Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Pelican Drop Budget...Its On!

Escambia County                 12,500
City of Pensacola                 30,000
Esc Cty Sheriffs Dept                 10,000
Lewis Bear                   5,000
JJ Talbot                   5,000
Coca Cola                   5,000
Visit Pensacola                 10,000
Stakeholders                 10,000
Glow in the Dark Vendor                       800
Food Vendors                   1,500
DIB                   1,000
TOTAL                 90,800
City Barricades Bollards & Crew                   1,500
Traffic Barricades and Signs                   2,000
Street Sweepers                   3,000
Permits & Fees                   1,000
Cleanup                   4,000
Fireworks & Confetti                   8,000
Security PPD & EMT                 20,000
Pelican Costs                   4,000
Crane                   2,500
Generators                       500
Portable Restrooms & Sinks                   5,000
Golf Cart Rental                       450
Insurance                   6,800
Marketing & Media                   1,000
Rental Equip                       800
Entertainment                 10,000
Stage 1 Sound Lights Setup                 18,500
Stage 1 Sound Lights Setup                          -  
Volunteer Hospitality                       500
Misc Supplies                       500
Misc Expenses                       500
Radios                       250
Event Coordination                          -  
Constant Contact                          -  
Postage                          -  
Childrens Area                          -  
Dumpster Removal                          -  
TOTAL                 90,800
PROFIT                          -  


Anonymous said...

Maybe I am missing something.....Barricades $1,500 and traffic barricades $2,000 are they not the same things. It cost $7,000 to clean up, using sweepers and people. What is rental equipment for $800 if the radios generators crane and golf carts are separate. Sounds like a lot of fluff!!

Anonymous said...

Rome Caesars’ provide circus’s and gladiators, Pensacola have parade’s and dunking party’s down town to keep the peasants entertain, so they will not wonder why Escambia County is the poorest and least educated county in Florida. I guess next, the Mayor’s office will be handing out cake every day at City Hall.

Karen Sindel said...

Great questions! We are required to have various barricade...some for traffic (and there are 2 different types of those) plus 27 flower beds on Palafox must each be full protected. Clean up also has a couple different layers....we are required to use 2 street sweepers on top of the regular clean up. No fluff....we built the budget pretty much from ground zero and are working very hard to get as much as possible donated. Permits, insurance, stages, sound, lights, police protection....all come at a cost. The 4 of us who came together to make certain New Year's Eve Pelican Drop was a "go" for 2016 had less than 8 weeks to pull it together. So, come join us on December 31st and help us ring in 2017.

Fed up with Pensacola said...

I can't do fun things...I'm too poor.