Monday, September 26, 2016

Incident Report for Southwest Airlines Engine Failure

Below is the incident report from the August 27, 2016 Southwest Airlines flight that experienced an engine failure en route from New Orleans to Orlando.

The flight had to make an emergency landing in Pensacola.  There were 99 passengers on board. The pilot was able to land the plane with one engine without incident.

Incident Report

However, the incident report reveals many issues regarding the Pensacola Fire Department response.
From my list of questions, you will immediately see the glaring issues.

I have sent the list of questions below to Chief Allen and Vernon Stewart.....Crickets!

From: Maren DeWeese
Date: Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 11:09 AM
Subject: Article on Southwest Airline Response
To: David Allen , Vernon Stewart

Chief Allen and Vernon,

I have been reviewing the City's response to the Southwest Airlines engine failure and have the following questions.  I plan on detailing the PFD response to the incident with commentary from experts on fire procedures who have reviewed the incident report.  I would like your response to the following questions.  I promise I will print your responses exactly has stated without edit.

Do you feel the response to the incident was sufficient?

Were all department policies and procedures followed?

Are there any corrective actions you plan to implement?

When the call came in and the ARFF units rolled, who was the initial onsite incident commander, Lt. Sibley or Lt. Scott?

How can the incident commander also be actively driving and operating an ARFF truck?

Is that not like a player playing pitcher and shortstop at the same time?

What is the department's policy and procedures on assuming command of an incident?

How can Capt Edler, the acting BC, assume command of the incident via radio at 9:37:39 but not be onsite til 9:41:13?

Is that not a violation of the NIMS procedures for assuming command?

How can he direct the response and positioning of units while driving his car enroute?

Why does it take Engine-6 12 minutes to respond from Station 6?

Why does it take Ladder-16 12 minutes and 50 seconds to respond from Station 6?

Why does it take Engine-3 7 minutes and 51 seconds to respond from Station 3?

Who made the call for Engine 3 to abandon their vehicle and man ARFF 111?

Who on Engine-3 that day is a certified ARFF operator? Capt Hoffman, FF Sears or FF Skelton?

Is there a PFD procedure on abandoning a responding vehicle and remanning an ARFF vehicle?

It took Engine-6 10 minutes and 28 seconds from the order to RTQ to AIQ at what I assume was not the same speed?  Why the slow response initially?

It took Engine-3 11 minutes and 33 seconds from the order to RTQ to AIQ at what I assume was not the same speed?  Why the slow response initially?

As a Citizen of Pensacola, a taxpayer and user of Pensacola Regional Airport, I would appreciate a response in my inquiry on the services you provided that day.

Thank you,

Maren DeWeese

With the help of some experienced former and current firefighters I know, this week I will show you just how bad our fire department response to the Southwest incident was, which Federal emergency response guidelines were broken and how much Ashton Hayward, Airport Director Dan Flynn and Fire Chief David Allen are risking the lives of the flying public.


Anonymous said...

"Public safety is my number one priority."
~ Ashton Hayward


Anonymous said...

HOT NEWS! READ ALL ABOUT IT....but not in the Pensacola News Journal.

1. When this nationally important news story occurred in Pensacola, our very own local paper printed absolutely nothing about it in its Sunday edition.

2. Wait, there's more! Five people were shot and killed in a shopping mall in Washington over the weekend and, once again, our News Journal couldn't find the ink to print this story. The headline of Sunday's News Journal was a canned story about "Local Heroes." It seems the News Journal is jealous of Channel 3's "Angels in Our Midst" stories.


3. Quint Studer appeared three times in Sunday's paper, including another nonsensical full page ad. Gee, do we really care if Studer "thanks" Judy Bense? Of course not, but it was Studer's way of "thanking" the owners of the News Journal for giving him their undying support in any and all of his endeavors to fleece the taxpayers of Pensacola.