Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Hmmm....Where's the Chief? (Assistant)

The Pensacola Police Department has a long history of having a Chief of Police and a Assistant Chief.

Its almost like a so and so begat so and so...just less biblical.

Simmons was an Assistant Chief before Chief
Alexander was an Assistant Chief before Chief
Lyter was an Assistant Chief before Chief

Lyter has no Assistant.  Is this intentional or an oversight on his part?

With the time he is taking away from the department for more important family issues shouldn't the PPD have an Assistant Chief to step in?


Friday, December 15, 2017

Hayward's Beggs & Lane Bill Payment Illegal?

Rick Outzen recently discussed the payment of Ashton Hayward's criminal defense bills. 


In his story, Outzen noted:

Mussetto said that Thomber v. City of Ft. Walton Beach established the acts involved must purportedly arise from the performance of his official duties. However, a public official is not entitled to taxpayer-funded reimbursement simply because an allegation of misconduct arises in the course of his public duties. The alleged misconduct must also serve a public purpose.

Mussetto asserted that four questions must be answered:

1) Was the official’s successful defense against the charges undisputed?
2) Did the challenged acts arise out of the official’s performance or public duties and serve a public purpose?
3) Is the substance of the litigation of interest to the administration of the business of the prospective payor ?
4) Did the prospective payor authorize the challenged acts?

Beggs & Lane attorney Nixon Daniel stated in a letter to Dick Barker:

"All of the matters which were subject of the investigation were within the scope of Mr. Hayward's responsibilities as Mayor."

Do you pinky promise Nix?

Daniel then gives the City CFO instructions to be blindly followed like an idiot:

"I have enclosed out statement for services rendered on his behalf. Mr. Hayward has paid $13,500 of that bill as indicated on the bill.  The attached statement shows the net amount due to our firm.  The $13,500 previously paid by Mr. Hayward should be reimbursed to him.

Bowling told Inweekly that she based her analysis and recommendation to pay the mayor’s legal bills on the letter received from the mayor’s attorney.

She later wrote in denying access to the Beggs & Lane files as public records:

"In any event, the City has never had, and does not presently have, possession of the files or access to them."

How do Bowling and Barker know?  They did not review the files.
How do Bowling and Barker know the Feds did not investigate personal issues the Mayor may have?
How do Bowling and Barker know the Feds did not investigate issues Mrs. Hayward may have?
How do Bowling and Barker know if the contractors themselves were a focus of the investigation?

These other potential issues and other non-city functions are supported by the bills.
  • 01/15/15 entry references bank records; Whose bank records?  Joint account? Partnerships?
  • 01/19/15 entry references insurance document from client.  How is the Mayors insurance city business?  
  • 9/8/14 entry references document from banks.  Who's accounts?
  • 9/11/14 entry references tax returns?  Is this a tax case?  How is that City business?

The above indicates that more than bribery may have been investigated and if so why are the Citizens paying for his fees?

Don't ask Dick or Bobblehead, they just did as instructed without doing....THEIR JOB!

Did City CFO Dick Barker and City Attorney Bowling commit a crime in blindly paying for Ashton Hayward's criminal defense without doing any review of the files to determine the public purpose before authorizing payment?

This is definitely a question for the State Attorney.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Pulse is Cracking Me Up...Every Building is Historic

The Pulse has an article on the evil doers that want to demolish a red brick building from the....wait for it, wait for it...1940s.


Drew Buchanan's article states:

"In their plans, the developers are proposing to demolish multiple buildings within the block, including the 1940s former USO building and former Escambia County School District headquarters, citing “compelling reasons” to raze the historic structures."

Yes, those buildings are a "must see" for all tourists that visit Pensacola.  An old USO hall and a decaying school building.

Good Grief!  Based on the Pulse definition, every building south of Fairfield Drive and east of Bayou Chico needs to be added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Crying over every building diminishes your intent boys!

But then again, anything to take a swipe at Quint Studer.  Even attack your landlord.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Grover Continues to Build Warchest

Grover has raised over $30,000 in his bid to become the next Mayor.  The list of supporters is impressive.  It includes:

  • Hancock Banks Bruce Vredenburg
  • Gulf Breeze Financier Ed Gray
  • Former Mayor Mike Wiggins
  • BB&T Banks Tom Owens- Donated to Hayward in 2014
  • Moving Mogul Jay Bradshaw
  • CPA Mort O'Sullivan - Donated to Hayward in 2014
  • Greenhut Construction Company - Donated to Hayward in 2014
  • The First Banks Buzz Ritchie
  • HR Exec Dick Baker- Donated to Hayward in 2014
  • Attorney John Trawick
  • Attorney Alan Bookman- Donated to Hayward in 2014
  • Appleyard Agency
  • Attorney Bruce McDonald
  • Architect Miller Caldwell
  • Banker Hank Gonzales
  • Bell Steel
Ponder these items:
  • Miller Caldwell is the architect on Ashton's Boathouse formerly known as Bayview Community Center
  • I think the Bell Steel folks may even be related to Hayward
  • It will be interesting to see if the Pensacola Hotel owners are forgiving of Hayward's endorsement of AIRBNB
  • Will the developers continue to back Hayward since Grover is in the race?
Kerrigan better create a few more entities to donate through.
The Beggs & Lane partners better not spend all their money on Christmas.
The Levin Papantonio partners and Levin "Affiliates" better order some new checks

My guess is both candidates will push over $100,000 for this race.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Why the Port of Pensacola is Failing

I wish the port could work.  In its present form it just can't.  At best it can be a niche port, but days of cargo usage are probably in the past.  Not out of anything but just neglect by Mayor Hayward and Amy Miller.

Modern shipping has passed us by while Amy Miller does nothing.  She just must not care.  But she won't say so because she is trying to save her job.

The facts presented below are based on information with links that are included.

Our port has seven berths.

Berth Depth Length Apron
1           33'    540'      100'
2           33'    400'      Open
3           33'    476'      Open
5           33'    476'      50'
6           33'    476'      50'
7           16'    400'       0

SO, the deepest berth is 33 feet deep.  What does that mean for ships today?

