Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Kerrigan = Teapot...Amen Bob Amen!

In another swipe at Quint Studer, Bob Kerrigan writes:

"Mr. Studer says we need to get passed this (negativity) in our community. We will when high profile people conduct themselves honorably. Till then pointing out dishonorable conduct or politically rigged deals really needs to continue."

Yes Bob.  I will.  And the number one culprit of dishonorable conduct and politically rigged deals is your Boy Wonder, Bob.  And how much have you participated in it all?

Depositions are on the way Mr. K!



Anonymous said...

Yeah, its mind boggling how hypocritical BK is. Its incredible that he can't find a single negative word to say about Hayward even though he's been caught time and time again giving no bid contracts to friends; he's been caught in numerous ethics violations; and he's been repaying Beggs & Lane with hundreds of thousands of the taxpayer's dollars for unnecessary legal fees in exchange for campaign contributions. Not to mention being under federal investigation and other things.

Bobby K and others like him suffer from what is known as cognitive dissonance. This is "the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change".

Kerrigan once bragged about how he and Levin "anonymously" paid for law enforcement training to address issues between officers and African-Americans. Yet, he states that people should give to charities anonymously. I suppose that rule doesn't apply to him.

Cognitive dissonance is common among those who view themselves as superior to others, especially when it's based on race and economic status. It is an internal conflict because the individual knows subconsciously that those thoughts are diametrically opposed to righteousness. An extreme example would be those who point out that slavery "wasn't as bad as people make it seem". In our society today it's the subtle denial that racism still exists.

The Greek term for hypocrite actually means to be an actor or pretend to be something that you are not. Sadly, for BK and others like him, everyone can see him for who he truly is except himself!

Anonymous said...

Look its bob Kerrigan aka the oscar myer wiener man!