Thursday, December 22, 2016

Travel Sports...From Experience

During School Year

  • Pick kids up from school on Friday.  Middle school gets out at 4:00.  Car is gassed up before leaving.
  • Drive 1.5 to 2 hrs to the city of the tournament.  Shorter than that is a drive to and from destination.  
  • Orange Beach, Destin...Drive back and forth.  Economic impact...gas (maybe) lunch and tournament admission.  That's it.
  • On way, fast food.  We want to get there.
  • Check in the hotel.  Hotel chosen as cleanest for the cheapest with a breakfast included in area from  
  • Kids run around hotel.  In bed by 10.
  • Saturday morning - Up early.  Kids have pool play games. Up to 3 - 1 hour 45 minute games in the day.  Team needs to be there 1 hour before the game for warm ups.
    • Game 1 - 2 hr 45 minutes
    • Game 2 - 1 hr 45 minutes if you play back to back at least once
    • Game 3 - 2 hr 45 minutes
  • 7.25 hours at the park.  Food - fast food between games, the cooler or ball park food.  Drinks out of cooler in car.
  • Team dinner - its kids so we ain't going to Global Grill or Jackson's.  Local pizza restaurant.
  • Back to hotel.  Kids run around.  In bed by 10.
  • Sunday - Check out! To the facility, pay admission.  Stay til you lose or win it all.  Hugs for other team families.  See you next week.
  • Gas up if you need to and on the road home.
  • Sunday night - Homework for Monday.
During Summer 
  • Exact same schedule except more continuous game days at the ballpark.
  • Maybe a morning off one day if you get in the winners bracket and the coach tells kids to stay out of sun and rest.
Revenue to the Host City
  • Gas
  • Hotel
  • Fast food, Pizza
  • Admission to facility
  • Dicks - If equipment breaks or someone forgot something
Jobs Impacted
  • Gas station cashier
  • Hotel employees
  • Fast food / restaurant folks
  • Concession stand folks
  • Maybe Dick's employees

Maybe the DeWeese's are just not doing it properly but the economic impact of the DeWeese clan is bigger for our annual Southern League tour than for a travel ball weekend.

Travel sports is a business trip for kids folks.

What's your experience.  Volleyball families weigh in.  Basketball families?

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Anonymous said...

Under "Jobs Impacted" you should also include the facility itself. If the teams are paying $500 to enter the tournament and there are 100 teams the facility takes in $50,000. This isn't profit. That money is used to pay referees, marketing, management, maintenance, insurance, stand-by medical, trophies, and a lot of other things.

The DeWeese family experience is the typical travel sports experience. The only winners, financially, are the hotels and restaurants. The big losers are the taxpayers who are subsidizing what are normally very expensive public facilities. The fee to enter the tournament, which is the only fee that goes to the facility, makes up only 7% (that's SEVEN PERCENT)of the money that the DeWeese family spends on their travel sport weekend. This is why you see local tourist bureaus pushing this concept. Tourist bureaus are run by the hotel and restaurant owners and they don't want it any other way. This is precisely what is going on in Panama City and Foley, Alabama.

It doesn't have to be that way, but that's a story for another time.