Dry Cargo
  • Small Handy size, carriers of 20,000–28,000 DWT
    • Seawaymax, 28,000 DWT the largest vessel that can traverse the St Lawrence Seaway These are vessels less than 740 feet (225.6 m) in length, 78 feet (23.8 m) wide, and have a draft less than 26.51 feet (8.08 m) and a height above the waterline no more than 35.5 metres (116 ft).
  • Handy size, carriers of 28,000–40,000 DWT
  • Handymax, carriers of 40,000–50,000 DWT
  • Panamax, the largest size that can traverse the original locks of the Panama Canal, a 294.13 m (965.0 ft) length, a 32.2 m (106 ft) width, and a 12.04 m (39.5 ft) draft as well as a height limit of 57.91 m (190.0 ft). Limited to 52,000 DWT loaded, 80,000 DWT empty.
  • Neopanamaxupgraded Panama locks with 366 m (1,201 ft) length, 55 m (180 ft) beam, 18 m (59 ft) depth, 120,000 DWT[4]
  • Capesize, vessels larger than Suezmax and Neopanamax, and must traverse the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Horn to travel between oceans
  • Chinamax, carriers of 380,000–400,000 DWT up to 24 m (79 ft) draft, 65 m (213 ft) beam and 360 m (1,180 ft) length; these dimensions are limited by port infrastructure in China

Chinamax, Capesize, Neopanamax and Panamax are all waaaaaaay to big for our port.

The smallest classification of ocean going ships is the HandySize. Handysize is a naval architecture term for smaller bulk carriers or oil tanker with deadweight of up to 50,000 tonnes.

Handysize bulkers are built mainly by shipyards in JapanKoreaChinaVietnam, the Philippines and India, though a few other countries also have the capacity to build such vessels. 

The most common industry-standard specification handysize bulker is now about 32,000 metric tons of deadweight on a summer draft of about 10 metres (33 ft), and features 5 cargo holds with hydraulically operated hatch covers, with four 30 metric ton cranes for cargo handling.

These ships would be scraping the bottom if they were leaving the dock fully loaded in Pensacola.

If you were an international shipping company whose fleet needed 33 ft of water and you looked up the Pensacola port and it has just 33 feet of water are you coming here??

Math is math.  

Port of Pensacola...Too small, too shallow, too expensive, no containers, lazy director.


When was the last Dredging done??

Does the Port have a dredge plan??

Someone please answer these questions!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Kerrigan Knee Deep In Hayward Criminal Investigation

Did anyone notice Bob Kerrigan getting into the Criminal Brain Trust of Mayor Hayward?


9/8/2014 Attend meeting and conference call regarding strategy on public response with David L McGee J Nixon Daniel, Gregory R Miller Ashton Hayward Tamara and Bob Kerrigan

9/15/2014 Telephone call  from Bob Kerrigan and additional edit to viewpoint letter

If anyone is deposing Kerrigan in the Fire Chief case, may want to ask him some questions about his participation in the criminal matter.  If he can't provide a retention engagement letter, he may not have any attorney client privilege.

When we get into the Yahoo emails under the public records request of City business files held by Beggs & Lane, we may see Mr. Kerrigan has been our shadow Mayor since the beginning.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Public Records I Want for Christmas

Rick Outzen has shared the Mayor's criminal defense bills he submitted to the City for payment.  Thank you Mayor!  City funds for what you said you would not charge the City for.


According to the Mayor's Attorney Nixon Daniels who asked for payment the case is closed.

That makes all documents PUBLIC RECORD.  As such I will be requesting access to review the following PUBLIC RECORDS listed in the Beggs & Lane bills now that they were PAID FOR BY THE CITIZENS.

  • 10/22/14 Review message from Tiffany Eggers (with attachments). Send message to David McGee  I want those messages with attachments
  • 10/23/14 Reviewed notice of warrant  I want that notice
  • 10/23/14 Yahoo emails  I want those emails
  • 11/11/14 Continue review of documents received from the City of Pensacola and of client emails  I want those emails
  • 1/15/15 Conference with David L. McGee regarding bank records, begin review of CD of documents produced from bank subpoena.  I want those bank records
  • 1/19/15 Receive and review insurance document from client I want that insurance document
  • 8/29/14  Statements by John Asmar I want those statements
  • 9/2/14  Draft and send letter to AUSA Eggers I want that letter
  • 9/4/14  Prepare documents and notebooks for use at meeting with US Attorney's office.  I want those documents and notebooks
  • 9/8/14 Reviewed documents produced by Mayor.  I want those documents
  • 9/9/14 Reviewed financial documents from client bank files.  I want those bank files.
  • 9/10/14 Continue review of voluminous bank and client financial documents  I love voluminous
These are now public documents, supposedly about the Mayor's role as Mayor and paid for by the Citizens of Pensacola.

We are entitled to them!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Mobile vs Pensacola...

I spent the past weekend in Mobile enjoying some down time.  As I walked around downtown Mobile I tried to compare our city with our larger neighbor to the West not from a demographic or economic standpoint but Downtown vs Downtown.

Its not a fair comparison as Mobile is an international city with a vibrant downtown on the rebound but here are the points that jumped out at me.

International City - Winner Mobile - Mobile has a vibrant international port accommodating international businesses who have invested in facilities in Mobile from all over the world.  Mobile has Foreign Diplomatic Consulates representing the interests of their countries in the region.  Mobile has international companies with billion dollar investments in their area.
  • Airbus
  • Nippon Steel
  • ST Aerospace
  • ArcelorMittal
  • Lenzing AG
Pensacola celebrates satellite locations of Mobile companies.  VT MAE is a Mobile satellite.  Offshore Inland is a Mobile satellite.

Port - Winner Mobile - Mobile has a 24 hour 365 day operating port industry.  They have:
  • A container terminal
  • A Naval Shipbuilder
  • A tugboat builder 
  • Marine terminals
  • The offshore industry
  • A shipyard
  • and a cruise line
     Pensacola has 2 boats wrapped in shrinkwrap.

