Thursday, October 13, 2016

REAP First Pass Wrap Up

This week I have scratched the surface on REAP and its issues with "Group Homes" for sex offenders.  I will now start making public records requests for applications, financial documents, and other documentation.

So to summarize facts found to date:

  • A Citizen was brave enough to issue a letter to Federal Judge Casey Rodgers advising her of what was going on in REAP.
  • Rodgers was the founder, an initial board member and the public face for REAP accepting numerous awards and accolades.
  • Rodgers founded the program for Federal non-violent offenders as a means to reintegrate them into society.
  • Rodgers enlisted Mayor Ashton Hayward to be a supporter of REAP.
  • Hayward, under Federal Criminal Investigation, must have thought helping a Federal Judge might be a good idea.
  • His criminal defense attorney was on the REAP Board also (Did he suggest the Mayor's involvement?)
  • The Mayor spent City tax dollars to travel to a REAP conference.
  • The Mayor was keynote speaker at REAP graduations.
  • The Mayor had Judge Rodgers child be his intern at City Hall.
  • The Mayor's campaign treasurer and pension guru joined up with REAP as their Treasurer.
  • In 2015, REAP wanted to apply to Impact 100 for a grant.
  • Impact requires tax returns.  REAP hadn't done them.
  • REAP files 2013 Federal tax return on February 2, 2015.  Rather late.  Leaves Rodgers off.
  • March 9, 2015 the IRS records 2013 return filed.  TOTAL REVENUE $11,430
  • Impact 100 applicants workshop starts April 2015
  • REAP files 2014 tax return TOTAL REVENUE $10,846
  • 2 years - Year One $11,430 Year two $10,486.
  • REAP wins $106,000 or 10 times their annual revenues from Impact 100 to HOUSE offenders in neighborhoods.  Does Impact 100 know they include sex offenders?
  • REAP also received $5,000 from Sheriff David Morgan.
  • Together REAP and Morgan apply for a grant from the State of Florida and the McArthur Foundation
  • REAP begins housing sex offenders in "GROUP HOMES" in Brownsville owned by Gulf Coast Community Bank.
  • REAP claims the houses are uninhabitable and the "residents" will fix them up for free while paying rent.  WHAT?
  • Some program participants are forced to sleep in the yard in tents.  Nice housing!
  • Residents complain and start calling code enforcement.
  • Code enforcement steps in.
  • Gulf Coast Community Bank evicts the offenders.
  • Rick Dye the Executive Director resigns.
  • The program and its Impact 100 and state grant funds are now being administered by a man convicted of misuse of Trust funds.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone question Hayward's corruption now? Has Casey Rodgers ruled on any cases against Hayward or the City?

Anonymous said...

I think the feds might need to look at the fed judge....

Dr. G. said...

The feds, in any form and any department, need to rent office space right here...