Thursday, September 22, 2016

Airport Ads from His Attorneys

I was going through the airport the other day and noted that the primary ads visible to departing passengers are for Levin Papantonio near TSA and Beggs & Lane after TSA.

I laughed out loud.

I guess people choose a corporate lawyer after just being frisked by TSA.

And most people standing in line for TSA are contemplating who to use if they have an automobile accident.

Maybe occasionally someone has received terrible news about a loved one and is rushing out to help them or comfort the grieving, will look up and see Fred Levin and say "Fred can help me here!"

I would love to have seen the sales pitch Emagination Unlimited and the Potted Plant put on these two firms.

Was it something like these statements?

"You got over $900,000 from the City's BP claim. Ashton said buy an ad for the Airport."

"You have made over $1,000,000 from the City since Ashton has been Mayor.  Ashton said buy an ad for the Airport."


Anonymous said...

That is probably word for word how it went down

Anonymous said...

I am sure that there was a pass-through, end-around skim that ended up in "somebody's" hand.

Anonymous said...

And I can see that you people clearly know how to promote yourselves!

Anonymous said...

I noticed that all comments must be approved by the blog author so I guess there is no room for opposing viewpoints.....certainly don't see them. Now that's transparency!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @7:41 -

Maren has posted (almost) all of the many opposing viewpoints I have written. If you want to witness a blatant lack of transparency go on over to Rick Outzen's blog. Outzen rarely posts opposing viewpoints. If he does allow an opposing viewpoint it is only so that he can (and will) vehnimately attack the writer, and then ban the writer's counter posts.

Or, you can try the News Journal's milk toast comment section. Ten years ago there were sometimes hundreds of posts on a single topic. Today that's down to a trickle. Censorship is partly to blame. Another factor is that their stories are so watered down that there is really nothing in them worth discussing.

Anonymous said...

... That's milquetoast to you

Anonymous said...

@ 7:41 PM, when you say "opposing viewpoints" do you mean something besides the facts that would provide a "different truth"?

I would love to hear your "opposing viewpoints".

Anonymous said...

Please! Transparency??? (Enter confused emoji here) You can't be serious. Do you mean "transparency" like the scenario Maren just described? Hayward has been proclaiming transparency for 6 years, yet his administration has been everything but transparent. He and his administrators regularly try to circumvent the Sunshine Law by keeping the public in the dark.

But we are dying to hear your "opposing viewpoints" with great anticipation. I would especially like to hear your "opposing viewpoints" to the following:

1) Hayward has been a total failure
2) He is led by the GOB network
3) He has led a corrupt administration
4) He has cost the taxpayers millions with nothing in return
5) He is guilty of malfeasance
6) His administration has not been transparent
7) He has given numerous no bid contracts to special friends
8) He is scared of facing the public, too afraid to give a press conference, and petrified of depositions
9) If the average citizen did what he's done they would be in prison
10) Hayward has been a total failure
*Repeated for emphasis

And this list could go on!