By the time the Mayor and Amy Miller run the Port of Pensacola completely into the ground all of the industries in Pensacola that do use the Port of Pensacola will have to use the Port of Mobile.  Then just a matter of time and dollars and cents until they move over there.

Vibrant Downtown - Tie - Mobile has the Retirement System of Alabama.  Mobile has a vibrant downtown for all socio economic levels.  Dauphin Street has the bars, music venues and affordable restaurants.  Royal Street has upscale dining and signature hotels with actual international flags.  Construction and revitalization are everywhere as historic buildings are remodeled and refurbished.  Mobile has beautiful parks and a new festival park.  Mobile has a history museum in their old city hall.

Pensacola has Quint Studer.  Pensacola has a vibrant downtown for all socio economic levels.  Palafox has the bars, music venues and affordable restaurants.  SOGO has upscale dining and a new hotel with a budget flag.  Construction and revitalization are everywhere as Studer builds new buildings.  Pensacola has beautiful parks and a new festival park that includes a Multi-use stadium.  Pensacola has a history museum in their old city hall.

History - Winner Mobile - Lets face it.  Our history in Pensacola is as manufactured as Disney World.  The Historic Village is beautiful but mostly recreations and relocations. We have destroyed all of the authentic buildings in the Seville District for 4,000 square foot houses that "look like" they are historic.  Our downtown historic hotel doesn't even have a name.  Sorry but "the Crown" is not even a "Crown".

Our history museum features tee shirts that say "I saw the petrified cat"

Mobile has the historic Battle House Hotel, a historic district with the actual authentic buildings preserved, City historic codes that state that old facades must be maintained in new construction.

Mobile has 10 times the old growth oaks, 10 times the historic markers and the ability to like New Orleans, celebrate the old while incorporating it into present day uses.

Self Induced Drama - Winner Pensacola - Pensacola has a lawsuit it is fighting for a cross in a remote neighborhood park.  We are spending thousands of dollars needlessly as we continue to look like morons nationally.

Mobile has a cross in their main square.  No one cares.  No lawsuits, no protests.

Pensacola has self induced drama surrounding our five flags exchanging the state of Florida flag for the confederate flag.  Public outcry from both sides.  National press over it.  All the while the confederate flag is still on the Fire Department shield, the Police Cars, the Police patches and their badges. Pensacola has mayoral induced drama surrounding 1 confederate memorial monument and its location.

Mobile has a dozen confederate monuments.  But also historical markers at the location of its slave exchange, to its civil rights accomplishments and its Mardi Gras history.

If you haven't been to Mobile lately, after reading this take a drive.  You will enjoy yourself.

Then, when you return, you will see that Pensacola is a pretender not a contender.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Fire Department...Nothing Ever Changes!

Below is a link to the Streeter lawsuit against the City.


This will get even more interesting when the circumstances around the promotion of Edward Dees are investigated and brought out.  My sources tell me the process for him was unprecedented in the history of the Fire Department.  Curious when he is a key ingredient in the ongoing lawsuit with the Fire Chiefs.

I'm digging.  Stay tuned.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Wow! City Funnies, We just can't help ourselves!

In his weekly "interview" with Andrew Tallman on AM1620 FM 92.3, the Mayor went after Quint Studer regarding his opposition to the fish hatchery at Bruce Beach.  The Mayor actually called Studer's opposition to the hatchery CHILDISH.

Other Statements:

  • "The hatchery will draw other businesses in the sector to the area."  What businesses, fish poop processors, fish food processors?
  • "The hatchery will draw people to the waterfront."  For what? You have to win a grant to have any amenities added to the project.
  • "The hatchery will enhance our position as a sportsfishing destination."  What? Really?  Little bitty fishing poles and little baby nets.
  • Opposition to the hatchery "is very bizarre to me"

"It's sad if we are going to have one person control everything in our community"

"Its Childish!"
"Its Petty!"

Well then Mayor, is NAIOP childish and petty?  Good luck running against Grover if you call NAIOP childish and petty.

While we are on it, the Governor doesn't care where we put it.

Moving on.  Congrats to Cat Country for winning SMALL Market radio station of the year.
SMALL MARKET?  What?  Pensacola is a small market?  Good thing we have a small minded Mayor!

Pensacola is a buy Mr. Mayor!  If you are looking to downsize to a smaller market!

Monday, November 6, 2017

The Pulse Flatlines__________________________

The moral authority in Pensacola is no more.  For all their efforts to be big boys, Derek and Drew couldn't make it work evidently.

According to the Florida Secretary of State's site, Pulse Gulf Coast LLC  has been dissolved!

The Pulse Flatlines

Drew's acute business acumen also appears to have waned as his pedicab company also is dissolved.

Hope he doesn't hit anyone with that thing.  Can you say personal liability??

Stop the Pedals!

If they hit me, I'm going to get Kerrigan as my attorney, that way his contingency fee can go toward paying him back for supporting those two zany kids in their evidently failed endeavor.

Sorry guys!  I guess it was good while it lasted.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Free Hatchery to Cost the City

My recent review of the hatchery permitting and plans uncovered a previously undisclosed fact.


Based on the permit review that the project failed, item number 22 states:

"Reconstruction of Clubbs Street to comply with City Standard Street Reconstruction Detail.  Detail attached to this document.

R:  The intent of the Clubbs Street improvements was to provide some rehabilitation of the existing pavement.  The FBC has met with City Administration discussing some improvements to Clubbs Street and for the City to absorb the cost of rehabilitation."

Hold the phone!  Its not a free project if we have to pay for it!

R continues:  It is our current understanding that the City may not have the funding available for this rehabilitation.  If City funding is not available, the FWC may choose to remove these improvements from the plan set.

So...the free, useless hatchery will actually end up costing the Citizens how much?

