Monday, December 5, 2016

Architectural Review Board Messing with Levin Bear Studer YMCA

The Architectural Review Board denied the signage at the new Levin Bear Studer YMCA. Yes, the signage that is already up!

City Staff Brandi Deese was working the issue for THE KING OF ALL DOWNTOWN Carter Quina who did not want illuminated signs on the building.

What is interesting is that the sign guy sent Deese drawings of a non-illuminated sign on August 31, 2016.  Deese forwards the renderings ONLY to Carter Quina on the Board on August 31, 2016 along with the application,

On Friday September 2, 2016, Deese emails the sign guy the approval for the sign.  Who approved?

The YMCA, through their attorney, has appealed the ARB denial to City Council.

Don't worry!

No City Council in the history of Pensacola will ever deny anything that LEVIN, BEAR, STUDER AND BAPTIST collectively ask for.

ARB will get steamrolled on this one.  Carter Quina should be a greasy spot on the road under this bus!


Anonymous said...

What's the issue? The "sign guy" was told on August 23 that the sign could not be illuminated. He apparently agreed to delete the illumination, although his drawings mistakenly still showed illumination. He revised his drawings to eliminate the illumination and thus his application was approved.

The fact that the sign is already installed is irrelevant. As long as the light isn't plugged in the sign will be in compliance. The sign itself is approved as long as it isn't illuminated.

If the YMCA wants to file an appeal and have their sign illuminated that's their right to do so. I don't see how this makes a hill of beans! A lighted sign doesn't bother me as long as the sign faces a commercial street and not a neighborhood. What this does illustrate is an over-regulated city government. Why would anyone want to build anything in the city and have to put up with this nonsense?

Anonymous said...

Signage qualifies for the abbreviated ARB process whereby only one architect's approval is necessary. If they don't concur, then it would be referred to the full board for review.