

  • As of today, there is no job classification for Assistant Port Director
  • Amy Miller has failed to perform her job as detailed in the job classification for Port Director. Her job classification states: 
    • Selects personnel for the department, participates in the training and development of personnel, and responsible for various personnel matters (i.e., disciplinary action, etc.) in cooperation with Human Resources.
  • Amy Miller circumvented HR in the case of Glenda White by allegedly conspiring with a direct report to terminate her for the direct reports financial gain outside the knowledge of HR.
  • The City Employee Manual states: Discrimination against any person in recruitment, examination, appointment, training, promotion, retention, discipline or any other aspect of personnel administration or non‐merit factors because of political or religious opinions or affiliations, or because of race, age, sex, disability, national origin, marital status, or any other legally protected status is prohibited.  
  • The HR Manual also states: Performance evaluations should be conducted annually, on the anniversary of entry into the classification.  However, new employees should be introduced to the rating criteria within the first two weeks of employment.  Supervisors should use this time to explain specific responsibilities and expectations so there are no surprises when the first evaluation occurs.    If an employee is experiencing performance issues during the year, supervisors should meet to discuss performance issues and expectations in an effort to correct the problems and answer questions the employee may have.    These sessions should be documented. Supervisors are encouraged to document performance on a continual basis.  Make daily or weekly notes about positive and negative performance, since the annual evaluation should represent performance for the entire year.  Documentation should be behavior‐ based.  For example, documenting what the employee said or what the employee did— these objective notes will be beneficial during the rating process.
  • The Manual continues: When the employee’s anniversary date approaches and it’s time to conduct the evaluation, the supervisor is responsible for reviewing and rating the employee on the approved form.  The supervisor should meet privately with the employee to discuss both positive and negative behavior during the rating period.    The form contains a section for employees to submit a written response to any performance evaluation.   Written responses must be free of profane, discriminatory, abusive, or inflammatory language. After the supervisor meets with the employee and the employee has an opportunity to comment, the rating supervisor’s supervisor is asked to review and sign the evaluation form.
A INWeekly investigation revealed that Glenda White's last employee evaluation was done in 2008.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bombshell: These allegations are presently unproven and must be proved with supporting documentation

  • The Port is an enterprise of the City of Pensacola
  • Since 2002 Amy Miller has been with the Port of Pensacola
  • As the Port Director, she has primary responsibility for the budget, operations and marketing for the Port.
  • Clark Merritt is the Economic Development Manager for the Port of Pensacola.
  • He has primary responsibility to market the Port of Pensacola.
  • Prior to moving to the Port, he had NO experience with ports, port marketing or Economic Development.
  • His job was never posted for additional applicants but created just for him.
  • While Port Director, it was Amy Miller that pushed the idea of the offshore industry as a port niche, because she had no other major interested parties at the Port.
  • While Port Director, it was Amy Miller that led the Port into the Deepflex debacle.
  • The Port of Pensacola is presently losing money.
  • Glenda White is the Port Operations and Security Manager
  • Ms. White is a long-term employee of the City of Pensacola.
  • Ms. White makes $48,089 in this role.
  • Ms. White's last employee evaluation was in September 2008.
All of the above are facts.

  1. In April, Ms. White allegedly had family issues that required her to take earned personal leave.
  2. In April 2017, the Port Director Amy Miller and the Economic Development Manager Clark Merritt allegedly began to conspire to deprive Ms. White of her employment with the City of Pensacola through a collusive plan to funnel additional compensation to Merritt and another employee at the Port.  
  3. These plans allegedly were initiated by Miller and Merritt without any input from the City Administrator, Human Resources or the City's Chief Human Resource Officer.
  4. The plan allegedly would not have saved the City any taxpayer money in total but merely reallocated the duties of Ms. White to 2 remaining employees and a "permanent temporary" employee.
  5. The conspiracy allegedly included the creation of 2 new job classifications which could be created to justify the planned raises.  This has been a similar technique in the Hayward administration used to funnel select employees additional compensation.  These classifications were allegedly planned and proposed without the initial approval of the City Administrator, Human Resources or the City's Chief Human Resource Officer.
  6. The Port Director allegedly conspired directly with her direct report (Clark Merritt) about the plan including the pay raise before approaching the City Administrator for permission to make the changes and before any discussions with Human Resources or the City's Chief Human Resource Officer..
  7. Merritt allegedly even told Miller possible titles to justify the pay increase.
  8. After allegedly colluding with Merritt, Miller allegedly wrote to Eric Olson to propose the conspired plan.  In the memo she allegedly directly proposes to Olson the title Assistant Port Director that Merritt had chosen when the plan was conspired.
  9. These alleged actions appear to have been proposed to deprive Ms. White of her employment and to funnel additional money to Merritt.
  10. Merritt allegedly does not have the required experience to handle Ms. White's present duties.
I must prove these allegations through independently obtained public records.