Hatchery Time Line

As with most issues we are seeing Mayor Wayward's complete lack of concern for process...a timeline speaks volumes as to how things have gone so wrong.

Recently I visited the City Permitting Department to inspect ALL plans & documents contained with in permit #17-02-0258.  Mr. Weeks was out for the day yet the permitting department was in good hands during his absence. I was met with professional & courteous staff that were helpful during my review of public records.  

The Official name of the project is Gulf Coast Marine Fisheries Hatchery / Enhancement Center

17-02-0258 was issued for 7 acres...presumably for the building site.

Sam Marshall is Architect of Record
BDI is Engineer of Record

Previously posted permit issued on 2/13/17

A permit number was assigned upon receipt of the civil engineering & building plans.  Review began immediately for the plans as well as  review date stamps for the following:

Plumbing: K Burg 2/16/17
Mechanical : K Lupton 2/22/17
Electrical:  Whitmire 2/21/17

Engineering Review was also completed  and FAILED on 2/21/17 by Brad Hinote.  Resubmission was received 10/18/17.

DEP documents reflect Permit Issuance Date: March 22, 2017
Permit Construction Phase Expiration Date March 21, 2022

Environmental Resource Permit- Granted
State-owned Submerged Lands Authorization - Not Required.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Authorization - Separate Corps Authorization Required.

Escambia County Permit #0351411-001-EI/17

Florida DEP
Pearce Barrett NRPA Project Coordinator

The City Staff timeline reflects immediate and complete review,  only FWC and Mayor Hayward can speak to the long gap in between.  The Mayor often cites his "Real Estate background" yet the management of this and other contracts speaks to his failure to manage deadlines and his complete lack of attention to detail.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Hayward on the Hatchery Lease...Castille says its a Better Deal than the Maritime Park

Rick Outzen asks the Mayor if the Fish Hatchery is the best use of the Bruce Beach property.  Ther Mayor says maybe not but its something.

Then Colleen Castille tells Outzen the Fish Hatchery is a better deal for the City than the Maritime Park.

"At least we are getting $1 a year.  That's $299,999 more than we are getting for the Maritime Park"

At least the Wahoos in the stadium don't need a settlement pond for their poo!



Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Hayward Document Quotes on New Stinky Fish Hatchery

From documents on the City's Fish Hatchery "Transparency Page".  Its in black and white so no excuses for anyone now.

  • Building a wetland to filter nutrients, return clean water to the bay, and supply plants for future habitat restoration projects.
  • Conceptual site design includes indoor facility, stormwater ponds, storage pond for solids settling out, and treatment marsh.
  • Marsh and settlement ponds could be incorporated into the site usage with a boardwalk.
  • Waste removal: Round tanks with bottom-center drains concentrate waste. Fish waste includes solid waste, liquid waste (NH3), and gas waste (CO2).
  • Round tanks “self-clean” and are well-mixed. Rotational current around tank (primary current) affects radial flow (secondary current). Radial current transports wastes to center drain. Rotational flow dependent on water pumping rate.
  • Tank height and diameter ratio affects waste transport; about 3:1 height to diameter ratio is ideal. More fish produce more waste and need larger reconditioning systems. Amount of fish directs waste management plan. Waste removed continuously through mechanical pumping or biological removal, and solid waste filters that separate solids from water.
  • Solid waste removal: Filters are efficient at removing particles from water. Foam fractionators can remove very small particles.
  • Liquid waste removal: Fish produce ammonia (NH3) as liquid waste, which is toxic. Nitrifying bacteria use ammonia as food (nitrification).
  • NO3 is minimally toxic, used by marsh plants and anaerobic bacteria.

    • Nitrifiers grow in water, but need surface to adhere to and need a “biological filter.” Vessel/tank biofilter packed with highly porous material for nitrifying bacteria to colonize.
    • Gas waste (CO2) respired through gills, a fish metabolic end product. Negative effects on fish health if excess carbon dioxide acidifies the water. Forced gas ventilation of water with a “degassing box” increases gas exchange efficiency. Laminar flow passes water across trays and forces ambient air across the water and carries out the CO2.
    • Pumps (0.25-5 horsepower) are required to transport water and wastes.
      • High energy demand.
      • One-phase power or three-phase power.
      • Larger tanks with more fish require larger pumps, larger pipes, longer distance from tanks to filtration system, and more energy.

  • A large amount of O2 is critical to produce juvenile fish. High tech filtration works 24 hours a day. Largest water source, largest biomass, and largest amount of waste.
  • Wastewater management plan for tanks and also for discharge.

    • Solids, nitrogen, and approved chemicals for parasite removal if necessary.

  • Solids removed from effluent by ponds or tanks used to settle waste to the bottom or filtration systems that use concentration and remove waste to a drying area, then to a landfill.
  • For removing nitrate: 1) anaerobic bacteria nitrification, 2) marsh plants are a proven method with environmental benefits, or 3) sewer for specific small volume discharges only; depends on city, county and state permits required. An injection well is not a preferred method.

  • Just what we need downtown! 

    Hayward's legacy! The Prince of POO!

    Monday, October 23, 2017

    CRA Control of Bruce Beach

    The CRA Administrator sent the following email to Council Member Myers:

    From: Helen Gibson
    Sent: Monday, October 23, 2017 10:33 AM
    To: Sherri Myers
    Cc: Victoria D’Angelo
    Subject: RE: Please give me a call

    Good Morning, Board Member Myers. The CRA has never been a party to the Fish Hatchery lease. The property was purchased by the City of Pensacola in 1974, and no CRA funds were ever allocated to it. The CRA statutes do not apply.

    M. Helen Gibson, AICP
    CRA Administrator


    FORTIS COUNCIL FILES 01/10/2002 Over the past two years, the CRA Staff coordinated several planning efforts that identified additional capital projects proposed to be constructed in the next three to five years to continue the CRA's partnership approach to revitalization within the Urban Core Community Redevelopment Area:
      • Palafox Pier Plaza
      • Sidewalk Partnership Fund
      • Reconstruction of Baylen Street Walkway
      • Expanded Commercial Facade Grant Program
      • Bruce Beach Site Improvements
      • Main Street Sewage Treatment Plant Relocation Evaluation

    Friday, October 20, 2017

    Leases...Council Must Approve Changes...Until Hayward Decides They Don't

    The unbelievable amount of fish "nutrients" that Mayor Hayward and email snitch Olson are spewing over this fish hatchery lease is comical.

