Thursday, December 29, 2016

But of Course She Doesn't...

A little bird whispered that Laura Bogan, Social Media consultant to the City and one of Mrs. Hayward's BFFs is not abiding by her VERY lucrative contract with the City.

In May 2013, Logan signed a no-bid "friends and family" contract with the City to handle social media.

It pays her $2,700 per month or $116,100 since it started.

She committed to the following for EACH THE CITIES SOCIAL MEDIA PROPERTIES:

  • City - 5
  • Office of the Mayor - 5
  • Pensacola International Airport - 5
  • Port of Pensacola - 3
She also committed:

"I will provide a quarterly report detailing growth and highlighting successes as well as opportunities for improvement."

I made a public records request;

RE: PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST of 12/28/2016 Reference # W001684-122816 for the following information: 

All quarterly reports submitted by Laura Bogan as detailed in her proposal referenced in her contract for social media services from May 2013 through December 28, 2016

Here is the response:

The City of Pensacola has reviewed its files and has determined there are no responsive records or documents to your request for public records.

How can that be?  The City not requiring contractors to submit required contract items?
How does she get paid Mr. Barker?  She's in breach of contract?
How can the Council allow taxpayer money to go to a contract she is failing to keep?
Has she done the volume of posts for each of the entities she committed to?
Three a week for the port?


Anonymous said...

No surprise here. Hayward's entire administration has been exactly like this. What a joke. But unfortunately the joke is on the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Now that you have received this report of no documents matching, have you copied purchasing and demanded that this non-compliant contract be terminated and the vendor barred from doing business with the city? And of course there is no point to sending to state attorney, but just for giggles, please forward info. This again is a pattern which places the mayor and MS.Bogam square in the crosshairs of racketeering search��Enjoy... Good work little bird. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's a lot of cheese for social media posting gig. Sounds like a job that's not hard to do, just hard to get. I wonder how many others have gotten the "friends and family" hook up?

Anonymous said...

I was the main point of contact with Laura on a large non-government retail account that needed help with managing and implementing a social media strategy and presence. I can tell you without a doubt that she was 100% professional, extremely talented and hard working and also worth every penny the business paid/pays her (she still has the account - I no longer work there). She works hard and does a great job....while I agree with a fair amount of the content on this blog and admire Maren and her many positive traits and talents (including her tenacity) this case I feel that she has misjudged Mrs. Bogan and.

Anonymous said...

The port director (Amy Miller) kisses her A$$ so she can get in good with the 7th floor.

Anonymous said...

Those of you who pushed for and voted for a "strong mayor" have nothing to complain about. This city HAD a city manager form of government up until a few years ago. A city manager would never hire his wife's best friend to follow him around taking glamour shots.

The re-election of P.C. Wu and Cannada-Wynn proves that an a-hole like Hayward has an excellent chance of being re-elected again. And there is no evidence that a replacement mayor would be any better. A "strong-mayor" form of government, coupled with a weak-kneed city council, assures that "friends and family" will get theirs while the rest of us will get the shaft!

Anonymous said...

The entire city is run by @$$ kissing and Amy Miller has to do so because she's incompetent. Hayward loves @$$ kissers and he has surrounded himself with them. They don't have to be good at their jobs as long as they suck up to him and his underlings. Many city employees are terrified of losing their jobs because of unprecedented turn over and a corrupt administration. My New Year's resolution is to find another job so I don't have to deal with a**holes like Ed Sisson any more.

Anonymous said...

Who does the Police Departments Facebook? There have been a lot of joke-y posts that get a lot of attention. Pretty funny. I'm just curious if one of the existing PPD employees does it or if it's another monthly $$$ contract.

Anonymous said...

$116,000 could put three additional police officers on the street. But hey, it's not like there's a problem wirh crime in the City. Typical Hayward corruption - Paying a $116,000 Facebook poster/photographer friend over 3 police officers. The dumb people who keep voting for this clown are getting exactly what they deserve.

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. $2,700 per month is $32,400 per year or enough to put an additional police officer in the street. This is just another example of the corruption and malfeasance at City Hall. It's why so many other things are left wanting. Hayward is paying his personal Facebook posting photographer about what he pays a starting police officer. Let that sink in for a moment. The morons who respect and support his decisions are just as bad.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what she's actually making per hour for her "work." She may be the highest per hour worker in the city, besides the mayor of course.

Joseph said...
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Anonymous said...

The funny thing about all of this, Vernon Stewart also serves as an administrator for all social media accounts. The City is basically paying two people combined almost 100k a year to do something an intern could do for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

80% of the posts are photos of scenery and downtown. How many posts are done near Cordova ? NONE. All downtown!

She and the mayor make me sick! I long for 2018. NO MORE ASHTON.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Hayward has been a financial disaster for Pensacola and he CLEARLY has zero accountability or integrity. He works for the good ole boys not the citizens. Thank you for your diligent efforts to keep the public informed to what is really happening in our city government.

I hope he has to answer one day!