Will the City appoint an "independent investigator"?

If proven true, Ms. White should seek Human Resource protection from these actions and potentially legal advice regarding this situation as these alleged practices of the Port staff, if not punished, would show the City's desperate treatment of Department Directors.

The City Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief were terminated for variance from City Fire Department and Human Resource hiring processes and procedures. 

If the allegations are proven and no action is taken against Miller and Merritt, the City faces a huge exposure in the current litigation with Chief Schmitt and Chief Glover.

Please note that these allegations have been made by an anonymous source with limited supporting public documents and MUST BE INDEPENDENTLY VERIFIED.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Post Mayoral Jobs for Mayor Hayward

I know the discussion has been on if Mayor Hayward will run for a third term or not.  As he is making the decision, I wanted to offer him some possible careers after Mayor based on some of his accomplishments as Mayor.

  • Director of Governmental Business Development at Beggs & Lane - working with politicians to show them how to generate needless litigation for B&L to handle.
  • Director of Business Development at Roads, Inc. - working with cities to see the genius behind paving every street in the City spending all of the potential street money for over a decade into the future because once it is done no road work will be needed for a decade...right?
  • Chico's model - Hey, he's in the last catalog half a dozen times anyway. Make it official!
  • Executive Director, Pensacola DIB - Hey, he's single handedly responsible for reshaping downtown and has been Peacock's whipping boy for years anyway.  
  • Public Image Officer, City of Pensacola - Just keep sending him to make speeches, appear at photo ops, cut ribbons, and schmooze for a whole lot less.
  • Fire Chief - Allen is retiring.  Hayward knows as much about fighting fires as Allen does. 
  • Partner, Redfish Harbour - He had this job for 5 years prior to office, development still has NOT ONE HOUSE.  After eight years, that job is still available.  After all he is a real estate developer.
  • Chief Model - Laura Bogan Photography - He has perfected this roll over eight years.  The commercial applications should be HUGE!
  • Executive Director, Community Maritime Park - He is solely responsible for the completion and marketing of the Maritime park and the rapid commercial development of the park.  After eight years of his successes, we would not want to lose him here.
  • Chief Greeter Pensacola Intergalactic Airport - Instead of a video of him as visitors arrive, why not just have him personally greet folks as they get here.  He could have a photo booth. Bogan can still take the pictures.
  • Senior Vice President of Developmental Opportunities and Cross Collaborative Endeavors for Projects and Commercially Applicable Professional, Academic and Philanthropic Analysis - Levin Enterprises.  Heck, Fred was paying him for nothing before office, may as well go back to what he was doing.
See Mr. Mayor, plenty of opportunities on the outside.  Move along little doggie!

I've Got Mail!

Thanks for the info!  Wow!  I'm on it!

Looks like collusion.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Video of the Hayward Staff Meeting Last Week on the PNJ Port Article

This weekend the Mayor and his flunkie Clark Merritt rolled out his big PLAN for the port.  Have IHMC do a research center!!

Except he never asked IHMC.  They had no idea.

Well, I have obtained a video recording from the Mayor's staff meeting last week where the plan was discussed.

Mayor's staff meeting video

I Had To Chuckle at Underhill...Cut-throughs?

Last night the County Commission took up the issue of the vacation of Rawson Lane.  Now I don't get into county issues much, but when I heard the following quote from Commissioner Underhill, I had to chuckle.

"We discourage the use of roads like Rawson Lane as a cut-through between main arterials all the time," Commission Chair Doug Underhill said before the commission voted. "Therefore, I'm going to be supporting this issue, because I support discouraging the use of Rawson Lane as a cut-off between two arterials."


River Road?
North Loop?
South Loop?

We will have to watch the campaign finances of Commissioner Underhill this next cycle.  My guess is that the PCC area will find some dollar bills for Commissioner Underhill.

