Friday, December 9, 2016

Pictures That Sum up the Tanyards / Government Street Project

Mayor Hayward and his City Engineer can pretend the Corrine Jones Pond is not a train wreck project but the photo below of the disrepair and neglect for so long is undeniable.

Notice the grass growing out of the TOP of the cone on the site.  That cone is three feet tall.  How long do you have to neglect a property for your "safety" cones to have grass growing out of the top.

And the picture that sums up the Mayor and City's lack of care for the kids in the area.  Notice the driveway of the house two doors down from the industrial equipment operating without any barriers.
It shows a small child's chalk and art on the driveway.  Now tell me how impossible it would be for a curious small child to stop drawing on his driveway and wander 30 feet into the construction zone. Would that equipment operator even see the child wander in?

And further what happens when all the workers go home?  This project is 100% open to a dangerous pit.

Would this be allowed in Cordova Park?  Would this be allowed in East Hill?

Shame on you Hayward!
Shame on you Olson!
Shame on you Owens!


Dr. G. said...

We have taken lots of pictures in this area but none speak the volumes of the one of the children's chalk art next to a diesel water pump that is pumping contaminated water from the site and next to the dirt that the officials are claiming is not contaminated.
Any fourth grader that is taking science right now can easily disprove that claim.
The "hecahloochexanae -- "lindane" has a metal "element' that attaches to solid objects -- like dirt! Lindane accumulates and persists in sediments and can pose a hazard to sediment dwelling organisms.
The community is in an environmental disaster zone. Welcome to my hood.

Anonymous said...

We as taxpayers are paying for a first class construction job and the "probable friend of the Mayor" who got the contract is going cheap by not installing the required by OHSA fencing, signage, and other protection mechanisms. Of course, there is no one on City Hall's bloated, overpaid staff who is actually doing any quality assurance to make sure that we are getting what we are paying for. Of course no one manning the '311' lines has read the City's noise ordinances to see that they are not allowed to work on Sunday's or have noise generating equipment operating after 6 p.m. at night. City Council and the Mayor DO NOT care about residents, or neighborhoods as we have witnessed time and time again. Why ANYONE in Jewel's district voted for her again after letting our district down for 12 years is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

The likes of Jewel, Wu, Johnson, Terhaar, and Hayward are NEVER held accountable because Maren DeWeese and Rick Outzen are the only dependable media outlets in Pensacola. PNJ and Channel 3 do nothing but "fluff news" keeping most residents in the dark about what's really going on in Pensacola. It would be one thing if it was merely incompetence that we're dealing with but it's also a high level of corruption that no law enforcement agency seems to be concerned with.

Anonymous said...

I know that there are whites who live in the Tanyard but it is still predominantly black by far. Again, ASHTON HAYWARD DOESNT LIKE BLACK PEOPLE!!! His actions have proven that since his first election.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha!

"there is no one on City Hall's bloated, overpaid staff who is actually doing any quality assurance".

That's funny because I was just hit by the city's code enforcement who told me that my flower garden looks ugly. The guy from code enforcement told me that this was their "slow season" and they were told to catch up on old issues. By the way, my garden is ugly because it is (duh!) winter and the plants are now brown. You would think that someone would send them over to inspect the massive violation on Government Street, but I suppose it is much easier to site a citizen for dead flowers.

It is my experience that government agencies are the worst offenders of their own regulations. It doesn't matter if it is the city, county, state, or federal government, they all ignore the regulations that they force on the rest of us. One of the best kept secrets is the massive amount of polluted soil at Pensacola NAS.

Anonymous said...

Want to see a code enforcement issue that has never been cited even after years of complaints? 23 East Lloyd Street owned by GOB Moulton Properties. Take a picture and send the city a note showing this is much, much worse than dead flowers in your yard.

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with Annonymous 9:41 AM. Hayward's involvement with the REAP plight for profit scheme in the black neighborhoods, the neglect of the Blount School property, the demolition of the Sunday House, and the indifference shown towards the Tanyard residents are just some of the more recent examples and are all indicative of someone who lacks concern for the black community. There are MANY other examples that we've all witnessed over the past 6 years. It is what it is but those who are opposed to bigotry ought to speak out against it.