Wednesday, October 12, 2016

REAP Fallout: IMPACT 100 Assisted REAP (Unknowingly) In Placing Sex Offenders In Neighborhoods

$106,000 for Sex Offenders in Neighborhoods??

Project Description

Drawing on three years’ experience resourcing and working with over 60 local re-entering federal ex-offenders, REAP’S project proposes to expand re-entry services to include both federal inmates and approximately 30 additional men, women and juveniles returning from years of state incarceration back home to Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties’ neighborhoods to live, work and play. Funds will be used to provide the basic resources of housing, food, medical and mental health care and transportation. Additionally, the project will fund tuition, course fees, and books for an ongoing Learn to Read program, which is started six months prior to release from prison, and is customized for each individual based on his/her individual reading and writing levels, and other coursework providing job readiness training. Finally, a living stipend will be provided for the first 30 days after release from incarceration. These resources are the first steps needed for them to be ready for job interviewing and stable employment, which is the key factor in reducing recidivism.

Did REAP tell the ladies of Impact that SEX OFFENDERS were their new target clients for neighborhoods?

Do we really want convicted sex offenders live, work and playing TOGETHER in our neighborhoods IN GROUP HOMES?


Anonymous said...

Yes! As long as it's in a predominantly black, historically poor, disenfranchised neighborhood.

grandot said...

And yet in the vetting a predominately black all volunteer organization which has protected children and successfully worked for betterment of community for over two decades was overlooked. Perhaps the vetting process does not take into consideration the ability of professional presenters to disguise program realities, nor the lengths to which some boards will go to keep their programs floating even if community needs may be trampled.

Anonymous said...

Buzz, Vinnie and Rick - what could go wrong?