Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hayward Not to Run for Third Term?

Ashton Hayward and his puppet masters are openly telling people that he will not be seeking a third term.

Also, he is not trying to sway Council elections.  In the past, he would support his supporters.  But for as much water as PC Wu and Cannada-Wynn have toted for the Mayor on CRITICAL votes, the Mayor has not laid out any coat tails or money to either. Not that his coat tails are of as much use as they were in past elections.

Sam Hall got $$
Andy Terhaar got $$
Dennis Tackett got directed $$.

No money for Wu!
No money for Jewel!

PC Wu Finances

Cannada-Wynn Finances

Wu is out waving by himself and collecting his signs from CJ Lewis converts.  If Lewis and Anny Shepard are elected next week, the Council may be a whole lot less friendly to the Mayor's agenda.

To me this is a sign that Mayor Hayward is coasting into the finish.  All he has to look forward to are some video taped depositions in the Fire Chief litigation, some Offshore Inland litigation related to grant negligence, and writing a check to Ray Russenberger for his legal fees.

Bumpy ride to the finish?


CJ Lewis said...

I think that Councilman Wu may already be looking to broaden his appeal outside of District 1. On Saturday, he was standing by himself in tennis shoes, shorts and a baseball cap waving his sign in "District 2." In December, Councilman Wu told a County Commission candidate that he was going to run for Commissioner Grover Robinson's seat in 2018 but only if Robinson did not run for reelection. The County Commission candidate told me this during the Escambia Retired Educators Association candidate forum that Councilman Wu did not attend. I was there as was Councilwoman Cannada-Wynn and her opponent Anny Shepard. The District 1 candidates were invited to three candidate forums. I attended all three. Councilman Wu skipped all three to include the one sponsored by the Scenic Heights Neighborhood Association. Both Councilman Wu and I live in Scenic Heights. My wife and I belong to our neighborhood association (the family rate for dues is $20 a year). I attend all neighborhood association meetings when they do not conflict with a meeting of the City Council and serve on its board of directors. The Wu's do not belong to the neighborhood association. I recent days, I have been contacted by several people telling me that Wu has said he is going to run for Robinson's seat in 2018 which suggests that Robinson has worked out his deal to take over from Hayward in 2018. Earlier this morning, Councilman Wu and I were interviewed by Andrew McKay on NewsRadio 1620. Councilman Wu has told me and at least two City Council members that he wants to remain on the City Council until 2024. He told McKay he wants to be reelected so he can finish the VT MAE project at the airport. In truth, Councilman Wu was not even important enough during the groundbreaking to be allowed to turn "dirt" on the project using a ceremonial shovel so his role remains unclear. Wu ignored my plea for the City Council to direct the Mayor to negotiate with VT MAE to give preference in the hiring process to city residents. McKay must have heard the same rumors about Councilman Wu's ambition to replace Commissioner Robinson and asked him about it during their interview. Councilman Wu was very coy emphasizing that at this time he is only running to retain his seat on the City Council. Importantly, Councilman Wu once again said that District 1 has gotten more than its fair share so if he is reelected District 1 will continue to be ignored in the city budget process. The city is going to get about $70 million in Local Option Sales Tax dollars over the next ten years. I expect District 1 to get 1/7th of that amount or about $10 million. Wu thinks we deserve nothing.

Anonymous said...

Jewel should get her money back. Her mailer had spelling and grammar errors.....and she's a school teacher????? Denise Daugherty $300 campaign contribution to Jewel, which comes directly from those outrageous parking fees for Downtown events. Pay for play so Jewel keeps giving Winterfest Inc. (a so called non-profit that Denise lives on- now those are some tax returns that should see the light of day) city lots to use to rape the public for parking fees.

Anonymous said...

Hayward was NEVER fit for running FOR anything in the first place. He has been nothing more than the GOBs b****h! He doesn't have the brains, fortitude or integrity to run for dog catcher let alone public office. The only thing he has EVER been fit for is running FROM the law. Now that he's good at!

Anonymous said...

If true, this is the best news I've heard in a long time and the best early Christmas gift Pensacola could dream of. This train wreck has already cost the tax payers enough.