Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Who is Backing Which Horses?

Election time!  Let's see who is backing who.  Important to know when you vote AND when you see them vote.


  • Realtors
  • Jim Reeves
  • Moultons
  • Rodney Rich
  • Bobby Switzer
  • Alan Bookman
  • Greenhut
  • Dick Baker
  • Buzz Ritchie
  • Solian Hair Salon
CJ Lewis - Self Funded

Jewel Cannada-Wynn
  • Jim Reeves
  • Lila Cox
  • Solian Hair Salon
  • Georgia Blackmon
Anny Shepard
  • Melanie Nichols


    Anonymous said...

    Two candidates clearly represent the people. Guess who they are not! Time to take Wu and Wynn out to pasture. THEY OFFER ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO THEIR CONSTITUENCIES.

    These two have been nothing more than rubber stamps for Hayward. Both dance around issues and discuss at length how difficult it is to vote with Hayward seconds before voting for whatever he wants. Both are a complete disgrace to minorities. They are WORTHLESS!

    Serious question that both need to be asked: If the council is so powerless to do anything as they often claim, why are they seeking another term of "do nothingness"? Is it the nice pay raise that they recently voted for themselves? Wake up Pensacola, they have proven themselves to be Haward's puppets and are in this for themselves.


    R. Charles

    Anonymous said...

    Imagine that....Solian Hair Salon. The folks that bought a single-family home in a residential neighborhood for their hair salon and didn't do their due-diligence (or did...and knew they could just buy off council for a zoning change) and then P.C. Wu and Cannada-Wynn voted to change the entire city's land development code to allow beauty shops so that they could have their business. That's right, don't bother putting commercial uses in the abundance of empty strip shopping centers that cover the landscape of the City, just buy a house that doesn't meet any commercial building codes and doesn't have any handicapped access and open your business. Meanwhile, people trying to do the right thing are spending thousands to be in compliance with the building codes, but these friends of the council don't have too.

    Anonymous said...

    Imagine that, indeed...!!! Pansy Cantwell and her husband Chuck moved from Louisiana six years ago and have already bought themselves into the Pensacola Special Snowflake Club! It just proves that money means more to our city politicians than being a member of the Fiesta of Five Flags. Pansy wanted to move her hair salon business and just couldn't understand why she couldn't put the business in a house zoned residential. After all, no one in Louisiana knows the meaning of "zoning!"

    With tremendous help from Planning Services Administrator Sherry Morris, Pansy went to work on a scheme to get her hair salon approved in a residentially zoned house. Unfortunately, they ran into a roadblock when the city's Planning Board disapproved the idea by a 3 to 3 vote. NO PROBLEM. Just take the idea to a place where money talks and common sense walks - the city council. Sherry Morris even watered down the zoning amendment so that it ONLY PERTAINS to hair salons on four-lane streets (i.e. the Solarian Hair Salon). This is the very definition of "spot zoning" and aren't we proud that we have a "planning administrator" who can jump through whatever hoops her handlers throw at her! Most of this occurred at the city council meeting held on December 9, 2015. Besides Pansy and Chuck Cantwell, our very own DIANE MACK spoke in favor of this spot zoning amendment. Diane Mack's dismissal from the city council is the only bright spot we have seen in our city government over the past ten years!

    As pointed out by Anonymous @ 12:22, the Solarian Hair Salon (house) has no handicap access. NO PROBLEM. Our code enforcement department didn't mind breaking city, county, state, and federal laws by allowing a commercial business to operate without complying with handicap requirements. By the way, the handicap laws (Americans with Disabilities Act) are federal EQUAL OPPORTUNITY laws meant to protect minorities (those who are handicapped). You would think that city council members P.C. Wu and Cannada-Wynn, being minorities themselves, would have some empathy for handicap persons! I guess not, just as long as they get a campaign contribution (and who knows what else!).

    Anonymous said...

    I'm not surprised that Rodney Rich wasn one of the first ones in line to donate to P.C. Wu for his campaign. Wu has taken excellent care of Mr. Rich making sure that he got one of those illegal E-DATES (illegal since the Enterprise Board hasn't met since 2008 or approved any of the council awarded property tax abatements). Rodney Rich got one of these for $50,000 thanks to P.C. Wu and others. Ten years of no property taxes. Must be nice to be a special snowflake.

    Anonymous said...

    Who is cj running against?

    Anonymous said...

    CJ's running against P.C. Wu and it should be a no-brainier when it comes time to vote. P.C. Wu has proven himself to be totally inept and useless, unless of course you're Hayward or one of his GOBs.

    Anonymous said...

    I absolutely will NOT watch four more years of P.C. Wu wringing his hands and saying that the Council doesn't have any power while he cow-tows to the Mayor and the members of the Irish Politicians Club/GOB giving them everything that they want to the great expense of the taxpayer. All he has done is use his position to travel across the country going to League of Cities Conferences at 4-star hotels on the taxpayers' dime. Why is he running if he thinks he has no power? What does he hope to accomplish? Name me one project, proposal, idea etc. that he has brought back from 12 years of going to these conferences. Twelve years of is enough time for him to have completed something/anything in our District, which he hasn't. As pleasant as he is, he would be better suited in a ceremonial position somewhere with the Visitors Center or the Chamber of Commerce, shaking hands and kissing babies, and not in a working position on the Council.

    Anonymous said...

    Anonymous 5:20 PM you absolutely nailed it! I couldn't have said it better myself. He has done nothing and continues to whine about having no power to do anything. His attempt at fence straddling has been an epic failure. He pretends to be objective but ALWAYS votes with the mayor's wishes which seem to NEVER be consistent with the taxpayer's best interests.

    It pisses me off to listen to the rhetoric from Hayward and his cronies or rubber stampers (Spencer, Johnson, Canada-Wynn, Terhaar, and Wu) about how they work for the citizens when everyone knows that's a bunch of BS. They work for themselves and the GOB network period. Every one of them needs to go.

    Then city hall needs a good ole fashioned enima to cleanse itself of Olson, Bowling, Barker, Wells (for the last time), Sisson, Morris, Weeks, and Wilkins. We currently have a dangerous combination of arrogance and competence which leads to the unbridled corruption that we've seen over the past 6 years.

    Anonymous said...

    If you are tired of all the corruption at City Hall, do NOT vote for P.C. Wu and Jewel Cannada-Wynn to stay on City Council---VOTE THEM OUT. Both Wu and Cannada-Wynn voted NO to the vote of "No Confidence" against the City Administrator Eric Olson for his harassment of a citizen who had submitted a public records request for the illegal radio tower that was being built without a permit for a campaign contributor and friend of the Mayor. Wynn and Wu support the criminals at City Hall, they do NOT support or represent the citizens of Pensacola who are demanding better.

    Anonymous said...

    Wu receives campaign contribution for Halford and last week Wu votes for Halford to get contract with the City. How many more reasons do you need to send him packing?