Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hayward's Epic Fail...Now he wants Mixed Use

Below is a video of the Mayor touting Deepflex when it was announced.

He talks about how the port is a vital economic engine and the offshore industry is his growth industry.

Fast forward two years, has he fought for anything.  No!
He rode Offshore Inland's coat tails.

Now what does he want to do at the port?
Cuba trade?  No.
Imports? No.
Export more wind turbines? No.
Go to GE to see what else they can export from here.  No!
Talk to GE about leasing the whole facility.  No!

Another study to move to mixed use at the port.

"We need to look at all our assets," Hayward said. "I think privately you're seeing that and I think publicly we owe it to the taxpayers to look at it and see where we're going in the future. I think all of us five and half years ago looked at the port intelligently to focus on the oil and gas sector and we obviously know whats going on in the oil markets. So I think we need to do this."

Because he has done soooooo well with the Maritime Park, we need more vacant real estate?

Only Ashton Hayward can make a big deal of the UWF Maritime History Trail while proposing closing the largest link to that history.

Ashton Hayward, Pensacola's Biggest Failure.

You have touted Pensacola's potential every year of your tenure as Mayor.  Sooner or later you must admit that you failed to either market that potential effectively or manage that potential's utilization.


Anonymous said...

Doing studies is a lucrative business in Pensacola. Regardless of what your study says you get paid for what it entails regardless if it is used or incorrect. More free money for the Mayor's supporters.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Anonymous@10:42. Where is the logic in saying "We haven't done a study in 5 years so we need to spend another $100,000 on a new study." If the five year-old study isn't valid then let's get our money back for that one before we waste more money! This is lunacy! How many $100,000 studies has the city done over the past 30 years that are just gathering dust? We are not lacking in studies. We are lacking in common sense!

We already have one "mixed use" real estate disaster only 1/2 mile to the west of the port. The city spent over $800,000 on a "study" showing that a multitude of six-story buildings would crop up on that "mixed use" site. Obviously, the city is just as inept at real estate development as it is in port development. Enough is enough...!!!

Anonymous said...

Well it appears that another one of Hayward's purported "economic engines" has seized up. Not one of the 4 "enterprises" is making a profit. I suppose this is what you get when you elect a failed underwear model turned failed real estate investor. Two more years of his "leadership" will bankrupt Pensacola. Upwards? Lmbo

Anonymous said...

Do you hear that? It's the sound of the need for a new hire coming 'round the bend at the mayor's office to have the title of "Property formerly known as Deepflex Marketing Director". Keep a close eye because it will be posted at 4:58pm on a Friday and filled at 4:59pm before the end of business.

Anonymous said...

^^^ lol...that's how you git er dun Hayward-style. Pensacola is a hot mess thanks to him.

Anonymous said...

Save the money on a study....spend it on cab fare over to Studer's office and ask him, what he wants. Should get your answer for under 50 bucks!

Anonymous said...

Arrogance alone can sometimes be fixed with a little humble pie and a dose of reality; on the other hand, arrogance coupled with incompetence from a naccistic sociopath can only be fixed with a brain transplant and we all know that's not possible.

Anonymous said...

Maren, what do you really expect from the Milli Vanilli of politics. If Ashton's Mili I guess that makes Olson Vanilli...

Anonymous said...

The only thing you ever get from Hayward is a bunch of hot air. He can't even read his speech without fumbling. He has shown nothing remotely resembling leadership in 5+ years and there is no reason to expect anything different. The bar could not possibly set lower.

Anonymous said...

This is simple - dust off the report from the Port Advisory Committee in 2011. Many of the recommendations in that report are still actionable and valid. Ms. Miller needs to do a presentation to council to discuss that report before they launch off on another report that will most likely include many of the items in the 2011 report. The best part is that the 2011 report was prepared for free with no outside consultant involvement, just hard working and dedicated citizens.

Anonymous said...

Not gonna happen! A "free" report provides no consultant fees for known political contributors. In 2006, local GOB Miller Caldwell was paid over $800,000 to prepare a "study" on the Community Maritime Park. The study was immediately shelved and none of the glossy renderings ever materialized. But.....Caldwell still got his $800,000.

All you have to do is ask yourself why Ashton Hayward wants $100,000 for another port study.