Friday, September 9, 2016

Sit Down for This One!

We honor our first responders for their service.
We do that with our words.
Hayward makes a big deal out of his pictures with them.

What he doesn't do is pay them a wage that honors that service.

I was reviewing the employee file of the PFD's latest hiree.  Do you know what he makes?

$10.05 per hour!

Are you serious!  Hayward starts his personal admin assistant at $15 per hour and his firefighters at $10.05.

And Chief Allen bends over and takes it!

Boy, the 707 is representing the new firefighters so well.  11% contribution to a reduced pension for $10.05 per hour.  Over $1 of the $10.05 is going toward the pension.  $9.05 with a retirement.

You make more working at the mall than saving lives in Pensacola.

No wonder we can't fill the fire slots!!!

You are a cheapskate Mayor Hayward.  You should be ashamed!


Anonymous said...

He's NEVER valued the PFD...neither has Rusty Wells or Dick Barker for that matter. They only pretend to be concerned about the FD when it's time to convince the taxpayers to vote for the Local Option Sales Tax. That's when you see the FD highlighted by staff. Then the LOST money goes other places and the PFD gets scraps.

Anonymous said...

Firefighters can't arrest him for public intoxication like the PPD can. Ijs

Anonymous said...

He pays his photographer and face Book writer more than that!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ashy doesn't like the Fire or Police Dept. because his criminal background would never allow him to be one. It's kind of numbing when you think about that...The person who could not become a firefighter or police officer because of his lack of character gets to not only be in charge of both, he also gets Carte Blanche on the City's coffers...It begs the question, Should someone who could never be a firefighter or police officer because of their criminal record be running the City?

Anonymous said...

Hayward thinks firefighters are overpaid!

Anonymous said...

$1,155.75 x 26 pay periods = $30,049.50
where does the $27K come from?

Anonymous said...

Hayward screws over the employees who provide services to the citizens and gives huge pay increases to the employees who do his bidding.

Anonymous said...

Yes, where does that $27,000

Anonymous said...

If only the firefighters had someone advocating for them. Oh, that's right, they HAD Maren DeWeese as an advocate before they collectively threw her under the bus for telling the truth. Don't worry firefighters I'm sure those you've supported will take good care of you...NOT! Hayward, Sisson, Barker, Allen, Wu have all got your back. (sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

Maren..... how old is that pay scale photo?

F-02 from FY16 budget document is $30,049.00 - $51,369.00
Effective date October 2015 - Appendix D

Your document
Hourly = $10.05*80 = $804.00 bi weekly or $20,904.00 annually
Bi-Weekly = 1155.75*26 = $30,049.50 annually or $14.45 per hour
Annually = 27,697.80 / 26 = $1,065.30 bi-weekly or $13.32 per hour

I am so confused none of the numbers on that page work nor match the F-02 range.

Don't know where you would get a document like the one posted to find out the hourly wage but take the low end of $30,049 looks to make the Bi-weekly pay correct.

Almost looks like both sides are kind of going sideways here!