Friday, May 19, 2017

In Mobile its a Crisis...In Pensacola Under Hayward...No Problem

Mobile recently announced a new Fire Chief.  In the WKRG story about the new Chief it states:

"Sealy also talked about the staffing issues brought up in News 5’s Special Report, such as many of the firetrucks riding with three firefighters instead of the recommended four.
“Certainly staffing always needs to be addressed,” Sealy said. “The amount of people we have on the trucks is certainly something we’re going to look into.”
The Special report article sites:
The issues of public safety and the lack of a full-fledged fire chief came into sharp focus just this week.  This was one explosive example of a truck riding short this week. Three men on a truck instead of four. Matt Waltman with the Mobile Fire Fighters Union has been one of the vocal critics of this practice.
“We’re just lucky no one’s gotten hurt real bad. We’re lucky we haven’t had a fatality,” said the Vice President of the Mobile Firefighters Association Matt Waltman.  City officials say even though this isn’t the ideal situation, it’s a better use of city resources.
“You have a choice between where you ride less engines with four people on them or do you spread them out in geographic locations where you have a faster response time,” said Public Safety Director James Barber.  In the last three months, there’s been just one day where all companies were fully staffed and 34 days where at least one or more units were not running at all.  This is according to the MFRD manpower log.  Fire officials say the practice is common.
No matter how long the practice has been going on, it’s raised eyebrows among the rank-and-file. Some worry it’s a problem waiting to happen.
“Our mission has been lost,” said a Mobile Firefighter who asked us to refer to him as “Bob.”  Most firefighters we spoke with would only agree to interviews if we concealed their identities out of fear of retaliation.

“Just because we’ve been riding short for so long doesn’t mean it’s okay. I mean one day can change everything,” said “Bob.”  The absence of a fully appointed fire chief has hurt morale and made people wonder about the department’s direction.

As I have noted for years, Pensacola has been violating the 2 in 2 out rule FOR YEARS.  No one cares here.  

In Mobile, its a special report.  
It's a crisis!  
Actions must be taken.
The Fire Union is strong and stands up for its members.  Vocally!

In Pensacola, City Hall doesn't care.  
WEAR just wants to do commercials.  
The PNJ wants to highlight who has played and will play at Vinyl.
The Fire Union is dominated over by the Mayor.
Their President is more worried about his social acceptance at City Hall than representing his firefighters.

One more reason...Pensacola, the Downside of Florida...and the Gulf Coast.

We deserve better.  But lets worry about parade routes, panhandling and photo ops!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Schmitt v Hayward (INDIVIDUALLY) and the City of Pensacola

Below is a link to the scheduling order in Chief Schmitt's case against the City and the Mayor.


  • Discovery deadline - November 10, 2017
  • 8 depositions - YEP...Get ready for some 'splainin' boys!
  • 7 hour depos!!!   Squirm Mayor Squirm!!
  • Prospects for Settlement:  Settlement at this time is unlikely. (Just wait til the swearin' starts.)
  • Trial date: January 22, 2018 - 3 days
In addition, Defendant Hayward is not entitled to qualified immunity. Plaintiff asserts that the retaliation was malicious, willful, and with reckless disregard for his rights. Plaintiff further asserts that he suffered emotional distress, embarrassment, and humiliation because of Defendants’ conduct. Plaintiff seeks declaratory and injunctive relief, as well as, reinstatement or front-pay, back-pay, lost seniority, benefits, and pension, nominal damages, compensatory damages, punitive damages, attorneys’ fees, costs, and expenses.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Chief must be a Reader!

A reader sent me this from Escambia Citizens Watch:

Note: Lyter did call me to clarify that he had inadvertently misspoken when describing the ordinance as not leading to many arrests. He does understand that it provides for civil citations only.

Thanks for clarifying Chief!  It takes a village.

Oral Arguments...City of Pensacola v. Seville Harbour

Link to the 1DCA Oral Argument

Not Nix Daniel's best day!  Shaking that finger at the Judges probably was not the best idea.

Collier Merrill's expression is gold!  Russenberger looks bored!

Judge Wetherrell can't pronounce Seville until he hears it a few times.

Ed Fleming makes you feel like you have to agree with him.  He's good!

"The City did not write a good contract.  I don't think we should rescue the contract."

