Friday, September 16, 2016

Precedent for Malfeasance by Elected Officials In Escambia County

In 1995, an Escambia County Grand Jury indicted Joe A. Flowers for malfeasance in office for:

"willfully and unlawfully performing his duties" by purchasing securities" which he was not authorized by law to purchase"

Additionally, the Grand jury indicted Flowers for:

"willfully and unlawfully performing his duties" by purchasing securities "which he was not authorized by law to agree to do"


These indictments were made under common law as defined in 775.01 Florida Statutes.

They are misdemeanors.

Have Hayward, Barker and Bowling all potentially committed malfeasance under the law?

We should see what the SAO thinks.


Anonymous said...

Agreed! What on earth is the SAO waiting on? The only thing worst than corruption is a legal system that refuses to address it. Failure to punish this behavior encourages it. What does it say about the SAO when others have been punished or at least challenged for the same and or less egregious offenses than Hayward has committed?

Anonymous said...

Maren, haven't you heard? Under the new form of government the law doesn't apply to Hayward. All of the attorneys that he's got on the dole have weighed in through their "legal opinions". So those of us who are amenable to the law and are law abiding citizens need to get over it already because the law obviously does not apply to him.

It's also apparent that every law enforcement agency agrees with this. SO SAD!

Anonymous said...

SERIOUSLY.... we are talking Curtiss Golden Vs Bill Eddins. Bill Eddins is the most corrupt SA to have ever graced that office. I cannot think of another SA who has clearly ignored the law, ignored criminal activity then turned around and SELECTIVELY prosecuted the enemies of the very same people he has protected.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

^Amen to this post! The open corruption in this town is almost beyond belief. And we all thought that WD was bad. At least the law enforcement agencies back then seemed to have a lower tolerance for privileged criminals.

Anonymous said...

The WD investigation is why Eddins will not do his job. When Willie Jr. "committed suicide". The people that really run this city and county told Eddins , do not go after any politicians in this county. We do not need any kind of investigation around here that may bring in out of town investigators.