    Below are lease facts regarding the City.  They are indisputable.

    When Bob Kerrigan's lease at the airport needed to be amended to allow subleasing, Council had to approve.

    When Julian McQueen wanted to assign his lease at the airport to Pensacola Aviation, Council had to approve.

    When Offshore Inland wanted to change their long term rental agreement to dump a warehouse, agree to a balloon payment for back rent and reduce their future rent payments, Council had to approve.

    When Offshore Inland couldn't make their balloon payment and needed another concession, Council had to approve.

    When Resicum needed their uses amended at the Airport to allow for helicopter flight training, Council had to approve.

    When FWC voids its lease specifically as detailed in the document regarding commencement of construction, NO COUNCIL APPROVAL IS NEEDED.

    Here is my take:

    • Olson was the initiative coordinator over this Rick Scott accommodation before he was overpromoted.  He had and has no idea what he is doing in his job.
    • Hayward got his PR win back in 2011 when he called his emergency meeting and got conceptual approval
    • The FWC got its PR win back in 2011 when they got the BP funds earmarked.
    • This project has been number 97 on both the City and the FWC's  top 100 to do list since 2014.
    • Someone woke up in February and figured out that the FWC was waaaaaay behind glideslope on this project and put in the bull "nutrient" permit so that something was in the system.
    • When the PNJ started looking, Olson exclaimed "Oh "Nutrient"!
    • Then the lease was reviewed and the lease was actually VOID under the LDC definition of construction.  Olson said "Holy Nutrient"
    • Then the CRA requirement and angle was pointed out by the PNJ as detailed in today's article.
    • When it was pointed out to him yesterday by the reporter, Olson must have called Hayward and said "  We are in deep "Nutrient"!
    Folks!  This is a typical Ashton Hayward real estate project! 

    One big sad pile of "Nutrient"!

    Thursday, October 19, 2017

    Hayward and FWC Full of Nutrients...By the Way the Permit you are Holding On To As Proof...EXPIRED

    Let's unpack the FWC & Mayoral JOINT statement:

    “The City of Pensacola and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) agree that construction commenced as contemplated, that no violations of the lease have occurred and that the project is moving forward as planned.

    Olson pedaled these "nutrients" in an intimidation letter to Council as well:

    "In short, we are in agreement with FWC that construction commenced as contemplated and that the project is moving forward as planned. If you have questions about the status of the project or any of its individual elements, I encourage you to contact Keith Wilkins."

    "At the time the project was discussed, the parties were aware that the project required public meetings and other agency involvement."

    Where is the MOU???   There is construction set to proceed before an MOU is in place?  What if they disagree on the MOU?

    "Thus the lease, as approved, balanced the risk of undue delay or stagnation with a negotiated provision for commencement of construction as agreed to by the parties to trigger a completion of construction deadline."

    Code for "don't want to take ANYTHING back to City Council" because it will lose.

    "The City has been apprised of FWC’s progress throughout, and the parties are in agreement that the completion of construction deadline is February 14, 2020."

    OOPS...10 years after the spill that the hatchery was meant to assist in the recovery for and 9 years after Hayward brought the lame brained plan to Council in the first place, the building is to be completed.

    A decade after the spill.

    As seen above, the Preliminary Permit EXPIRED Sept 12, 2017.  So no valid permit is open on this project.  But construction has commenced.

    To not honor the lease would be a violation of the contract.”

    Terms of the lease have been VIOLATED

    The lease is VOID

    Hayward is running this project about as successfully as Redfish Harbour.  

    Wednesday, October 18, 2017

    Fish Hatchery...The Facts!!

    • On June 20, 2011, Mayor Hayward called a special Council meeting to discuss the fish hatchery lease.  In the request for the meeting, the Mayor's office stated: "Request on behalf of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, in conjunction with partners such as Hubbs Seaworld Research Institute and Motes Marine Laboratory"
    • Since this emergency special meeting Seaworld and Motes have disappeared.
    • The proposal stated: "The facility will be one of a network of Gulf Coast fisheries, habitats and education research and restoration facilities"
    • SIX YEARS LATER, where is the "network"?
    • When he addressed the Council in June 2011, OVER 6 YEARS AGO, the official minutes reflect Mayor Hayward stating "TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE"
    • The proposal was for "sportfish species such as red snapper, red drum and spotted trout"
    • In fact, two separate city-sponsored studies recommended a best use for the Bruce Beach site. Both the URAC report, released in fall 2012, and the Community Redevelopment Agency Plan, released two years prior, recommended that the property be reserved for recreational use and public bay access.
    • Three "time is of the essence" years later a LEASE WAS BROUGHT FORWARD.
    • The Council Memorandum present in 2014 stated:
    " FWC will construct a state-of-the art saltwater fish hatchery for the production of sportfish species on the site along with a filtration marsh that will recycle nutrients from the hatchery and serve as a nursery for wetland plant species to support ongoing regional habitat restoration."


    Next quote:

    "All improvements will be consistent with the requirements of the Waterfront Redevelopment District as designated by the City of Pensacola Land Development Code with the Green Building Certification Ordinance"

    Second anchor drop...If the City approves a building permit for their current site plan, it will be in violation of the City's Land Development Code. The hatchery does not have an urban form, it will be located too far back from Main St. and has the parking in front. Additionally, the hatchery site is located within an area of the city called the "dense business area". In 2009, the planning board and then council unanimously approved a maximum 10' setback in the dense business area. It's intention was to create a more walkable downtown by forcing buildings to be up close to the street and parking to the side or rear--since 10' wouldn't leave enough space for parking in front. City staff has not been enforcing the 10' max setback and did not bring it up when hatchery was considered. City staff agreed that the 10' setback applied to the hatchery. Yet the City has a planning board-approved site plan that is in violation of city code. If the City issues a building permit for the site as their plan currently exists, it will be in violation of the city's land development code.