Judge "The City is making a de minimis argument."

At the hourly rate of all those attorneys, the discussion comes down to using sticks. Just listen to the last 5 minutes.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Hypocritical Hayward...A Joke Unto Himself

Mayor Ashton Hayward just got done championing a panhandling ordinance at the insistence of his patrons at the DIB.  In the ordinance, street performing or busking was outlawed in the downtown area.

But just like most things Hayward, he just tells you what you want to hear and does the bidding of his masters.

You see Hayward was a champion of street performers, when UWF asked him to be in 2013.

University of West Florida launches public piano project

(Yes that's Hayward in the photo.)

In partnership with the City of Pensacola, the University of West Florida is leading an initiative to promote music appreciation throughout Pensacola by installing pianos in various locations for public use.

Dr. Hedi Salanki-Rubardt, Distinguished Professor and Director of the Piano Program and Chamber Music at UWF, created the project to enhance Pensacola’s cultural climate and bring visibility to the University. Donated pianos are painted by local artists and placed in businesses and other locations in Pensacola. Spectators are welcomed to play the piano or enjoy listening.

“Pensacola has the perfect climate and the ideal arts community to support this project –  progressive idea to advance both the culture of the city and the awareness of the university,” said Dr. Salanki-Rubardt.

The first piano, painted by UWF student Josh Green, be placed on Palafox Street just south of Garden Street outside of Vinyl Music Hall. A second piano will be placed at the Pensacola Community Maritime Park. This piano was designed and painted by UWF student Jessica J. Stepherson.

“As a patron of the arts, I am delighted to see art and music brought into public spaces for everyone to enjoy,” said Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward.

Dollarhide’s Music Center has shown its support of the project by donating a piano that is currently located at the Artel Gallery. It will be painted by artists associated with the gallery.

There are several additional locations around the Pensacola community that will soon have pianos as well. Public piano projects have been successfully implemented in many large U.S. cities, and UWF plans for Pensacola to join in this creative concept.


I guess Ashton Hayward's patronly duties changed.  Now music doesn't belong in public places for everyone to enjoy.

Plenty of DIB money to pay for the Levin boy to paint murals and Pucock's dance steps.

His constant back tracking, flip flopping and accomodations for supporters is why Grover Robinson AND Chief Alexander win in a head to head election.

Can't run from your record, Mr. Mayor!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Funnies: Lyter Strikes Out; Spencer No Longer a Mayoral Contender, Peacock Pixie Dust

Chief Stumbles

Today on AM1620 now on FM at 92.3 in his first interview as the Chief who was hidden from Council view, Police Chief Tommi Lyter strikes out looking (backwards K) on a question regarding the newly enacted panhandling ordinance.

Lyter said he "doesn't expect many arrests under the new panhandling ordinance."

Ummmm.  Chief since its a civil penalty shouldn't you anticipate NO arrests under the ordinance. Don't turn downtown into Beirut over enforcing this ordinance.

Good luck, Chief Lyter!  There's always next at bat!

Spencer GONE!

The Inweekly has been conducting polls around the Office of the Mayor.  In the latest poll, the Mayor loses head to head against Grover Robinson AND David Alexander.

INWEEKLY Online Edition

But in what has to be the most humiliating blow to his GIANT EGO and visions of complete and total WORLD DOMINATION, Julius Spencer was dropped from the most recent poll after finishing behind Undecided in the first poll.

First Poll

1-DeeDee Davis                8.7%
2-Ashton Hayward           27.9%
3-Lumon May                  18.0%
4-Brian Spencer                 7.7%
5-Grover Robinson          19.8%
6-Bubba Watson                8.9%
7-Undecided                      9.1%

Your chances aren't good, Julius, if you can't beat Undecided!

And the fact that my former colleague Sherri Myers polls better against the Mayor than you has to be CRUSHING!

That's OK Julius, your cocktail costume party crowd will still fawn over you and your grandiose ideas for Pensacola.

Peacock Pixie Dust

Obtuse Peacock was "Peacocking" at the City Council meeting on Panhandling when he stated:

"I don't know where they think the pixie dust is coming from (for programs that help the poor.)" Peacock said. "It doesn't exist. It takes revenue to do those things."

The DIB chairman stood in front of the Council and the ACLU attorney and basically stated since businesses donate money, they should have the right to deny American citizen rights guaranteed under the US Constitution.

