Thursday, September 15, 2016

After My Email to Reynolds Attorney...Allen Norton and Blue Denies and Starts the Threats

Yesterday, I shared an email I sent to Bill Reynolds attorney pointing out how Tamara Fountain did exactly what Bill Reynolds did but was not terminated.  I even supported it with the evidence.

Rob Larkin, the Mayor's hatchet man at Allen Norton and Blue sent me the letter below.  In it he tries to state how the Fountain action sharing her threats and accusations against Airport Director Dan Flynn with a non-City employee contractor is sooooo different from Reynold's sharing employee complaints with me.

By addressing me directly and my facts, it shows that the punch landed. Otherwise why not just blow me off.  Larkin may have thought the "slam dunk" could go off the rim in court.


Well, once I received the Larkin threat,  I, of course, backed down and went and cowered in the corner.

Ahhh No!

I responded as follows:

Mr. Larkin,

Thank you for your letter.  I would like to provide you with additional information regarding your letter that you may not have been aware.
  1. The FY 2015 Budget includes the City of Pensacola Functional Organizational Chart which very clearly reflects that the Pensacola International Airport reports directly to the City Administrator (not the Chief Operations Officer).
  2. Ms. Fountain's own profile on the City of Pensacola website, which by the way is under her control, states she is an "advisor" to the Mayor and key management staff.  It also states she has responsibility for the City's Human Resources and Technology Resources, which again is not what was submitted to Council with the 2015 Budget which states these functions report directly to the City Administrator.
  3. The Airport website, which you state Ms. Fountain is responsible for and has direct supervision of, states specifically that the Airport Director reports to the City Administrator.  
I'm sure you can now appreciate that based on the documents noted above and attached, the publicly available information of this "transparent" administration indicates that, in fact, you may be mistaken. 

If there have been documented changes to the reporting structure of the Departments of the City, please let me know so that I can be accurate.

Thank you for clarifying that the documents I received were public documents.  I was of the same belief. 

As to the last issue, please recall that the State Attorney ruled that while the document Mr. Reynolds provided me, unsolicited, was in fact exempt it was not confidential.  He deemed it "inappropriate".  See attached.

So that I have my facts clear and accurate in describing Ms. Fountain's actions, was her transmittal of the threat of termination sent to Mr. Flynn and two minutes later forwarded to Mr. Henderson appropriate to be disseminated, acceptable behavior under the City's Human Resource policies and in accordance with the City's Ethical Standards and Code of Conduct which states:

No City employee shall make disclosure or use of information not available to the public for any employee’s personal gain or benefit or for a private purpose or for the gain or benefit of any other person or business entity, nor shall any employee disclose any confidential information gained by reason of his or her official position with the City.

I look forward to your response.


Maren DeWeese

Once Larkin found himself in a hole, he quit digging unlike the Mayor.

He responded.

Ms. DeWeese,

I am in receipt of your response to my letter dated April 24, 2015.  Please be advised that based upon the information you provided, the City’s position concerning your misplaced allegations against Ms. Fountain remains unchanged.

Robert Larkin

Robert E. Larkin, III
Board Certified Labor & Employment Law
Allen, Norton & Blue, P.A.,
906 North Monroe Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
0ffice: 850-561-3503

Then the City Airport site was changed and the org chart changed to note what Larkin had claimed.


Anonymous said...

Yet here we are we the same Bozo as Mayor and the same incompetence going on at City Hall unchecked with no end in sight.

Anonymous said...

Larkin is a little troll. I use to laugh inside every time I would shake his hand before contract negotiations. It was like shaking hands with an 8 year old boy. Other than that he seems to be the Mayor's go to guy when he needs something slimy done.