    In the least enthusiastic approval of an item in City history, Council approved the land lease anyway in a 5-3 vote.
    • Councilmember Bare voted NO!
    • Councilmember Myers voted NO!
    • Councilmember Pratt voted NO!
    • During the lease discussion, Councilmember Brian Spencer stated “I’m skeptical of its economic impact."
    • During the lease discussion, Councilmember Larry B. Johnson stated: “I’m still considering if this is the highest and best use for that property,” he said, suggesting that more research be conducted before a vote is taken. “Maybe it’s time someone on the council gets on a plane and goes to look at a hatchery similar to this one,” he said.
    • During the lease discussion, Councilmember PC Wu stated: “I’m mixed,” Councilor P.C. Wu said “If everything works out, I’d like to have it here. I just don’t know if Bruce Beach is the right location.” While Wu still embraces the potential environmental and science value of the project, he wondered, “Does a dollar a- year lease for waterfront property and so few jobs make sense on the merits?

    • Ken Ford, director of the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition questioned whether a hatchery was the “best use” of the property. “Think of any successful waterfront city to which we aspire comparison,” Ford said. “How many of these cities feature hatcheries as a driver of their economic engine?”
    The lease states, in English:

    " Section 20. Performance Schedule.  Time is of the essence of this lease, and in case the Commission shall fail to perform the covenants on its part to be performed at the time fixed for the performance of each respective covenants by the provisions of the lease, City may declare Tenant to be in default of such Lease and Immediately terminate the lease.  Barring any unforeseen delays due to site conditions or Force Majeure, as defined in Section 36 below,  Commission shall commence construction of the Center, the public waterfront access and public recreation facilities no later than three (3) years of the execution of this Lease.  Should the Commission fail to commence construction...on or before three (3) years of the execution date of this lease, the Commission hereby expressly agrees to immediately forfeit all property interests and any rights under this lease and occupation of the premises and the Lease shall be VOID.

    Fast forward to the issue of has FWC violated the lease:

    The City's LDC defines construction as "Construction (Chapter 12-9, Stormwater Management and Control of Erosion, Sedimentation and Runoff) means any on-site activity which will result in the creation of a new stormwater discharge facility, including the building, assembling, expansion, modification or alteration of the existing contours of the site, the erection of buildings or other structures, or any part thereof, or land clearing.

    Therefore, under the 2014 lease....it is void!

    More to come!

    Monday, October 16, 2017

    Wow! Does B. stand for Bold?

    City Councilman Larry B. Johnson responds to Andy Marlette's Saturday cartoon on his Facebook page:

    LBJ says:
    Always a good day when I make an Andy Marlette cartoon. I let Andy and Quint Studer at PNJ management (know) that I had a good laugh. Ever since Quint took over the PNJ it's been a lot easier to know where he stands politically, on issues like the Pelicans, fish hatchery, etc. It will be interesting to see who Quint and the PNJ support in the 2018 elections!


    Ding Ding!

    Lllllllllletttt's Get Ready to Rumbllllllllllle!

    More Articles on Fish Hatcheries


    “You get to see the best of both worlds. You get to see what the government is doing in terms of trying to enhance the stocks up in the Squamish area, but you can also see [the fish] doing their own business as well, which is a huge draw,” he said, though adding in December the area “reeks” because there’s thousands of carcasses in the lake.
    After so many years working with fish, Smith said he still usually enjoys eating salmon, but not during spawning season when the smell of the rotting fish pervades. 
    After smelling rotting fish all day he doesn’t have the stomach to cook salmon once he gets home, he said with a laugh.
    New Stinky!


    When you get to Paris, look for the fish hatchery…if you can’t see it, you’ll probably smell it. The tower is just past the hatchery, but you’ll have to get outta the car and walk through the woods for a couple of minutes before you come across it. I visited this area some years ago and it was an interesting little side trip.

    New Stinky!

    Thursday, October 12, 2017

    Sisson False Claims of Degree? Here we go again!

    Attached is the employee file of Edward Franklin Sisson.  It will reflect that he a self promoter and is always looking for ways to "pad" his own employee file.


    It contains:

    • His contract with the Mayor
    • His list of achievements which includes firing people
    • His payroll changes and adjustments
    • His personal email address...edwardfsisson@hotmail.com
    • His permission to teach motorcycle safety at night and on the weekends
    Heck, it contains his fiance and mama's addresses and phone numbers.

    What it does NOT contain:
    • a resume or
    • an application
    So...absent any additional documentation that the man who wants to make sure everything he sees as beneficial is included in his employee file...we, the Citizens, must take Mr. Sisson's previous work history at his word.  

    That has worked in the past hasn't it?

    Well what is his word?

    Edward F. Sisson currently serves as the Chief Human Resources Officer. He holds a degree in Human Resources along with 15+ years experience working in small, medium, and large companies, in both for-profit and not-for-profit environments. His industry experience includes consulting, manufacturing, municipal government, benefits outsourcing, higher education, and healthcare.

    He has a strong background working in the public sector of Human Resources and his experience includes working in generalist, specialist, and managerial roles. Prior to the City of Pensacola, Edward worked as a Human Resource Business Partner with Alabama Medicaid, Alabama Department of Transportation, the City of Jacksonville, Florida, and Hillsborough County Civil Service Office.

    Edward earned a Bachelor Degree of Science majoring in Psychology at Troy University and has secured four professional certifications to include: Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR), Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS), Retirement Plans Associate (RPA), and Group Benefits Associate (GBA).

    Hmm! Anyone see the discrepancy?

    Evidently the man has two degrees! 

    One in Human Resources which would qualify him for his current job.

    And one in Psychology which is nice but would be irrelevant to his current role.