Nice Vladimir Pucock!  Nice!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Another Reason City Council is Aimlessly Adrift

I laughed out loud when I saw the City Council agenda.  Council really is about as useful as a "football bat" as my friend likes to say.

Follow the insanity...

Action Item 13

Action Item 14

These two action items close out the write off of hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt and other revenues of a business that the Port thinks is such a key tenant that it is making deals to keep at the port.


Wow!  We are sending them a clear message that we believe in them, we value their business and we are a partner with them in utilizing our port.

Great Economic Development!

Then what does the unaware, self important, City Council do?

Two items later...2 items!

Action Item 16

WHEREAS, the United States government has expressed interest in opening the Atlantic Ocean and Eastern Gulf of Mexico to offshore oil and gas development and exploration, including risky methods such as seismic airgun blasting; and,

WHEREAS, seismic airguns fire intense blasts of compressed air, one of the loudest manmade sounds in the ocean, every 10-12 seconds for days, weeks, or months on end; and,

WHEREAS, seismic airgun noise has been shown to harm and injure dolphins, whales, endangered sea turtles, fish, and other marine life; and,

WHEREAS, exploratory and commercial drilling, extraction, and transportation of offshore oil and gas resources pose a significant risk of oil spills and chronic leakage; and,

WHEREAS, eventual offshore drilling may require significant onshore infrastructure, such as pipelines or refineries, which would harm the character of the coast; and,

WHEREAS, offshore drilling activities pose threats to treasured vacation destinations on Florida’s Coasts, which are of intrinsic economic value for numerous industries, provide essential nursery habitats for recreational and commercially important fisheries, and act as natural buffers from storm surge and hurricanes; and,

WHEREAS, the Pensacola City Council recognizes that the tourism and fishing industries, which depend on a healthy and vibrant coastal environment, both serve as major economic drivers benefiting the current and future residents, property owners, and visitors to Florida; and,

WHEREAS, the Pensacola City Council endeavors to be a good steward of the state and region’s environment and its resources; and,

WHEREAS, exploration and development of oil and gas resources off the coast of Florida will not effectively address the long-term energy needs of our country; and,

WHEREAS, the Pensacola City Council recommends that it would be more economically and ecologically responsible to pursue non-polluting sources of renewable energy such as solar and wind, that pose less risk to the coastal environment and economic health before using uncertain methods of seismic airgun blasting for offshore oil and gas deposits.

If you are Offshore Inland and you read a resolution that states WHEREAS, exploratory and commercial drilling, extraction, and transportation of offshore oil and gas resources pose a significant risk of oil spills and chronic leakage; 

Do you feel like a partner with the City?
Do you feel like the City is a supporter of your business?

Or do you see the City as someone who doesn't like you or love you, but just wants your money?

City of Pensacola...The Gold Digger of Florida!

Come on!  Support the Port and your customers or don't take their money!

If I was Offshore Inland I would take all your concessions, saving me hundreds of thousands of dollars, and send you packing!  Gold Diggers!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

ARB and the New Holiday Inn Sign

The ARB is out of control.  They deny things that are allowed for Special Snowflakes and refuse to approve the most reasonable requests.

The new Holiday Inn Express applied to the ARB for 3 signs.  Two are "blade signs" that are attached to the sides of the building on Main and Jefferson Street.  The other is a turn in sign.  I have attached a link to the signs and the building.


The ARB is objecting to lighted signs as well as the turn in sign, like they objected to the YMCA signs.

As one ARB member was quoted at the meeting "I just don't like it".

Funny what the ARB likes and doesn't like.

Illuminated L E V I N P A P A N T O N I O.....Love it!
Illuminated LP logo....Love it!
Illuminated Coastal Bank....Love It!

YMCA....Hate it!

Vinyl Neon Sign....Love it!
Al Fresco Sign....Love it!

Holiday Inn sign...Hate it!


Monday, May 8, 2017

The Bigger Questions Posed by a Reader:

The real issue no one wants to talk about is whether or not the Pensacola Police Department is enforcing the existing law in the City Code - Section 8-1-25 Panhandling. It very clearly outlaws most if not all of the behavior described the downtown business owners and residents when interviewed by the media or when they speak during City Council meetings.

Perhaps someone needs to submit a public records request so the City Council knows how many times the PPD has cited a person inside city limits for violation of Section 8-1-25 since it was put in place in 2013.

