Tuesday, October 4, 2016

CJ Lewis on the Rise?

Last month before the primaries, District 1 was a sea of PC Wu signs. Travelin' Wu had whined to his constituents to let him put yard signs in their yard.

If you lived on a corner, he needed to place two, one on each street.

It looked like PC was cruising to another 4 years of free travel on the Citizens.

Never underestimate a Marine Colonel.  They have a plan.

Lewis plan was to wait out the primaries as it only confuses the voters.  He held his fire.  Once the primaries were through Lewis hit the ground running.

Wu signs started coming down and Lewis signs started going up.  Lewis contacted Wu to let him know daily where to go pick up his signs after they were taken down.

Lewis evidently didn't want to end up in the hoosegow like Mark Taylor supporters did when Crystal Spencer called her buddy the Police Chief about hubby Brian's signs missing in a yard and had the supporters arrested for theft.

With Charles Bare joining me in fading into the annals of Pensacola political history in November this seat on Council is pivotal.

If you believe Ashton Hayward is the bee's knees, you need to vote for PC Wu.  He is the Mayor's puppet and has been telling people how Hayward scares him.  Plus apparently PC wants to be on the Board of Directors of the Intergalactic League of Cities with Princess Amadala.

Lewis is working hard, meeting people at their door and listening to the issues District 1 is interested in:

  • Government waste
  • the impact of the VT Aerospace development on the neighborhoods including noise and traffic
  • safety in the neighborhoods
  • great public spaces outside of the downtown core

As election day approaches and a new majority on Council being 4, this race could result in a major shift in the power at City Hall.

Notable Non-District 1 Financial PC Wu Supporters 

57/5/2016James Reeves
730 Bayfront Parkway
Pensacola, Fl 32502

77/14/2016Rodney Rich
1 Beach Dr.
Gulf Breeze, Fl 32561
87/12/2016Moulton Property
PO Box 32591
Pensacola, Fl 32591
97/14/2016Robert Switzer
92 Highpoint Dr
Gulf Breeze, Fl 32561
107/11/2016Alan Bookman
30 Spring St
Pensacola, Fl 32596
900 East Cross St
Pensacola, Fl 32503
BusinessHair SalonCheck$150.00
127/14/2016Greenhut Construction
PO Box 12704
Pensacola, Fl 32574
137/19/2016Joseph Billow
6709 Melville Pl
Chevy Chase, MD 20815
147/19/2016Dick Baker
44 Baybridge Dr
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561
157/21/2016Buzz Ritchie
PO Box 13401
Pensacola, FL 32591
168/1/2016Baskerville-Donovan INC
449 W Main St
Pensacola, FL 32502
178/2/2016Clyde&Mary Touart
671 Whitney Dr
Pensacola, Fl 32503

228/5/2016John & Nancy Hutchinson
3451 Oakmont Dr
Pensacola, FL 32503
238/5/2016Joe & Linda Buehler
205 Bayshore Dr
Pensacola, FL 32507
IndividualRealestate Check$500.00
248/8/2016David Jacobi
PO Box 12825
Pensacola, FL 32591

268/9/2016Doug & Nancy Halford
411 C Bayshore Dr
Pensacola, FL 32507
278/9/2016Bill & Shirley Linne
2325 Glamis Dr.
Pensacola, FL 32503
288/9/2016Jim Cronley
1401 E. Belmont
Pensacola, FL 32501
298/9/2016Suzanne Kahn
510 Windrose Circle
Pensacola, FL 32507
308/9/2016Gilmore Services
31 E. Fairfield
Pensacola, FL 32501
318/10/2016Nathan Kahn
2915 Blackshear Ave
Pensacola, FL 32503
328/11/2016Kotlarz ENT & Facial
6100 N Davis
Pensacola, FL 32504
338/13/2016Ed & Ester Turner
4346 Gusty Ter
Pensacola, FL 32503-2550
348/13/2016John Clark
375 North P Street
Pensacola, FL 32504
IndividualCEOCouncil onAgingCheck$300.00
358/14/2016James "Mick" Novata
411 W De Soto St
Pensacola, FL 32501-3040
368/14/2016Eric & Peggy Nickelsen
120 E Main
Pensacola, FL 32502
378/14/2016David Hoxeng
7151 Plantation Rd
Pensacola, FL 32504
388/16/2016David Clark
2307 Malysa Pl
Pensacola, FL 32504
398/16/2016O'Connor Management Group
1110 North 9th Ave
Pensacola, FL 32501
408/14/2016Patrick & Christine Emmanuel
5807 Kaiser LN
Pensacola, FL 32507
418/16/2016Herbert Woll
5588 E Bay Blvd
Gulf Breeze, FL 32563
428/31/2016Bill & Nancy Roberts
7857 Siesta Cove
Milton, FL 32583
438/31/2016Scott Remington
PO Box 13010
Pensacola, FL 32591-3010
448/31/2016Mary -(Rishy) Studer
1919 E. LaRua
Pensacola, FL 32501
458/31/2016Quint Studer
1919 La Rua
Pensacola, FL 32501
469/12/2016Larry Walker
9245 Woodrun Rd
Pensacola, Fl 32514
IndividualECUA BoardCheck$100.00
479/14/2016Gene & Joe Rosenbaum
PO Box 2100
Pensacola, FL 32513
489/14/2016Gilbert Singer
3406 W Mullen Ave
Tampa, FL 33609

Hmmm? Quint Studer owns a baseball team but Rishy Studer is just a businessowner?

