Thursday, August 4, 2016

Wow! Missed This...Innisfree Jet Center Calling It Quits...Settles Alleged Airport Corruption Allegations

Didn't see it in the press.  No real coverage but big news at the Airport.

Corruption Allegations?  Pensacola?

Julian MacQueen is giving up on his Fixed Base Operation at Pensacola Intergalactic.  MacQueen started the Innisfree Jet Center as an upscale alternative to the Airport's other FBO Pensacola Aviation Center.  The Innisfree Center was to be a high end facility which attempted to cater to wealthy travelers.

During the July 2016 City Council meeting, Council approved the assignment of the Innisfree lease to Pensacola Aviation who will take over the space.

In exchange for approving the assignment, Pensacola Aviation agreed to drop their complaint against the Airport for illegally allowing Innisfree to operate a second FBO at the Airport and making political accommodations to Innisfree.  

In the complaint at the link below, Pensacola Aviation alleges that:

"Innisfree is owned primarily by Julian MacQueen, a well-known hotelier and friend of the Mayor of Pensacola."

it continues:

"This complaint arises out of the Respondent's manipulation of the Airport's Minimum Standards to reduce requirements for FBOs in order to enable a politically connected party to sell fuel without making an appropriate investment in the Airport."

The complaint is not very flattering of the Mayor's former Chief of Staff's actions.

The complaint details the Mayor's alleged actions to deceive City Council on the appropriateness of making Innisfree a FBO able to provide fuel to aircraft.

"The March 5, 2012 Committee Memorandum (the "Memorandum") prepared by or on behalf of Mayor Hayward contains outright misstatements, all of which boost Innisfree's effort to obtain the right to fuel independent aircraft."

Lying to Council....Na!  They wouldn't do that would they?
Guess it is all in the context!


  • How much have been spent in legal fees defending this Hayward folly?
  • Was Council briefed on the allegations?
  • Was this an assignment or a settlement?


Anonymous said...

You can't say corrUPt without saying UP. Welcome to the Corr"UP"t side of Florida!

Anonymous said...

What goes on at the airport has been a dirty secret for a long, long time. It pre-dates the Hayward administration. I tried to lease space on the east side of the airport over ten years ago and was told by Frank Miller that none of that space was available to be leased. It seems it was being held for favorite sons. Anyway, the land sat vacant for six years until Julian MacQueen built his private hangar.

MacQueen's relationship with former airport director Frank Miller are well known although not well documented by our press. In addition to MacQueen's private hangar we also have his glorious hotel which occupies the land right in front of our terminal. That non-competitive land give-away was the subject of another law suit. Frank Miller took whatever winnings MacQueen gave him and skipped town heading for San Antonio.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice that practically everything the mayor is involved with has at least some level of crookedness? #recallhayward

Anonymous said...

The mayor is under a lot of pressure to get his ballon mortage caught up.

Anonymous said...

Scandal, after scandal, yet he continues his reign of corruption. I can't think of very much that Hayward has done as mayor that was done above board. The council members who support him are just as unscrupulous and corrupt because they are enablers of the worst kind.

Anonymous said...

Reading that lawsuit was like reading a John Grisham legal thriller. This town is so corrupt. Everything Ashton touches is an actionable offense punishable by time in jail. Thank you Maren for showing us all these documents. It's a travesty that we don't have anyone at the PNJ covering all these schemes and doing investigative reporting. Where is the State's Attorney's Office?!