The existing city law also prohibits panhandlers from stepping out into traffic, something I see at major intersections.

Other prohibitions described in Section 8-1-25 now seem suspect given the current state of federal law.

As example, can a municipality really outlaw panhandling within 20 feet of an ATM machine?

If the ACLU lawsuit challenges both the new DIB law (Section 8-1-28) and the existing law (Section 8-1-25) it might open up a Pandora's box making legal what has been illegal from 2013 to present.

As for the DIB, the City Council should amend Section 8-1-28 to provide that it only goes into effect when the DIB agrees to enforce it within the DIB District (relieving city taxpayers of that burden) and also agrees to pay all costs related to defending it in court.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Kabuki Dance

Urban Dictionary:

Kabuki: Theatre, artifice, fake, insincere, something done only for show. AKA lip service.

This is essentially what our new panhandling ordinance amounts to. 

The fine being levied on a "Panhandler" is like asking a 3 year old to pay for his own happy meal. 

Let's consider a possible dialog between one of Pensacola's Finest and a Panhandler operating within the DIB. 

Officer: Sir, we do not allow panhandling in this area.
Panhandler:  What area?
Officer:  Nice areas!
Panhandler:  Will I be arrested?
Officer: No!
Panhandler:  What happens?
Officer:  I take 10 minutes to write you a fine for $50.
Panhandler:   You do realize I am asking for money because I don't have any, right?
Officer:  Yes sir.  I don't write the laws, John Peacock does, I just write citations.
Panhandler:  Can you write me two I can use it to start my camp fire.
Officer:  No sir.  You would have a $100 fine for a second offense.
Panhandler:  Sure whatever.
Officer:  Sir can I have your name and address for the citation.
Panhandler:  John Doe, the world.
Officer:  Thank you sir.  Here is your citation.  If you don't pay it in 30 days the Clerk of the Court will mail you a collection letter.  Might as well wad it up and throw it out her window into the world but we have our procedures according to Mr. Peacock.
Panhandler:  Can I go to not nice areas and panhandle.
Officer: Yes.
Panhandler:  Where is a not nice neighborhood?
Officer:  Right down that street the neighborhood Aragon has a roundabout in the middle, thats a good spot.
Panhandler:  Ok so if you drive away and I stay, i just get a second ticket and never risk jail.
Officer : Yes sir
Panhandler: Ok see you soon officer.
Officer: Have a good day sir.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

DIB Talks In Code About Panhandling and The Mayor

Those sneaky kids on the DIB Board were so proud of themselves at the DIB meeting the other day about their panhandling ordinance and their "code" for the Mayor.

The Board stated they need a strong show of force from the business owners to show up May 11th.

The Executive Director was tasked to rally the troops and get owners to show their faces at the Council meeting.

The City Attorney said the current ordinance is legal and "this is coming from the 7th floor". The DIB Board never once refers to the Mayor but just continually refers to "the Seventh Floor".

The Board Chairman stated that "the 7th floor is willing to do whatever and spend whatever to fight the ACLU."

John Peacock said ”ACLU Ego Versus Helping People.”

Hayward should seek a qualified civil rights attorney to issue an opinion letter on his ordinance before going down the route he is choosing.

If Ashton Hayward forces this ordinance and it results in the City spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to lose a fight that has already been decided by the Courts, it is malfeasance.

The voters need to see the wasted attorneys fees he needlessly spends of their money as part of the next election cycle.

If he's not indicted or chooses not to run!

What's going on on "the seventh floor"?

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Now Vinyl Takes Up Palafox to Tarragona on Garden Street for Buses and Trailers


DIB Reminder Regarding Sunshine Law and Citizen's Recording Meetings

Public Meetings

If you attend a public meeting (i.e., a meeting of a governmental body required to be open to the public by law) in Florida, generally you are permitted to use sound or video recording devices, so long as your recording does not disrupt the meeting.

1. Sound recordings allowed.
Members of the public attending a meeting open pursuant to section 286.011 may make a sound recording of such meeting. See Op. Att’y Gen. Fla. 77-122 (1977) (any rule prohibiting the use of silent or non-disruptive tape recording devices is unreasonable and arbitrary and is, accordingly, invalid, thus fire control district may not prohibit a citizen from tape recording public meetings).