Typical Pensacola Good Ole Boy mentality, PC!

Rishy and Quint are a team!

  • Peas and carrots
  • Peanut butter and jelly
  • Cookies and milk
  • Macaroni & cheese

As the Wahoos website shows, she is just as much an owner as Quint.




Anonymous said...

Looks like a Who's Who of Pensacola elitists on that list.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Gulf Breeze elitists residents are paying to maintain the status quo as well.

Anonymous said...

I could have rattled off those names without ever seeing the proof in writing. This is the same-old, same-old that has been going on for generations. P.C. Woo-woo allowed all of these people to reach into the pockets of Pensacola’s citizens over and over again. All of the people on that list owe him big-time, but the voters of Pensacola owe it to themselves to rid themselves of this leech.

Jim Reeves, Greenhut, Fred Donovan, Doug Halford, and especially the Studers are quite grateful for the money that Woo-woo dropped in their laps as part of various city give-away scams, all at the expense of taxpayers. Bankers and lawyers are happy, too, as they benefit from outlandish fees paid by the city. What I cannot understand is how Dick Baker can list himself as being part of the Blue Wahoos. How does that work when the chief financial officer for the city is part of a private organization that feeds off of city taxpayers?

None of these people want to see CJ Lewis on the city council, and that is the perfect reason to vote for CJ.

Sherri Myers said...

Makes the case for why we need campaign finance reform. I will again attempt to bring this issue up again for a vote. Don't know if I will even get a second. In Tallahassee contributions are limited. I can think of at least three council members who probably will not support campaign finance reform. Can't remember, put don't think Councilman Wu supported my efforts for the lobbying registry. It appears I am the only council member in favor of it. I didn't even get a second the last time I tried get council to implement controls over the Mayor's spending funds for outside legal fees. Sherri Myers, Pensacola City Council, District 2

Anonymous said...

Not only does our mayor exercise unlimited spending on legal fees, he also exercises unlimited authority to give out bonuses to city employees, paying hush money to unhappy employees, firing senior city employees who do not cower to his demands, abolishing all Civil Service rights, awarding no-bid contracts to his friends, awarding lucrative concession contracts at the airport, and stifling all information about these misdeeds from the public. I didn't realize that Central American dictatorships could be set up this far north! All of this has been made possible by P.C. Woo-woo and his weak-kneed compatriots on the city council. All of the folks who donated money to Woo-woo want the gravy train to keep on rolling!

Anonymous said...

Just some clarification, Dick Baker mentioned in the 11:48 post is not the same person as Dick Barker, the City CFO.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:54 PM - Besides all of the unlawful and unethical things you mentioned the mayor has been great...well at least for all of the GOBs listed above.

Anonymous said...

You are correct; however, if I'm not mistaken, former City Administrator Colleen Castille donated $500 to the Hayward election campaign! $500 for a $100,000 gig and a huge severance package after "quitting" is a pretty sweet deal if you can pull it off. I believe that there were also others on his "administrative team" who donated to the Hayward campaign like their jobs depended on it!

I know this is sort of off topic or maybe not but Hayward hasn't changed from the person he was when he was arrested for false impersonation. He's the same thug.

Anonymous said...

So, in summary, there are no internal controls over legal fees paid by the mayor; there are no controls over secret lawsuit settlements by the mayor; there are no controls in place to stop no bid contracts by the mayor; there are no controls in place to prevent the mayor from summarily dismissing employees without cause; there are no controls in place to hold the mayor accountable for clear ethics violations; there are no controls in place to stop unlawful obstructions to obtain public records regarding any of these violations and the SAO opines there is insufficient evidence. Sounds like a dictatorship in the Screwed Upside of Florida.

Anonymous said...

Actually, there ARE controls in place to protect us from Ashton Hayward. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the current city council members choose to allow him to endlessly rape and pillage the citizens of this city. Yes, Hayward is a thug. But the city council members who sit back and allow him to steal from us are, in my opinion, even more guilty.

Thankfully, at least one city council member wants the council to look into allowing feral cats to run free, something they are already doing. Thank you, Brian Spencer, for spending the council's time on such a worthy cause!

Anonymous said...

Who do you turn to when the SAO is either too crooked or too afraid to do their job?

All of this corruption has been made possible by Crystal Spencer, wife of Councilman Brian Spencer who wants to be the next corrupt dictator of the city. I say no thanks to the Spencer's who have DONE MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR/TO PENSACOLA!

Anonymous said...

There is no shame with the entitled elitists who actually believe what they're doing is ethical. These are the types of people who pay littttle to no taxes because of loopholes for the wealthy but they also manage to pillage money from those who pay the bulk of the taxes.

There is also no honor among thieves who rob the city coffers without a gun or ski mask but insist in living in a crime-free community.

This is why people like Bobby K and others of his ilk support worthless politicians like Hayward, Spencer, Wu, Johnson, Cannada-Wynn, and Terhaar.

Anonymous said...

CJ Lewis is clearly the sensible choice and it's not even close. I can't take another 4 years of Wu traveling on our dime while chickening out on important issues by claiming council has no power.