Friday, October 7, 2016

Time to Start Unpacking the REAP Letter to Judge Rodgers

Yesterday I posted a letter from a Citizen to US Federal Judge Casey Rodgers concerning her charity the Re-Entry Alliance of Pensacola (REAP).  The letter was full of facts concerning the actions of the organization and allegations which need to be addressed.

Unpacking that letter will take some time.  No time like the present to start!

So lets list the charges as stated in the letter:
  • Violated IRS statutes by denying the public access to 501(c) 3 financial documents
  • Violated IRS statutes by denying the public access to its 501(c) 3 application
  • Violated IRS statutes against lobbying – at several levels.
  • Violated Escambia County Florida Zoning Regulations
  • Violated Escambia County Code Enforcement Statutes
  • Discriminated against a designated class of individuals in violation of four US statutes
The Citizen states:

"On August 5, I requested in writing the 1023 or 1024 and the 990 forms from the president of REAP, a 501 (c) 3. Both the President and the Executive Director refused to comply with my request for public financial documents. Instead I was set upon by the organization's  “Operations Manager” in a telephone call at 3:48 CST on August 10, 2016. The call originated from   850-324-6667, REAP’s office. In that conversation a Mr. Vince Whibbs asked me why I wanted the documents; then proceeded to tell me why I was not going to get them."

Well, those are public documents.  The Citizen is right and by denying them when requested, the organization violated the Federal Internal Revenue Code and could loose their not for profit status.

So lets show what we have to date to the public.

Interesting Items of Note:
  • Right under the year, what does that say? "Open to Public Inspection"  Your honor we have a Federal problem!
  • The 2013 return was filed when - February 2 ,2015.   2015!  Your honor we have a Federal problem!
  • Who signed the return?  David Penzone, the Mayor's campaign finance manager and his Union negotiator.
  • Who is a Board member?  David McGee, the Mayor's criminal defense attorney.
  • Where is the office of REAP?  Beggs & Lane, the Mayor's criminal defense firm and the City's go to law firm for all legal matters.
  • Who else is a Board member?  Bill Rankin, law partner of the Mayor's puppet master, Bob Kerrigan
2013 was the first return.  The form describes programs that were planned for the future but states that the Community garden was the only program for the year of the return.  

But here is the State of Florida incorporation documents.

It lists Judge Rodgers as a Director, the tax return does not.  Houston we have a problem!  

Did they file a false document concerning a Federal judge with the Federal government?

That's not good!


Anonymous said...

Sooooooo BUSTED!!!

Anonymous said...

Eddins, Eddins, Eddins? "Crickets"

Anonymous said...

No surprises here, nothing new in the Darkside of Florida.

Anonymous said...

Judge Rogers just threw up into her mold mask

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the usual suspects are "RAPING" us again...No not the convicted sex offenders, it's the Good Ole Boys! How fitting that they are "REAPing" the benefits of free labor and hefty rental payments. Crime actually does pay if you're a certain class of citizen. Penzone is Ashton's right hand man.

Anonymous said...

As horrific as this all is, I doubt very seriously if anything is done about it. Channel 3 won't report it, PNJ won't write about it, the SAO will ignore it, a few propel will talk about it, but at the end of the day it's just how things are done in Pensacola.

Anonymous said...

Meant a few people...

Anonymous said...

They should all be so proud of what they're doing to the black community. Judges, lawyers, politians, bankers, law enforcement are all in cahoots to create this atrocity. But when the convicted sex offenders strike again, those same people won't take responsibility. Instead, they'll just continue the cycle of making money off of another social problem that they've perpetuated. I don't know who's worse, the sex offenders or the scum bags who are reaping financial gains. No wonder the program is called R.E.A.P.! This is scam is shameful and disgusting. I hope this scandal makes National News headlines as it should

Anonymous said...

Some "charity" the judge has going on. $100 per week to live in a substandard dwelling while supplying the free labor to work on some crooked individual's property. I would love to see the next group of REAP houses in Ashton's buddy Brian Spencer's neighborhood.

Dr. G. said...

All the violations, all over the city, county, and "you betch" the state -just don't matter. Unless we the people stand up! And they ate betting we wont. So far they are right. Speak up at the meetings, call, write.. or it doesn't matter. SNAFU.