Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Southwest Fire Response Issue 2: Failure To Meet Mandated FAA Response Times

The Incident Report at the link below logs the Alarm and Arrival Times of each engine that responded to the Southwest engine failure.

Incident Report

The FAA Airport Operations Manual regarding Fire



(h) Response requirements. (1) With the aircraft rescue and firefighting equipment required under this part and the number of trained personnel that will assure an effective operation, each certificate holder must—

(i) Respond to each emergency during periods of air carrier operations; and
(ii) When requested by the Administrator, demonstrate compliance with the response requirements specified in this section.

(2) The response required by paragraph (h)(1)(ii) of this section must achieve the following performance criteria:

(i) Within 3 minutes from the time of the alarm, at least one required aircraft rescue and firefighting vehicle must reach the midpoint of the farthest runway serving air carrier aircraft from its assigned post or reach any other specified point of comparable distance on the movement area that is available to air carriers, and begin application of extinguishing agent.

(ii) Within 4 minutes from the time of alarm, all other required vehicles must reach the point specified in paragraph (h)(2)(i) of this section from their assigned posts and begin application of an extinguishing agent. 


FAA Manual Link

Lets see how the PFD performed under Ashton J Hayward III, Daniel Flynn and Chief David Allen:

  • ARFF 110 ALARM  9:28:42     Arrive 9:30:40   Other Vehicle Within 4 Minutes  PASS
  • ARFF 112 ALARM  9:28:42     Arrive 9:30:36   First Truck   Within 3 Minutes    PASS
  • BC 1          ALARM  9:28:42     Arrive 9:41:13   Other Vehicle Within 4 Minutes  FAIL
  • E2              ALARM  9:28:42     Arrive 9:41:03   Other Vehicle Within 4 Minutes  FAIL
  • E3              ALARM  9:28:42     Arrive 9:36:33   Other Vehicle Within 4 Minutes  FAIL
  • E6              ALARM  9:28:42     Arrive 9:40:20   Other Vehicle Within 4 Minutes  FAIL
  • L16            ALARM  9:28:42     Arrive 9:41:08   Other Vehicle Within 4 Minutes  FAIL
Only the 2 MANNED ARFF Units on the Airport property met the FAA required response times.

The 3rf ARFF Unit did not meet the required 4 minutes.

Five of Seven Units Dispatched FAIL to meet the FAA required response times.

Time to let the FAA know how Hayward, Flynn and Allen operate the Airport!


Anonymous said...

This is very serious Public safety is at risk. The FAA could ground all operations at the airport until they come into compliance and are re-inspected.

George Hawthorne said...

You can also let them know the Airport is in violation of the required and filed DBE Utilization Plan that was filed in 2014 and has not used FAA/DOT funding as they said they would in this mandated plan.

Anonymous said...

Remember people, Travelin P.C. Wu and Jewel Canada-Wynn both voted in favor of the current response to the airport! They were NOT concerned with passenger safety which is why I'm baffled by the firefighter's endorsement of Wu.

Of course, Larry Johnson, Brian Spencer, and Andy Terhaar were also in favor of the reduced safety at the airport because supporting Hayward is more important to them than the hundreds of thousands of passengers who arrive and depart from the airport every year.

Anonymous said...


Do you know if there are any other airports the size of Pensacola with only two truck operators responding from the airport?

Didn't the city council and the mayor also take rescue trucks off duty at one time?

Suddenly, me and my neighbors are not so comfortable with public safety.

Anonymous said...

You realize the alarm time is not the time the trucks are dispatched right? Probably not because it would ruin your point.

Maren DeWeese said...

Anonymous at 5:42am

a) FAA Regulations say from ALARM.
b) The logs also show DISPATCH
C) Even if you use DISPATCH they still FAIL

Point made!

Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting the emergency response was sufficient?

If there was a legitimate explanation surely your Fire Chirf would have provided it, no?

Your alarm time verses trucks dispatched time argument is very weak.

Anonymous said...

The FAA only recognizes the 2 ARFF vehicles stationed at the airport as required assets. The other responding trucks are ancillary and dont fall under the FAA response time requirements.