Monday, September 12, 2016

Still Protecting the Wu!

The Upside is giving me the Upyours again!

I made a public records request for all travel expenses for PC Wu for the last three fiscal years.  Here is an update:

  • Request submitted - August 24, 2016
  • Received a cost estimate of $28.23 - September 7, 2016
It took two weeks for someone to estimate how much to stick it to me.

On Friday I paid it in full although only half was due.

So what will be done by staff:


1.00 hour  Mandy B. – Personnel services required to locate, review, and copy records responsive to request.

1.00 hour Matt S. – Personnel services required to review and redact records responsive to request.

If it takes Mandy Bills five minutes to pull the Wu travel file and make the copies, I would be shocked!  I could walk into City Hall and go the file myself right now!

I can't figure what is going to take the former Levin Papantonio intern wasting his law degree on being a clerk an hour to redact.  If there are any redactions, I may contest them.

The Upyours just likes to make up fraudulent time to perform the reviews because the City has no timesheets that would verify that the charges are false.

Ho hum!  These are state mandated forms people. Just gets closer to election day!  

Bad for Wu!


Anonymous said...

(Who) Wu knew it would take an hour to retrieve his travel records? There must be a ton of them! An hour to also redact them? Wu Wu!...There must be a 2 ft. stack of travel records to go through!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this Maren. I get nauseated every time I drive past a Re-elect PC Wu sign. I once thought highly of him until I realized he's just another empty suit behind his bow ties...Time to clean house!

Anonymous said...

Who is Matt S? Is it really a former Levin intern with a law degree?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, the City is nuts. First of all, we already pay the overpriced salaries of city staff. Second, there's not way it takes two hours to open up a file and make copies (unless of course the file of his travel expenses is a foot thick). Maybe it is a foot thick. All those trips p.c. takes at our expense for him and his wife.

Anonymous said...

Seems like more Wu Poo Poo. He is a joke for a politician and if I lived in his district I'd do whatever I could to get him out!