Wednesday, October 5, 2016

When is enough...enough?

The SAO doesn't want to prosecute politicians.  It's uncomfortable. I understand.

But when do the repeated violations of the Mayor's office regarding public records reach the point where the SAO's filter is full.

Let's recap this Mayor's office actions regarding the public's access to its OWN records.

Logo - The Mayor's City Administrator and flunky are charged with Public Records Violations for withholding public records.  One cops a plea.  The other beats the wrap. - The Mayor uses his personal email for city business outside of any ability of the City to know what he is doing or the ability of the City to maintain records of the activity.  I complain to the SAO who investigates the charge along withe the Logo investigation.


Red Bull - The mayor uses City funds to purchase Red Bull him on for the 7th floor.  He used to send a City employee to Sam's to purchase it by the case.  A citizen asked for Red Bull purchases by the City from 1/1/11 to 1/1/13.  Should be easy.  It was only one employee's P- card statements as he was the only one ever sent.  The Citizen was quoted a cost to provide the receipts of $3,000 and 160 hours of work to retrieve the data.

Longhollow Radio Tower Lease - The Mayor's City Administrator retaliates against a Citizen asking for documents surrounding a radio tower lease that the City should never have entered into. She knew the lease was not legal, the City knew it was illegal, the Council knew it was illegal.  Ms. Nichols pushed for documents.  The City Administrator goes as far as calling the Citizen's employers to snitch on her for her use of email becoming the most hated man in Pensacola.

Joe Glover - Assistant Chief Joe Glover submitted a public records request for documents related to his EEOC complaint against the City.  THE DAY HE WAS PUT ON LEAVE HE RECEIVED A QUOTE FROM THE SUNSHINE CENTER OF $ 15,234.79 FOR 810 HOURS OF RESEARCH TO FULFILL THE REQUEST.

Personnel Board Vote - I made a public records request surrounding the Personnel Board vote that Sisson and Olson scraped once it looked like I might be elected to the board.  The Sunshine Coordinator quoted me $548.41 for 29.64 hours of work to prepare the documents.

Southwest Engine Failure - I make a public records request of various documents.  All but two items are in ONE document.  The Assistant Chief and Sunshine Coordinator quoted me $555.19 for 30 hours of work to prepare the documents.  All but one item could be furnished in 10 minutes.

Reynold's Settlement - Rick Outzen asks the city to "supply documentation that showed how the mayor and his attorneys analyzed the lawsuit, determined that the best decision was to settle, and validated his authority to settle without council approval".  The City Sunshine Coordinator responds "The volume and nature of your records request requires extensive use of personnel to process in a timely manner."  Then a few days later when the lie is up states: "After a review of our records, the City of Pensacola has determined there are no additional records responsive to your request."

Now let me let you in on the biggest disappointment for me regarding public records and a clear crime.  Their is no doubt.  In 2012 while I was still on Council, I made a public records request of a City department.  It concerned the actions of a key Hayward employee.  Most everyone in the department in question knew of the incident.  Some had been trying to get me the document but could not find any written record of the matter. I made the request in person. In the public records request, I detailed out the place where the incident occurred, the time frame and the actions that were involved. This request was before the Sunshine Center.  I wrote it down and dropped it off at the department. After some time the City Department came back and verbally informed me there were "no responsive records".

Fast forward four years.

One of the departments employees at the time has retired.  They contact me to discuss various City matters. They inform me that the public records request 4 years before made its way all the way up to the department head.  This employee and the department head knew exactly what I had asked for and due to their experience knew the document could only be located by the department by going to an old employees file in the attic.  The now retired employee and the department head went to the attic and sure enough retrieved the document just as I had detailed.  The document would have at the time been cataclysmic to the Mayor due to political situations at the time if turned over.

The department head retrieved the document from the employee file.  It documented the incident in question exactly as stated in the request. It also documented where the incident occurred exactly as stated in the request.

What did the department head do?  Provide me with the document? NO!  The department head contacted his bosses office.  After discussions directly with the Mayor's office, the decision was made to inform me that there were "no responsive documents" due the way my public records request was worded.

Evade on a technicality although it was clear this was the document I was requesting.

So what became of the document in question?  The department head gave it to the now retired employee as insurance against the Mayor's staff member if he ever needed it.

I do have it now...4 years later.

The criminal statute of limitations does not start until Hayward leaves office.

Call Tallahassee and get a special prosecutor if you don't want to enforce the laws.  Just stop pretending its not being broken.  It is being broken intentionally and you know it.

In our state, transparency is not up to the whim or grace of public officials. Instead, it is an enforceable right of the people.  

Pam Bondi, Attorney General


Anonymous said...

I'm not clairvoyant but I see many damaging depositions in the city's future. I don't think it's going to be pretty either.

Anonymous said...

Post the document!

Anonymous said...

Matt Schmidt lawsuit should open the flood gates.

Anonymous said...

If I were Maren, I probably wouldn't post the document until I shared it with the authorities although they probably won't do anything. I wouldn't post it because it will give the corrupt attorneys the opportunity to somehow defend whatever information she has.

Anonymous said...

If I were Maren, I probably wouldn't stand next to any windows with open curtains..........

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to think that if I asked Santa for a pony this Christmas, I would have a better chance at getting it, than the SAO or someone doing anything about this c***.

Anonymous said...

Imagine that, a federal judge and the mayor perpetuating further social injustice. Whether this was done directly or indirectly really doesn't matter. The money passing through dirty hands explains Hayward's involvement. Since REAP houses harboring sex offenders is such a good idea, Rogers and Hayward advocate for them in their neighborhoods? CRICKETS!!!