Monday, October 3, 2016

Stray Cat Strut

Council recently had on its agenda cutting edge legislation.

  • Food trucks again...No!
  • Charter reform...No!
  • Fire safety at the Airport...No!
  • Investigation of the Reynolds settlement...No!

Brian Spencer brought forward a "Community Cat Initiative".  No... I'm serious!

"The City of Pensacola recognizes the need for properly addressing the issues presented by feral, free roaming and other community cats. Further, it is recognized that there are community caregivers of cats and that properly managed community cats may be part of the solution to the continuing euthanasia of cats, as well as providing a valuable service in rodent control."


Spencer actually had someone waste their time drafting a "community cat ordinance"

"Qualified community cats are exempt from pickup and impounding as strays"

Gothan City has Batman!
Metropolis has Superman!
Star City has Green Arrow!
Fawcett City has Captain Marvel!

Spencer wants Pensacola to have a bunch of widdle puddy tats!


Anonymous said...

Another solution in search of a problem pitched by Pensacola's future mayoral candidate Brian Spencer.

Anonymous said...

Groundbreaking legislation! No comments on the mayor secretly spending $95K on a settlement or the major issues at the airport but Spencer is all over this non-issue. If he wants to do something about the rats, maybe he should start on the 7th floor of City Hall and work his way down!

CJ Lewis said...

The bigger issue is Animal Control Services. When this cat ordinance issue arose, I asked Councilwoman Myers about the City-County Interlocal Agreement for Animal Control Services and its relationship to a new city ordinance about cats. The most recent version of the "Interlocal Agreement Between Escambia County, Florida and the City of Pensacola, Florida (Animal Control Services)" that I could find on the city's website is dated 1995. It is an automatically self-renewing agreement and requires that it be terminated in a very specific manner. The City no longer provides additional funding to the County for Animal Control but I can find no evidence the Interlocal Agreement was formally terminated. However, multiple people in the Hayward Administrator to include City Administrator Eric Olson have told Myers or others that there is no Interlocal Agreement for Animal Control Services in place between the City and the County. I suggested that Myers contact County Administrator Jack Brown to find out what he has to say because we often see Escambia County Animal Control Services operating in my neighborhood inside city limits. Myers contracted Brown and is awaiting a response. My expectation is that Myers will be told that the Interlocal Agreement remains in effect because it was never terminated using the procedure prescribed in its paragraph 6.b. The proof that Escambia County believes the Interlocal Agreement remains in effect is that it provides Animal Control Services inside city limits to include issuing citations for violation of State Laws and the Escambia County Animal Control Ordinance.

Anonymous said...

It's hilarious how City Council members fancy themselves as dignitaries when they are nothing more than ceremonial rubber stampers for Hayward. I hope that Spencer gets the credit he deserves for this ridiculous proposal when he runs for mayor.

Anonymous said...

Among the great concerns which Mr. Spencer has found time to deal with- wonder which cat neuter citizen advocate has given him money and vote support in the past? Little men seek to deal with minutea instead of real issues.

George Hawthorne said...

Brian Spenser is a joke and if its not making him money, he isn't pushing anything and only waiting for his turn at the "Throne" as King. Do you really think he wants to "cut" any of Ashton's Mayoral power? Hell no, he can't wait to use them to really get paid.

Anonymous said...

Like a magician, Spencer is creating a diversion over here to hide what is really happening over there. No doubt this will receive plenty of air time on Channel 3 and will be a front page story in the Sunday edition of the News Journal. Too bad the News Journal never did an investigation into why Spencer killed the Hawkshaw project that was going to compete with his own client's condo project. It will be a cold day in hell before I ever vote for Spencer for anything other than cat-catcher!

Anonymous said...

I tot I taw a puddy cat!

But seriously, this is a perfect example of how council overlooks the elephant in the room while managing to find the dead gnat in the corner.

If working on a cat ordinance exemplifies what council has been reduced to while there are numerous important unresolved issues ongoing, why do we even need a council?

We may as well get rid of them and continue to let dictator mayor AshKim Jong un run the City like he's been doing for the past 6 years.