    Which is it Ed? Human Resources, Psychology? How do we know if you have a degree at all?

    For all we know you could have been running trailer parks in the greater Tallahassee area before coming here.

    Only Jose knows!  And he doesn't look like he is telling.

    Tuesday, October 10, 2017

    Who's the City's insurance broker of record?

    On September 27, 2017, the following memo was sent to City Council

    A few weeks ago, Jim Odom, the City's long time insurance broker of record passed away.  This is an advertised RFQ position.   I was wondering who is presently serviing in that role and made the following records request.

    On September 27 the City Administrator issued a memo informing Council of the Mayor purchasing insurance policies.  Who was the selling insurance agent for each policy listed in the memorandum.  Additionally, with Mr. Odom passing away who is the City's agent of record since his passing?  When is the agent of record due to be rebid?

    The response I got?

    The City of Pensacola has reviewed its files and has determined there are no responsive records or documents to your request for public records.

    How can the City no longer have a Broker of Record?

    Insurance guys, any insight here?

    Tuesday, October 3, 2017

    Brittany Forge, Lavallet...Strap it On. Your World is about to Change!

    On 9/28/2017, an amendment was made to the lease between the City of Pensacola and Resicum International LLC.

    The amendment simply added flight training to the existing lease.

    Whats the issue?

    I posted this before


    It was a Bob Kerrigan sweetheart deal!

    Now the UH-60s are not only going to be maintained as listed in the original lease, but helicopter flight training is now OK!

    Test Pilot?  What happens when the test fails?
    Instructor Pilot?  Students?  OJT?

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Noise  - 85 decibels in hover  http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a118796.pdf

    Hearing Loss  A bulldozer that is idling (note that this is idling, not actively bulldozing) is loud enough at 85 dB that it can cause permanent damage after only 1 work day (8 hours).


    A Current Job Listing

    Maintenance Test Pilot and Instructor Pilot – UH-60M

    Pensacola, Florida • 01-03-2017
    Job Description:
    Perform the duties of maintenance test pilot to support a Rotary Wing Flight Academy.  Perform the duties of a maintenance test pilot specific to the UH-60M.
    Prepare reports and communications as needed.
    Perform duties as an instructor to instruct UH-60M familiarization and maintenance check courses as needed to backfill instructors.
    Other duties as required.

    Education and Experience:
    • Graduate of the UH-60M MAINTENANCE TEST PILOT Course, Ft. Rucker
    • Minimum of 1000 hours Pilot in Command, 100 hours in UH 60M, and 300 hours in similar aircraft type (UH 60M/A/L)
    • UH-60M Instructor Pilot Course Graduate Desired
    • Minimum five years’ demonstrable experience as a Maintenance Test Pilot, with minimum of one year on the UH-60M.
    • Experience as an Instructor Pilot/Flight Examiner preferred; experience teaching and working with foreign students highly preferred


    FAA Commercial/Instrument PILOT- Rotorcraft;
    CFI preferred

    • Must be able to pass background check
    • Must be flexible and work well with others
    • Excellent Oral and Written communication skills
    • Demonstrated ability to meet reporting requirements and all deadlines
    • Excellent customer management skills
    • Demonstrated Leadership Skills
    • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite
    • Ability to delegate effectively

    Location:  Pensacola, FL
    Resicum International LLC is a veteran owned small business and equal opportunity employer.  We offer competitive compensation packages, a good work environment and the opportunity to grow with our small business.  Find out more about us by visiting www.resicuminternational.com

    Salary Range: Market Competitive
    Relocation: Negotiable
    Start Date:  Immediate
    Travel: N/A

    Tuesday, September 19, 2017

    Lyter Double Speak

    Not enough officers for funerals ... but let's cut part timers at the Airport and replace with 2 full time.

    His own words!  Which is it Chief...no money for officers or money for full timers.

    Why don't we just escort funerals for a few laps around the airport runways.  Plenty of folks there!

    Friday, September 15, 2017

    Pensacola 16th Worst City In America to Raise Children

    Today, MSN had an article ranking Pensacola the 16th WORST CITY IN AMERICA TO RAISE KIDS.


    In a country as large and diverse as the United States, not all areas are equal when it comes to raising children. While the number of factors that can affect a child's development is seemingly limitless, there are a few core measures related to safety, school district quality, and amenities that can make all the difference between one area and another. And in some parts of the country, children are at a considerable disadvantage.

    24/7 Wall St. created an index to identify the 25 worst U.S. metro areas in which to raise a child. All but two cities on this list are located in the either the western or southern United States.

    The ideal city in which to raise children should be safe and have quality schools and plenty of recreational amenities. Only metro areas with some combination of high violent crime rates, low preschool enrollment rates, low high school graduation rates, and limited access to parks and recreation centers made this list.

    Relatively violent cities with fewer amenities and worse educational outcomes also often tend to be relatively poor. In 21 of the 25 cities on this list, the child poverty rate is higher than the 20.7% U.S. rate.

    Serious financial hardship is likely partially the result of poor economic conditions. As of June 2017, the unemployment rate was higher than the 4.4% U.S. jobless rate in 18 of the 25 cities on this list.
    Likely due in part to the low desirability of many of the cities on this list, home values in these areas are relatively low. In 21 of the 25 cities on this list, the median home value is less than the typical American home value of $194,500.

    The Upside Indeed!!!

    Thursday, September 14, 2017

    Why Some But Not All?

    Five part-time officers are being let go at the Airport because they are City retirees.

    But why not all part-timers who are City retirees?  There is another!

    The PPD has one retired part-time officer who participated in the DROP but has not worked at the airport. He has been working off-duty jobs such as Blue Wahoos games, festivals, 5k runs etc. Since he was not employed at the airport, he was not on the list of part-time officers who were axed from the airport. Part-timers have always been all able to work off-duty jobs as well. 


    I understand the "Airport Five" would like to remain as part-time officers in order to work events.

