Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Saturation by the Time Built?

The Industry Leader in Sports Tourism Facility Planning

Link to $500 Million Foley Alabama Indoor Outdoor Facility

Link to 2015 Little Rock Feasibility for $39 million Basketball Volleyball Facility

Link to Sandusky Ohio $25.5 Million Youth Sports Facility

Link to Spokane, Washington Capital of Youth Sports Tournaments $35.3 Million

Link to Rocky Top Facility in Gatlinburg

Link to Existing Orange Beach Complex

Man everyone either already has a facility or is planning a better one.

Are we too late to the party?

I just don't want us to go down a $100 million path if the market is already full by the time we finish the project.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these links. However, you missed the one coming (maybe) to Panama City.


Pensacola will soon be sandwiched between sport complexes in Foley and Panama City. These are, however, outdoor complexes while the Ray Palmer scheme is trying to beat the competition with an indoor facility. That brings up another important truth.

8 soccer fields - cost = $8 million
8 basketball courts - cost = $80 million

Soccer teams pay roughly $500 to enter a tournament. Will youth basketball teams, with less players, pay $5,000 to enter a tournament? And outdoor soccer fields are a lot less expensive to maintain than a large indoor air conditioned structure. Will someone please publish a ProForma of the Ray Palmer scheme? I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts that the ProForma will project success because more beer will be sold on Palafox Street. There will be a lot of nebulous hocus pocus about "economic impact" while the true bottom line will be a terrific financial loss to the taxpayers each and every year.

Anonymous said...

Here is a similar facility in one of the hottest tourism markets in the nation, located in one of the wealthiest counties in the country, surrounded by countless hotels, shops, and restaurants...that had to be shutdown due to continuous financial losses.


Mark Clabaugh said...

It is funny you were not all that against the devastatingly expensive and equally crazy contracts having to do with the Baseball Park. What is it? Why? Studer? When that boondoggle was being debated you and your husband were fans of that project and now look at it costing taxpayers 100's of thousands per year.

Anonymous said...

This is great! Exactly what the poorest, least educated, most crime ridden, worst water quality, and most corrupt area in the state needs. (NOT!!!) The taxpayers funding yet another venture to benefit the few wealthy families in this town. Time after time we hear these grandiose ideas that are going to be economic game changers for Pensacola only to quickly realize that it's just another boondoggle for the rich. I guess the poorest aren't poor enough! Economic impact never seems to trickle down on these projects.

dahlingECG said...

The Pensacola Soccer Complex is where I grew up playing club sports. We hosted an exhibition game between the US Women's Natonal Team and Team Australia when they were at the pinnacle of world domination and had MLS teams come down for off-season training.

It's been done before; despite the complex's flaws and eventual demise. It would be nice to have people willing to invest in a badass sports facility like that.