Friday, October 21, 2016

Where did REAP go off the tracks?

Everywhere you read the REAP propaganda it keeps stating Non-Violent offenders, Non-violent offenders.

The link below is to a Federal Judicial Center listing of ReEntry programs by Federal Court District. For the Northern District of Florida, the listing states:


  • 24 months remaining on supervision (TSR or Probation)
  • Geographically located in the Pensacola Division
  • A Moderate to High PCRA score.
  • No sex offenses.

From non-violent Federal inmates with no sex offenses to inmates from any jurisdiction (local, state or Federal).

From Community REAP Gardens to Home Rehabilitation of uninhabitable bank owned properties by rent paying sex offenders.

This program clearly went chasing the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.


Anonymous said...

When looking at the people involved, there is no doubt that money would be the main motivation. Hayward's involvement is also a clue that laws were being broken and that there is some level of corruption. I wonder how council feels, better yet how taxpayers feel about tax dollars going towards this scam? It's amazing the lengths Hayward will go to, to make sure he doesn't get prosecuted. His relationship with Casey Rogers is telling.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what kinds of benefits Hayward is REAPing!!!!

Anonymous said...

REAP is raping the taxpayers. Raping the taxpayers is REAP. If rapers are REAPing from the taxpayers, how much have the rapers REAPed?

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that fraud has once again apparently occurred with a non-profit in Escambia Cnty utilizing public tax dollars. To clearly state that no sexual offenders are part of the program criteria and then have these perpetrators registered in the program housing would mean someone went against the standards. Was the organization given authority and the court document not updated, or did the organization close its eye to the criteria? Or was this an off the official program spin-off utilizing staff and resources of the organization and/or the program? And why do white collar convicted members of supposedly connected families have any role, other than as donors? What churches are involved and what organizations collaborate as partners. That may have spread the risk knowingly or unknowingly? Did LuTimothy part employment with the city over this? Why was Whibbs so uncooperative? Why is Rick Dyess gone? Where is Nathan Monk with all of this? Derek is silent as well, but wasn't this initiated while he was part of the mayor's image assistance city salaried poopah? Why are former substance abusers being cultivated as patrons? It begs the sanity of all involved or perhaps the ethics.