Wednesday, November 2, 2016

When Will Staff Rats Get Off the Sinking Ship

As the reality of only two years left starts to sink in, those employees that have sold their souls for power will have to wake up to the reality that their days in Pensacola may be numbered.

What do you do in Pensacola when your only real skills are intimidation, abusing employees and citizens and secret operations?

Eric Olson - I bet everyone in town is ready to hire a manager who is so customer focused he tries to have customers fired from their jobs.  Habitat for Unhumanity?

Ed Sisson - Ed better start marketing his title around now to make sure some unsuspecting City that doesn't have Google may fall into his job puffery gig he has been using for years.

Bobblehead - I just don't understand a word she is saying...ever.  No one does.

Chief Allen - He's retiring around there anyway.  It just depends on how deep the City is in the Fire Chief litigation and how that looks if he is let go. But for him I have to change my analogy from rats on a ship to running from a burning building.

Matt Shaud - It appears no law firms are willing to hire him now or he would not be the "public records dude" battling the press to suppress public access to records.  Maybe the ACLU?

Of course, Rusty Wells and Dick Barker will stay.  Rusty knows where the bodies are buried.  Dick knows where all those Mason jars are buried in the City Hall yard.

Let's see who posts for sale signs first. Who else am I missing that may need a box?


Anonymous said...

Uh, I think you left off Big Hair McClellan. She might be able to return to that gig answering the phone for an air conditioning company if they haven't found someone to replace her yet. According to her resume, she pretty much ran that air conditioning company.....

Anonymous said...

Add Amy Workman to that list. Her next potential employer might actually research her less than stellar work history and realize that she got canned from her gig at Lakeview. Add Keith Wilkins who I once thought had integrity but in reality is just following along with his bestie Eric Olson. Add Bill Weeks who has sucked up to Hayward like a Hoover vacuum cleaner. Add Laura Bogan to that list because I doubt the next mayor will be such an ego maniac and won't likely need an overpaid personal photographer - unless it's Julius Caesar. Honorable mention goes to the employees who sold their souls and got bupkis for it.

Anonymous said...

All of the rats will start abandoning the sinking ship as soon as depositions start for Schmitt's lawsuit. I doubt if anyone is willing to chance jail time for perjury to save Hayward and crew.

Anonymous said...

Word is there's a lot of loose lips ready to sink the ship. Sounds like a tractor trailer load of boxes are going to be needed. There are employees who loathe the Mayor and Sisson especially. Time to take out the trash.

Anonymous said...

You forgot Elaine Mager. Unless she drops dead of old age before they issue another contract for services that doesn't impact her retirement dollars. Still do not understand why she remains with double hip privileges.8