    The PPD general order on part-time officers does not require part-time officers to work at the airport to be eligible to work off-duty jobs. Off-duty jobs are paid by individual businesses therefore they do not receive any kind of benefit from the city. A letter was submitted to the Chief asking if the retirees being let go will still be permitted to work off-duty jobs, per the General Order.  The policy on part time officers is clear. There is no reason for the five part-time officers being let go to not remain classified as part-time officers and allowed to work events.

    Come on Chief, Olson, and Sisson...Fair for one, Fair for all!

    Tuesday, September 12, 2017

    I Hope Barker Is Discussed This Way One Day

    On September 5th, Dick Barker sent the memo below to the Airport Director and Police Chief.


    In the memo, Barker states:

    ...the following part time officers will not be paid by the City after pay period ending September 24, 2017.

    He continues:

    Please take the appropriate action necessary in order to insure these part time officers are no longer working after September 24, 2017.


    • He copies Olson and Sisson.  Neither have the "intestinal fortitude" to put their names on it.
    • The Airport Director and Police Chief are taking orders from the CFO, not their boss.  Is this legal and within Tricky Dick's job description?
    • Barker shows no respect for the careers these men have given the City and comes off kinda like a cold jerk.  
    • Are they banned from the building?  Will Flynn shoo them with a broom?
    • Can they volunteer in trade for a delicious chicken sandwich?  Except on Sundays!
    I can't wait to make records requests for police overtime at the Airport!

    Thursday, September 7, 2017

    City to Terminate 5 Airport Police Officers Sept 24

    In a brilliant move by the City Administrator, Ed Sisson and Chief Lyter, the City is terminating the employment of five police officers with a combined experience of greater than 100 years in order to put current full time officers in the roles and PAY THEM OVERTIME to work the airport.

    The current airport police presence includes 5 retired PPD officers who work PART-TIME to supplement the airport operations.

    Due to alleged issues with the Florida Retirement System, all of which local attorney Ed Fleming believe could be worked out, tricky Dick Barker used the proverbial City Coconut telegraph to let the officers know they would be terminated on September 24.

    My understanding is:

    • Olson told Barker
    • Barker emailed Lyter
    • Lyter emailed the Captain of the Uniform Patrol Division
    • who emailed the officers a memo informing them of their termination.
    Individuals who all have served the City over 20 years get..."Here read this memo...your fired!"

    More to come!

    Wednesday, September 6, 2017

    City Third Quarter Financial Report...Highlights Barker Won't Talk About

    Airport Fund

    Overall Airport operating revenues were $565,700 below the FY 2016 operating revenue for the same time period. Airline Revenues were $673,900 below the prior fiscal year and Non-Airline Revenues exceeded the prior year by $108,200. This decrease in Airline Revenues is mainly attributed to the reduction in the Air Carrier Landing Fees for this fiscal year compared to the prior fiscal year.

    Great Job Mayor!

    Port Fund

    Operating revenues for FY 2017 were $548,800 below the FY 2016 operating revenues for the same time period. The majority of this decrease is due to a decrease in dockage revenue. The decrease in dockage is the result of fewer vessel dockage days being logged through the third quarter of FY 2017 as compared to the same time period in FY 2016.

    Great Job Mayor!

    Sanitation Fund

    Effective June 1, 2017, the monthly Sanitation rate of $22.80 increased by $1.26 to a new monthly rate of $24.06 as well as a $1.00 per month Sanitation Equipment Surcharge followed by an increase in that surcharge by an additional $1.00 in FY 2019. 

    Great Job Mayor!

    Roger Scott Tennis Center

    Roger Scott Tennis Center expenditures exceeded revenues by $64,600 through the third quarter. 

    Great Job Mayor!

    Municipal Golf Course Fund

    Golf Course expenditures (including total City sponsored pension costs) exceeded revenues by $193,500 before the General Fund subsidy of $165,000 through the third quarter.

    Great Job Mayor!

    Looks like the CEO of the City is running all of the NON-TAX related operations fabulously!
    Keep up the losses sir!

    But the Airport has delicious chicken sandwiches....except on Sundays!


    Thursday, August 31, 2017

    Airport ARFF - Problems Identified by FAA Inspectors

    Remember for years I have been noting the inadequate fire protection the Mayor maintains at Pensacola Regional Airport.

    Most people are shocked when they discover that an airport that touts its self as being "International" is staffed 24/7/365 by a fire department comprised of:
    • 2 firefighters and
    • 2 trucks
    One man for each truck.

    Well the FAA came in to do their annual inspection and the Airport itself passed.  It appears that the only issues noted were related to...wait for it....


    If you recall, Bobblehead tried to play word games with my last records request.  I finally received the following.

    FAA Report

    In the Outbrief, the FAA recommended the following regarding ARFF:
    • Increase response drills
    • Increase intensity and variety of training
    • More aircraft familiarization and hands on training
    Maybe those recommendations were the result of findings by the reviewers.  HMMMM!

    That's why I will be contacting the FAA to obtain all the data they collected on the Pensacola  ARFF so you, the Citizens, can see the actual data obtained by the reviewers including response times.  

    My sources within the fire department recommended the following:

    Contact: ARFF
    FAA Office of Airports
    Marc Tonnacliff
    ARFF Specialist
    Federal Aviation Administration
    800 Independence Ave SW
    Airport Safety and Standards, AAS-300, Room 618
    Washington, DC 20591
    Fax (202)493-1416

    Aircraft rescue and fire fighting inspection. Conduct a timed-response drill; review aircraft rescue and firefighting personnel training records, including annual live-fire drill and documentation of basic emergency medical care training; check equipment and protective clothing for operation, condition, and availability.

    Request the FAR part 139 compliance inspection results for the Aircraft Rescue and firefighting inspection at the Pensacola International Airport (KPNS). The actual compliance inspection is conducted by staff from the FAA Southern Region offices in Atlanta, GA.

    Thanks for the lead.  I will!  That is transparency

    The "Transparent" Mayor didn't share such detailed information!

    Everyone feeling safe about using Pensacola's airport?  You need to get this right Mr. Mayor.