Monday, October 17, 2016

Julius Spencer Better Tread Lightly

It is no secret around town that Julius Spencer is toying with the idea of running for Mayor.

So it came as a little shock to me when he was so adamant about issuing Offshore Inland a default notice.  You see Offshore inland is in a very cyclical business.  One with peaks and valleys.  One subject to market conditions.

One sort of similar to...AEROSPACE.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, all of the same risks put into the Offshore Inland bucket are present in the VT-MAE bucket.

So lets run down this rabbit trail.  Suppose Spencer is elected Mayor.  Fat chance but let's suppose.

Will he be so adamant about a demand letter to VT-MAE when the aircraft MRO cycle decreases?

Or is his desire to put the condos Adache Group proposed years ago, that he and Sam Hall begged me to go listen to their presentation at the Fish House, greater than his desire for "Good Business Practices"?

Is his desire to silence the hum of the ships, so great that he would treat a PORT tenant worse than an AIRPORT tenant?

VT-MAE will hit market dips.  Count on it.
Remember Pensacola is a satellite of Mobile.
Last in, First out!

ST Aerospace has done it before.  They cull unproductive subsidiaries routinely.  All of the following are this year.'s-aerospace-arm-liquidates-madrid-aerospace-services-sl's-electronics-arm-dissolves-united-kingdom-subsidiary-parallel-limited's-land-systems-arm-completes-liquidation-of-allied-ordnance-of-singapore-(pte)-ltd's-electronics-arm-completes-liquidation-of-china-subsidiary-in-shenzhen

Be careful Julius, Pensacola's future potential delinquent leaseholders are watching!

Just the Facts of Aerospace Life


Anonymous said...

My guess would be that Spencer is wanting the condo project, especially since there would be something in it for him either above or below the table.

But wait! What happened to the waterfront multiuse / multifunction / museum / conference center / lacrosse field / college classroom building / ice cream parlor and invisible baseball stadium that we already paid for? There's plenty of unused waterfront land there for Spencer to build all the condominiums he desires, especially since the baseball stadium is invisible and only reappears for a few hours on a few days for a very few months out of the year. Why don't we let the city council fulfill the promises it made on one piece of waterfront property before allowing these fools to screw up another piece of property.

George Hawthorne said...


You are absolutely correct. B.S. (so appropriate) has a consistent pattern of his votes and "passion projects" directly influence and affect his investments and his design firm.

However, the "user" demographics for small ports like Pensacola don't fair well and I do think that the development of a vobrant mixed-use development would expand the tax base in Pensacola and enhance the appeal as a growing waterfront destination.

Anonymous said...

We have had these discussions people. We are now adding manufacturing jobs to our wish list... So present citizens can have work and continue to live here. What attracts manufacturing? Railheads, shipping port, interstate, educational institutions and available real estate. Why would we get rid of port use just because this tenant is in dip? Probably other sublease of space could occur as big construction projects begin... Oh yes, and there's that bridge being built a few thousand feet away. Easier to float pieces from port than side of roadway. Solar industry is heating up, and we can handle shipping containers. So I hope the port closure concept is buried for awhile longer. Of course we do have a heavy development oriented administration with lots of waterfront project enthusiasts waiting to see if this could be the chance. For the record, BS clearly stated that he had no plans or interest in waterfront condos at the port. However, Ihe gave no disclaimer for a hotel project We shall see who is going to save the current 35 jobs and if they can turn the tide and resurrect the 91 previously there.Bird in hand bears support is my thought.

Anonymous said...

And of course George is of the mind set of putting a serving tray in everyone's hand. THIS IS THE PROBLEM WITH NORTHWEST FLORIDA.

Everyone from De Luna recognized Pensacola had the closest natural deep water port in the Gulf of Mexico. We CONTINUE to allow the Foo Foo Set to build then cry when a ship comes in. Then we restrict the port. We then appoint FAILURES to manage the port with little or NO experience. We run off tenants because they are ACTUALLY WORKING! It is a ZOO out there and absolutely nuts. We allow cities like Mobile to pass us in the dust because we cannot manage to do anything.

