Tuesday, October 25, 2016


The former executive director of REAP also had other Not For Profits that he founded.  One such entity did essentially the exact same thing that REAP was attempting to do.  It is named:

Faithworks Interfaith Ministries Network, Inc.

It was registered as a Florida Not for Profit Corporation in September 08, 2008

Florida Registration Document

It filed annual reports with the state each year.

It reported a FEI/EIN of 26-4452784

Details of Faithworks

It has a website http://www.faithworksnetwork.com/index.html

It attempts to link workers with people that need work done.

  • Auto work
  • Yard work
  • Smallengine work
  • Floor work
  • Paint work
  • Reworks Cut
The website states: (NOT FOR PROFIT)

Here is the interesting item...They don't appear to be a Not for Profit registered with the IRS

Try by EIN!  No results!
Try by Name! 20 results....None for them!
Try by City and State! 754 results...None for them!

I tried other NFP databases...Nothing!

The IRS website states:

The following list includes tax-exempt organizations that are eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions.

Based on my research, I cant't see where they are eligible to accept charitable contributions.



Anonymous said...

This is starting to make sense, Rick Dye's Interfaith Ministries Network and his Restore NW Florida was renting the Town and Country Motel at 1717 WEST CERVANTES. His was thrown out because he was violating Pensacola zoning laws so ................... He moved his operation to Brownsville. Was REAP funding those operations too?

Anonymous said...

and who was the owner of that property at the time........