Monday, October 24, 2016

What in the World is Gulf Coast Community Bank Doing?

I did a search of Gulf Coast Community Bank owned properties in Pensacola and then searched Sexual Predators and Offenders in Pensacola from the FDLE.

Gulf Coast Community Bank Owned Properties Housing Sexual Predators and Sexual Offenders
Based on FDLE Database

  • 780 Dominquez - Three Sexual Offenders
  • 909 Lynch - One Sexual Predator and One Sexual Offender
  • 911 Lynch - Three Sexual Predators and One Sexual Offender
  • 2716 Gadsden - One Sex Offender
  • 614 N V Street - One Sexual Predator and Two Sexual Offenders
Five Sexual Predators and Eight Sexual Offenders Living in GCCB Sex Offender Group Homes.



Anonymous said...

What in the World is GCCB Doing?

Making Money hand over fist under the cover of the Judge and Mayor's signature program. How do you expect little Vinnie Whibbs of GOB status to make a living after all the crimes he committed? I bet if you dig hard enough you will find many instances in the past where numerous ex-convicted GOB folks ended up hidden in some local government program that was created so they could earn a good income. It's how they take care of their own. If your not a GOB whom has been convicted of a felony your ability to earn a living in this community after serving time is pretty much non-existent.

Anonymous said...

REAP, people! It's in the name. It's as obvious as Bernie Madeoff with everybody's money. The GOBs are just REAPing like they always do in this community. Nothing new here.

dahlingECG said...

These are people who live in our community. Sexual predators or not, Pensacola is their home. The stigma attached to having your name on that list will follow them for the rest of their lives. I'm not advocating for acceptance in our community, but they have nowhere else to go and little hope for rehabilitation under the circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Will GCCB’s action with REAP and sex offenders jeopardize the upcoming merger with First Bank – First Bancshares? Let’s find out together.

Anonymous said...

What makes this so unconscionable is that the system set up basically knew these offenders had no choices due to lack of available housing, so placed them in substandard structures, took their stipends and forced them to do repairs at exorbitant ratio to benefits and knowingly placed them in unsafe proximity to children. The bank, board and all promoters should realize that they did a disservice to the participants and gambled at the risk to the community. Shame on all involved. If you did not know, you should have...and the bank should be held accountable for damage to the neighborhood property values. Not surprised though, redlined or unrealistic title company demands have held these neighborhoods hostage. Support for GOB non-profits is assured, while worthwhile grassroots organizations are denied support. Shame on Buzz and all his co-Jory's, shame on all who have been part of this. Ashton and Judge Rogers get king and queen of the local jerks for this one.