Let me clue GEORGE into something, you are not going to bring poor people out of poverty by handing them a diet coke to serve pal! No one is going to send their kids to college serving beer. No one is going to be buying laptops for their High School students so that they can keep up with advanced classes. What we are offering people here is more poverty and perpetually trapping people into a nothing future.

I hear more pissing and moaning about VT MAE -- for the FIRST FREAKING TIME in our history something is coming here that MIGHT, JUST MIGHT lift some folks out of this cycle of service jobs we seem to all celebrate. I am SICK AND TIRED of hearing UNDERWEAR in the BOCC complain about OLF 8 which could be the biggest economic development opportunity in our HISTORY. The potential is limitless, the size, infrastructure and land is perfect for manufacturing, etc. Maybe we could have a KIA, Toyota, Mercedes here ... we lost Caterpillar due to our ineptitude few years back. In short, STOP THE SERVICE JOB NON-SENSE and focus on something that will actually pay a living wage.

FREAKING TOURISM ... ARE YOU GD KIDDING ME. Maybe Julian is getting rich, but those poor housekeepers are not and what are they doing all winter, collecting unemployment benefits!

Maren, while I am very proud of you for what you do... YOU WERE PART OF THAT 100,000,000 dollar WASTE OF TAX PAYER MONEY the Baseball Stadium. I told you many times it was a scam, I told you when it was over it would be a stadium and Studer's offices... you were CONVINCED I was wrong. Your husband beat up ANYONE with a differing opinion. WHERE IS IT NOW.... STADIUM AND STUDER'S OFFICES! WHERE ARE WE, in debt, subsidies, etc. Where are the jobs? Selling peanuts? For the NEXT 30 YEARS the CRA will be bankrupted and GEORGE... YOUR COMMUNITY SUFFERED! That is right because that is money earmarked to invest in the poorest communities. OR, are you above that... rich guy making the big money and your next target is how you can put a serving tray in someone else's hand.

NOW... here we are again... let's build more service industry jobs and enslave more people into poverty. We have an obligation to make attractive opportunities for investment that will bring REAL JOBS. LETS FOCUS ON THAT for a while.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous at 7:16 above. Thank you for voicing your observations. I do not agree with all that you said, but the entire picture needs to be seen. And thank you for calling George out... For someone who leaves Pensacola every time public scam dollars dry up for him, he seems to feel that he has earned the position of absentee community advisor. Having screwed up everything he was a part of by over promising, under delivering and twisting elbows in closet deals for his own edification and enrichment, he should be embarrassed to even offer an opinion, let alone regurgitate his hate rhetoric. George please stay in Al or GA or wherever you are hiding out, creditors are looking for you. Really who stiffs a non-profit for catering an event? Pensacola, we can sort this out and build jobs for our citizens, and they need to be at all skills and work experience levels.

Anonymous said...

George is correct when he says "the development of a vibrant (sic) mixed-use development would expand the tax base in Pensacola and enhance the appeal as a growing waterfront destination." That is what the Community Maritime Park SHOULD have been. Unfortunately, the "vibrant mixed-use concept" was hijacked by an individual who wanted the city taxpayers to build a baseball stadium for him free of charge. Standing beside him were a lot of the local GOB's who made a frightening amount of money from this fraud. Included in the list of those making money off of the project were George Hawthorne and Maren DeWeese (indirectly through her husband). I also have a list of over 100 totally unqualified people who received money for "marketing" or "creating Twitter accounts."

The Shoulda Coulda Woulda Park is done. The money is gone. I don't think the taxpayers of this city are going to fall for another "vibrant mixed-use development" again, but you never know. People in Pensacola seem to be a pretty naïve and gullible bunch.